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As Proud As We Are of Those Stats Above…
We Take Greater Pride in THIS 👇👇

As Proud As We Are of Those Stats Above…
We Take Greater Pride in THIS 👇👇

Because the Power of Positivity is NOT only about featuring the best, brightest, and most inspiring minds the world has to offer… but also finding new, unearthed talent.

Some of our most popular and powerful posts have come from newly discovered gems passionate about sharing their voice and providing their unique takes, tales, and talents. We’re proud of the family we’ve built and we are excited about unearthing new, undiscovered geniuses today, tomorrow, and long into the future.

Could that be you?

Are you a unique mind who has something positive to share?

Will you become our latest and greatest uplifting voice?

If so, we invite you to apply to write for the Power of Positivity…

But before you do, let’s introduce you to some of the family
you’re about to join.

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APPLY to become a Thought Leader today and share some of your current work that exists online with us to shine light on your expertise.


If approved, our Editor will be in contact with you to begin creating your profile, bio, and first featured article.


Your article will be live and based on popularity will be distributed among one or more of our social media channels. Your content could be discovered by thousands, if not millions of users who love personal development.


EARN MONEY 💰 by taking the content and topics you are most passionate about and creating a “Mini Course” for our community, which will be hosted within our Power of Positivity App.

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Kristen Butler

Kristen’s mission is to uplift the planet! She is the CEO & Founder of Power of Positivity and Bestselling Author of The 3 Minute Positivity...

Caitlin Mundy

I’m a certified personal trainer who helps moms get in the best shape of their life without giving up anything they love. I believe every...

Zane Landin

Zane Landin (he/him/his) is an authentic storyteller, and founder of PostiveVibes Magazine and Landing Dreams PR. He is a recent graduate from Cal Poly Pomona,...

Rick Ornelas

Rick Ornelas is an Ultimate Success Coach™, bestselling author, and founder of I Spark Change. He helps those looking for clarity and guidance eliminate the...

Scott Glassman, Psy.D.

Scott Glassman, Psy.D. is a psychologist and author of A Happier You: A Seven-Week Program to Transform Negative Thinking into Positivity and Resilience. He is...

Lauren Magers

Lauren Magers is a parenting thought leader and pioneer of a revolutionary new category in children’s education called, “Life School.” Lauren is an expert in...

Dr. Kirstin Kraft

Kirstin is an experienced health and wellness consultant with a focus on positive psychology and mental health. After earning her doctorate in Naturopathic (natural healing)...

Kevin Karschnik

Kevin Karschnik is a keynote speaker and author who is recognized around the globe as an expert in leadership and communication. Kevin delivers high-energy, high-impact...

Matthew Turner

Matthew Turner is a writer/ghostwriter on a mission to help you escape the hustle — come be part of the [no hustle] movement →

Justin Court

Justin Court is a Love Activist, Podcast Host, and the Founder of Spread Love Movement. He has dedicated his life to help shift the collective...

Ellie Shoja

Ellie Shoja is an award-winning writer, producer, and motivational speaker. She’s the author of The 13th Planet and Your Heart Knows The Way, Founder of...

Chris Butler

Chris is a happy dad and co-creator here at PoP. Since 2009, Chris has experienced multiple life changing positive events, released over 100 pounds, attained...

Lakeisha Ethans

Lakeisha Ethans is a compassionate mom of two who believes in the power of positivity, kindness, and empathy to create a positive change in the...

Deborah Tayloe

Deborah Tayloe loves spreading positivity and making a difference in people’s lives. As an Editor and Contributing Writer at Power of Positivity, Deborah’s passion for...

Adrienne McGuire

Adrienne McGuire is a writer and wellness enthusiast who abandoned the corporate world to create a life that worked for her. She is now focused...

Amber Bartek

Amber Bartek is an homeschooling Single Mama, and award-winning, published poet, author, photographer & minted artist. Her photography won the Editor’s Award in the minted x...

Branislav Aleksoski

Our Thought-Leaders, Experts & Visionaries Uplift The Planet One Word At A Time Find Your New Favorite Contributor Today grow your following give back earn...

Chris Riley

Chris Riley is a culinary expert, recipe developer, and founder of The Daring Kitchen

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Founded by Kristen Butler, Power of Positivity® celebrates the lifestyle of positive thinking and attitude and has become a global hub of expansive ideas with 50MM social media followers. This website publishes content on an array of topics like: Positivity, Inspiration, Relationships, Quotes, Health, Wellness, Affirmations, Mental Health, Good News, Spirituality, Yoga, Weight loss, Mindfulness, Gratitude, Happiness, Peace, Love, Healthy Living, Family, Entertainment and more.

A Thought Leader is a person with an expertise, skill set and passion in a specific area of expertise. Thought leaders contribute to the Power of Positivity website and app to help expand and achieve their goals.


  • 3000 word count minimum. Original, previously unpublished work.
  • Positive, engaging, educational voice.
  • Research, data, facts, and quotes from.
  • Academic Sources and Peer reviewed journals.
  • More specific details emailed to you upon acceptance.

We have a new and exciting opportunity for experts in their field to not only make e residual income but also gain access to a new fan page to expand their reach through Mini Course creation offered on our new “Power of Positivity App” available on desktop, iPhone, and Android. Please inquire for more details. Currently, we do not offer an opportunity to make money from the article content you publish on our website, only expanded reach.

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