Positive affirmations help change your mindset subconsciously to help you be more positive. While they are beneficial to everyone, they are even more helpful to those who suffer from depression. This has been backed by science, and studies show that affirmations can help decrease feelings of depression and anxiety.

One study done at Arizona State University found that some subjects felt affirmations were the most effective part of their recovery. Therapists that were part of the study agreed that affirmations will help reduce depression. While it shouldn’t be used in place of other forms of treatment, it can be used as a helpful addition.

As you use these words of affirmation, you must be open to believing them. Allow your brain to process the words as the truth, and you will notice that they begin to work.

Try all of the affirmations, and then choose the ones that resonated the most. Everyone is different, so finding what works for you is essential. Once you become more comfortable with affirmations, you can even come up with personalized ones for yourself.

Words of Affirmation That Decrease Depression

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1. I will find ways to enjoy life.

Remember that life is meant to be enjoyed, and then do the things that help you with that. Embrace life as the gift it is. Find things that make you happy and then make time to do them.

By saying this affirmation, you will be more likely to do the things you enjoy. Depression sometimes causes you to feel like you don’t want to, but this affirmation will change that thinking.

2. I am grateful for the life I have been given.

Even when life is hard, you must remember to be grateful. Using these words of affirmation each day will help you look for those things, no matter how small.

Be grateful for everything you have, the people you love, or the food that you eat. You could even be grateful for the nature surrounding you or for your favorite place to be.

3. I see the beauty in each day.

The world is a beautiful place, and seeing the beauty will help decrease depression. Each morning, tell yourself that you will see the beauty, and you will be open to noticing it throughout the day. These words may seem simple, but they will make a big impact on your mental state.

4. I am strong and can get through my depression.

When you are depressed, you might forget how strong you are. Reminding yourself of your inner-strength can help you feel better. Sometimes all it takes is remembering what you are made of and that you can get through anything.

5. I deserve happiness and can do what it takes to be happy.

Sometimes you will feel like you don’t deserve happiness, especially when you are depressed. This feeling is inaccurate, though, because you do deserve happiness. You can be happy, and you are well-equipped to create happiness in your life.

6. I control my emotions, and I choose happiness.

You are the only person that controls your emotions. If you choose to be happy, then you will notice that you are happier.

Changing your mindset can help with decreasing your depression. By speaking these words out loud to yourself, your brain will process them and help you think about happier things.

7. I will think positively.

Negative thinking will only cause your depression to worsen. Instead, start your day out on a positive note by using this affirmation. It will help you have positive thoughts throughout the day, and you will be more aware of your thinking.

8. I am learning and growing as I go through this.

All of the hard times you experience in your life are learning opportunities. Even if they aren’t ideal situations, they are teaching you something and helping you grow. This reminder can help you get through it a little better because you know there is at least one benefit.

Acknowledging that you are learning and growing can help you in the future, too. You will be more likely to handle situations better and be more resilient. When you know that you are learning, you will take in much more information and experience.

9. I am given a new chance for happiness and positivity every day.

If you had a bad day today, remember that you can have a good one tomorrow. Each day is a new opportunity, and reminding yourself of this will help make a positive day happen.

You can use this affirmation before bed at the end of a hard day. Or, you can use it first thing in the morning before you begin your day. Either way, it will help you be more open to happiness and positivity.

10. I can be joyful even when things get hard.

Life isn’t perfect, bad days happen, and your depression can begin to take over. Even still, you can find things to be joyful for. Despite your depression, you can find joy in the little things you experience throughout the day.

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11. I will think about the things I appreciate.

When your depression begins to take over, think about other things. Encourage yourself to focus on the things you appreciate rather than on negativity. This one change can make all the difference in your mental health, and it will help more than you realize.

12. I am safe right now, and everything will be alright.

Depression can leave a lingering feeling that something bad is happening or will happen. Use these words of affirmation to feel safer and decrease those negative feelings.

13. I love myself and will take care of myself.

If your depression causes you to self-loathe or neglect yourself, this affirmation can help. Saying these words will help you experience more self-love and make you want to take care of yourself.

14. I will react positively.

Your reaction to situations is sometimes the main factor in your feelings about it or how it turns out. Tell yourself that you will react positively no matter what happens, and it will be easier to handle.

15. I will keep moving forward.

Life doesn’t stop, even when you wish it would. When bad things happen, you must keep moving forward, or you won’t get through it. Keep working towards your goals and living your life, and your depression will decrease.

16. I am valued and loved, and many people care about me.

Depression can often cause a feeling of being unloved. You might feel like people don’t care about you. If this is the case for you, then this affirmation can help.

When those negative feelings creep in, repeat these words of affirmation. The reminder that you are loved and cared for will help you feel better.

17. I am not my depression, and I can be happy.

Even if you suffer from depression, it does not define who you are. Using this affirmation can help you be happier because it sets you apart from your depression.

18. I will find something to be happy about no matter where I am.

Look around you and find one thing that makes you happy. If you can, find more than one thing that brings happiness. Doing this will help you see the good in your life, and that will help decrease depression.

19. I will focus on the good things in my life.

Focusing your thoughts on the good can help ease depression. By changing your thought process, you will be happier and experience less negativity. When you find yourself thinking negatively, repeat this positive affirmation.

20. I will do one positive thing that I don’t feel like doing each day.

As explained before, depression causes you to not want to do things that you usually enjoy. It also causes you to not want to take care of yourself or your responsibilities. By doing those things, though, you will feel a little better and your depression will decrease.

When you don’t feel like doing anything, urge yourself to do one thing that you didn’t feel like doing. These things could include taking a shower, going for a walk with your pet, or enjoying your favorite hobby.

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Final Thoughts on Wise Words of Affirmation That Decrease Depression

Depression can be debilitating and can hold you back in life. Try to fight past that and keep moving forward and working on your goals. If you struggle, refer back to these words of affirmation to help you through.

These affirmations will help you think positively and focus on the good in your life and the world around you. While affirmations may not cure your depression, they can help decrease it, helping you be happier.

As you read through these affirmations, there were likely some that resonated with you and some that didn’t. Re-read the ones that did, and remember them to use for a later time. You could even write the affirmations down or print them out to remind you.