Here’s why everyone should keep a positivity journal and count their blessings.

In a world filled with negativity, we should all put some positive energy into our lives–and some positivity affirmations into our gratitude journals.

Dr. Norman Vincent Peale spent decades of his life promoting the power of positive thinking in the human soul.

There is a direct link between your words and your outcome in life. If you are tired of feeling run down, depressed, and anxious, then It’s time to use positive affirmations. Here are 20 declarations you can say each day that will put you on an optimistic track.

20 Positivity Affirmations to Never Forget

positivity affirmations

Write these positivity affirmations in your journal or recite them out loud.

1. I am Beautiful

It’s essential to think you’re beautiful. When you love yourself, then others can quickly love you too. You should look in the mirror each day and tell yourself that you’re attractive and that you’re uniquely you. Don’t ever let anyone tell you any differently. Anyone who has a different opinion about your beauty doesn’t matter.

2. I Am Worthy to Love and to Be Loved

You deserve to be loved. Be grateful that your family and friends love and care for you. Many people don’t have anyone. Write in your gratefulness journal all the people that love you and are a part of your support system. Make sure you tell them how much it means that they are in your corner.

3. My Opinions Matter

Whether at work or in your personal life, your opinions matter. By telling yourself that your ideas are valued, you can empower yourself to stand up and speak out at work or in other aspects of your life. Your thoughts and feelings about things are significant, and people are ready to listen.

4. I Have Value

What is your value? One of the positive affirmations in this life is to say that you have value and self-worth. When you see yourself as a valued part of society, you hold your head a little higher and walk with a bounce. Depression and the cares of life may try to keep you down, but you remember how tremendous your worth.

5. My Past Doesn’t Dictate My Future

Everyone has skeletons in their closet and has made bad choices in the past. Thankfully, you don’t live there anymore. No matter what has happened, your history will never dictate your future. It’s time to leave yesterday behind.

6. I Will Be Kind and Caring Towards Others

Life isn’t always about you and your needs. Sometimes, it’s nice to reach out to someone less fortunate. Whether it’s comforting someone who experienced a breakup or it’s taking food to a person with little means, everything you do to be caring towards others will bring good karma your way.

7. It’s Okay Not to Be Okay

In life, there will be sunshine and rain. You can’t expect to be happy every day. Make sure you are grateful for both the good times and bad as the bad times help you learn life lessons. Tell yourself that it’s okay to have a bad day occasionally.

8. I Am Thankful for My Blessings

What things are you thankful for today? Rather than counting all the wrong things in your life, why not count all your blessings? You are blessed if you have a beautiful bed to sleep in, a nice car to drive, and a job that pays you well. Start making positive affirmations to count your blessings rather than your disappointments.

9. I Won’t Compare Myself with Others

It’s never a good idea to compare your looks or achievements with others. You are a unique being who was carefully formed in your mother’s womb. There will never be another you. Make sure you tell yourself how special you are, and don’t compare your life with others. Stop trying to keep up with the Jones and Smiths. Rather, make others want to keep up with you.

10. I Can Forgive and Be Forgiven

Forgiveness is a hard thing to do. However, one of your positive affirmations should be that you will forgive yourself and others, and in return, you will be forgiven when you have wrongdoings. It’s okay to be upset, but you must forgive.

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11. I Will Eat Healthy and Exercise Today

Do you have a difficult time losing weight and eating healthy? Why not add positivity affirmations in your gratitude journal about your health? When you have the mindset that you will eat well and exercise, then your chances of completing those tasks are greater.

12. I Will Achieve My Goals

What goals do you have for your life? Do you see yourself married with a family or in a higher-paying job? It’s time to set your mindset to achieve every goal you want and dream about. You will be if you believe in your heart that you are victorious.

13. I Will Never Give Up

One of your positivity journal entries should be that you won’t give up no matter what life throws your way. Even if you lose your job, house, relationship, and every dime you own, you will dust yourself off and rise again. Remember, life isn’t about how many times you fall but how many times you rise that counts.

14. I Will Live Life to the Fullest

It would help if you vowed to live your life to the fullest daily. Don’t let one day slip past you without taking the time to smell the roses. A life full of all work and no play is a recipe for disaster. Make your life exciting and adventurous.

15. I Radiate Success

If you are a career professional, you must make one of your positivity affirmations about your success. People love to be around those that radiate success. It makes them feel like they, too, can achieve these heights. An aura of confidence is beautiful to both employers and others.

16. I Love My Body

It doesn’t matter if you are a perfect weight or a bit overweight. You must love the skin you’re in. Write in your journal all the things that you love about your body. Maybe you think you have beautiful eyes or legs. Remind yourself of all the reasons why your body is gorgeous.

17. I Have A Good Relationship and Lover

If you want your relationship to be fantastic, you must believe it is. Don’t compare your relationships with that of other people. Look for all the good things in your marriage or the person you’re dating. You both are unique, and no one can compare to you or your love.

18. No One Can Make Me Feel Inferior Unless I Allow Them

One of the best positivity affirmations you can tell yourself is that you won’t allow someone to make you feel inferior. People can only use or make you feel bad about yourself if you allow them too. Don’t let bullies in life bring you down; rather, always take the high road.

19. I Don’t Need To Beg For Friendship

If someone doesn’t want to be your friend, move on to the next person. You don’t ever have to beg for friends. Your unique attributes are one of the reasons why you have the friends you have now. Don’t let people make you think you’re not worthy of friendship; move on to the next person who will respect you.

20. I Am Enough

Finally, the best one is last. One of the most significant positivity affirmations you can tell yourself is that you are enough. Write it in your gratitude journal, tell yourself this 100 times daily, and put it on a sticky note on your work computer.

Engrain in your brain that you are enough. You’re a good mother/father, worker, son/daughter, spouse, relative, and friend. While you may have things you are working on to better your life, you are on the right path. Never think of yourself as less than as you are the whole package.

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Final Thoughts on the Keeping a Power of Positivity Journal

You may have won, and you may have lost. You’ve got many things right in your life, but you’ve also got some things wrong. The beautiful thing is that life is a journey filled with joy and regrets, but you are still the best you you can be through all of it.

Count your blessings, and you should never focus on your failures. Surround yourself with people that love and respect you. You only get one chance to live your life to the fullest, so don’t ever let a day pass you by that you waste feeling pessimistic. You can and will have a good experience; keep writing in your positivity journal, and you will see a change for the better in your life.