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I still get asked a lot why I quit in 2018 as president of the Inc 5000 media company I founded. I was 32, had a team of 80 and clients including Gucci and Hermes. I was on the verge of everything I thought I wanted. Until the day I called in my husband—CEO at our NPRP Media agency—and HR head
to say I was done. Me, the woman who closed a $5 million Burberry deal in the hospital after a C-section.

Yes, they were shocked. Where was I going? The furthest place from corporate America (while still owning 51 percent of the business—I’m an
entrepreneur at heart.) I was going to heal children. Help families.
Activate humans to tap into who they really are. Shift the parenting paradigm.

Sound woo woo? Some context: I grew up in a junk culture of perfectionism and conditioning. My outlet was soccer, which led to a college scholarship. That love of winning was carried into a big sales job and in a year I was No 1 local account exec. Soon after I created one of the world’s most successful independent media firms.

But work became almost a side act when I was gifted a miracle. A friend lost his wife and was left with boys aged four and six. It was my wake up call—to show up with no agenda and recreate my life. We married and I adopted his sons. Within five years, there were four kids.

I had my dream family but was on hands and knees. I had no structure. I didn’t want a podcast, a book. I wanted an everyday system of how to consciously communicate and build lasting friendship and love.
I asked myself, ‘If I was a child again, what would I need to live a happy life?’ And I used that as inspiration to build a blueprint for raising kids.

The Happy Life System. A school for the heart. A gamified approach where families unify via pillars of self-mastery.

Why? Because childhood needs to change. I am not okay with mediocre. With kids living in a junk culture. I want to replicate for others the liberation, freedom and magic I create daily in my home.

So truth is I quit NPRP to use what I learned in business to show families how to take back power. How to become proud home CEO’s raising fulfilled future leaders.

I still love dancing to reggae, a blackjack rush and pinot noir. I’m fun but hardcore. I waded through a lot of mud to get to happiness. From zero, I built an athletics career, a $100 million company and a handbook for raising kids. And I’m still a long way off 40.
I know the secret. If you want to go from overloaded to joy, let’s connect.