Hollywood isn’t exactly known for body positivity, but some celebrities are breaking the mold and speaking out about things like self-love and self-acceptance. Here are just a few examples of stars who want to live in a better world.

1. “One day I decided that I was beautiful, and so I carried out my life as if I was a beautiful girl. I wear colors that I really like; I wear makeup that makes me feel pretty. It really helps.” – Gabourey Sidibe

Gabourey Sidibe knows what it’s like to be hounded by the press because of her weight. This is one of her secrets for getting through it.

2. “Even I don’t wake up looking like Cindy Crawford.” – Cindy Crawford

It takes effort to recapture the beauty that you see in movies and magazines. Don’t beat yourself up if you roll out of bed looking less than perfect!

3. “People often say that ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder,’ and I say that the most liberating thing about beauty is realizing that you are the beholder.”

Studies have shown that your self-image can have real, tangible impacts on your health. (1) This is why it’s important to love every curve!

4. “When we think about our bodies, we often think about the way they look, as opposed to what they accomplish for us every day. It’s easy to forget how powerful our bodies actually are.” – Iskra Lawrence

British model Iskra Lawrence believes that women should shift the way that they think about their bodies. Do you agree?

5. “When I lay my head on the pillow at night I can say I was a decent person today. That’s when I feel beautiful.”

Drew Barrymore is another woman who believes that our bodies should be considered tools rather than temples. You’ll find this sentiment in a lot of body positivity quotes!

6. “I would only lose weight if it affected my health or sex life, which it doesn’t.” – Adele

Adele isn’t afraid to shut down nosy questions about her weight. She’s curvy, and she has no desire to change that. We should all take a page out of her book!

7. “You look how you look. Be comfortable. What are you going to do? Be hungry every single day to make other people happy? That’s just dumb.” – Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence is known for telling it like it is, especially when it comes to weight loss and weight issues. Why should you care about what strangers on the street are thinking about your figure?

8. “I want to enjoy life, and I can’t if I’m not eating and miserable.” – Kate Upton

If anyone knows about the dangers of dieting, it’s supermodel Kate Upton. The good news is that she pushes back on the crazy beauty standards of her industry every day.

9. “I love how I look. I am a full woman and I’m strong, and I’m powerful, and I’m beautiful at the same time.” — Serena Williams

Serena Williams is an absolute fountain of body positivity quotes. She’s never been stick-thin, and she doesn’t care. She’s still one of the most successful athletes in the world.

10. “I definitely have body issues, but everybody does. When you come to the realization that everybody does that — even the people that I consider flawless — then you can start to live with the way you are.” – Taylor Swift

You might not think of Taylor Swift as someone who grapples with body positivity, but this just goes to show that anyone can be crippled with doubt. We’re all in this together.

11. “My weight? It is what it is. You could get hit by a bus tomorrow. It’s about being content. And sometimes other priorities win.” – Melissa McCarty

Fired from her sitcom for losing too much weight, the formerly plus-sized Melissa McCarty knows what it’s like to struggle in a world where women are always deemed too fat or too thin. This is her official verdict: None of it matters.

12. “There’s only, like, five perfectly symmetrical people in the world, and they’re all movie stars. And they should be, because their faces are very pleasing to look at, but the rest of us are just a jangle of stuff. And the earlier you learn that you should focus on what you have and not obsess about what you don’t have, the happier you will be.” – Amy Poehler

While there’s nothing wrong with being inspired by a celebrity’s fashion or makeup, you should remember that it’s their job to look good. The rest of us aren’t like that, so we shouldn’t hold ourselves to the same standards.

13. “Girls of all kinds can be beautiful – from the thin, plus-sized, short, very tall, ebony to porcelain-skinned; the quirky, clumsy, shy, outgoing and all in between. It’s not easy though because many people still put beauty into a confining, narrow box…Think outside of the box…Pledge that you will look in the mirror and find the unique beauty in you.” – Tyra Banks

Tyra Banks shared this message about body positivity online, and it should resonate with everyone.

14. “You only get one body. That’s it. So you gotta love it.” – Danielle Brooks

This is one of those body positivity quotes that states a simple but important truth. You can’t trade in your body at the Body Store and get a new one, so why don’t you learn to love the one that you have?

15. “I’ve learned that if you’re too skinny, they’ll say something about it. If you’re not skinny enough, they’ll say something about it. I just try to feel good in my own skin as much as I can.” – Jennifer Love Hewitt

Society will always have something to say about your weight. Since society isn’t going to change, it’s up to you.

16. “I’m not going to sacrifice my mental health to have the perfect body.” – Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato has always been open about her mental health issues and her journey towards self-love. We don’t deserve her, but we’re glad that she’s adding her voice to such important issues.

17. “You shouldn’t be pressured into trying to be thin by the fashion industry, because they only want models that are like human mannequins. But you have to remember that it’s not practical or possible for an everyday woman to look like that. Being size zero is a career in itself so we shouldn’t try and be like them. It’s not realistic and it’s not healthy.” Rihanna

People who think of themselves as “fat” are more likely to gain weight in the future. (2) It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy that’s fueled by the social stigma of being overweight. Are you ready to break the cycle?

18. “You know what’s funny? If I call myself a cute, chubby girl, the natural kind woman’s response is, ‘You’re not chubby! You’re beautiful! And thin!’ And I always want to hug the person and say, ‘It’s okay, I identify as someone who is cute and chubby — that doesn’t mean I’m not worthy of love and attention and intimacy.’ And also, my priorities are not such that I’m mortally offended by someone thinking that.” – Mindy Kaling

Mindy Kaling is another person who wants to reshape the narrative around body types. It’s a worthy goal for sure!

19. “I want to be the person who feels great in her body and can say that she loves it and doesn’t want to change anything.” – Emma Watson

An important step in body positivity is realizing that your attitude might not change overnight. You might need time to learn how to love yourself, and that’s okay. Just know who you want to be.

20. “Diversity is sexy! Loving yourself is sexy! You know what is not sexy? Misogyny, objectifying, labeling, comparing and body shaming! Talking about people’s bodies as if they’re on display asking for your approval / opinion. They are not! Celebrate yourself. Celebrate others. The things that make us different from one another make us beautiful.” — Ariana Grande

Not only is Ari responsible for one of the greatest body positivity quotes of our time, but she wrote and posted it on social media so that her message could be spread to young girls everywhere.

21. “I can’t think of any better representation of beauty than someone who is unafraid to be herself.” – Emma Stone

Body shaming isn’t always about someone being “too fat.” Emma Stone is often criticized for being too skinny, and she’s popped back at the haters by assuring everyone that she has plenty of self-confidence.

22. “Appearance has so little to do with where we should get our confidence from.” – Amy Schumer

If you’re still learning to love your shape, it can help to start prioritizing other things over your appearance. For example, you can become smarter by learning a new language or reading a new book, or you can become more generous with an act of charity.

23. “When I look down, even now, at the extra skin on my belly, it’s a reminder that I’ve done something spectacular. It’s a reminder that I’m a superhero. And I’m proud of it.” – Kristen Bell

Kristen Bell wasn’t worried about losing her baby weight. In fact, she leaned into it: The extra weight is what made it possible for her to bring her little bundle of joy into the world.

24. “Being unique and different was a really good thing. I walked into my agent’s office for the first time, they looked at me and said, ‘Wow, we have nobody on our books like you’. And they signed me on my second day here.” – Rebel Wilson

Movies like Pitch Perfect wouldn’t be the same without her, but we might have been robbed of Rebel Wilson if she hadn’t had a uniquely curvaceous figure. Isn’t that something?

25. “I think about my body as a tool to do the stuff I need to do, but not the be all and end all of my existence.” – Lena Dunham

Another actress who has openly struggled with her weight, Lena Dunham made peace with herself by realizing that there were more important things to worry about than the numbers on the scale.

26. “My body image is always going to be an issue. I need to constantly train myself to watch the right sort of films, to not look at certain ads and think that’s how my stomach should look. It’s something that I’m fighting every day.” – Sam Smith

A big part of body positivity is recognizing how you’re impacted by negative influences. The next step is cutting them out of your life.

27. “I didn’t always love my legs, but as I’ve grown, I’ve learned to love and celebrate myself just as I am. I began to realize that my legs are STRONG and they carry me. Every. Single. Day. Our bodies are amazing and something to be grateful for. I’m ME and that’s really enough!” – Hilary Duff

Hilary Duff shared this with her Instagram followers after having an epiphany about her body. It’s a sentiment that we should all respect!

28. “You’re only human. You live once and life is wonderful, so eat the d*** red velvet cupcake.” – Emma Stone

Another great quote from Emma Stone, this one simply shrugs in the face of body shaming. You only live once, and that red velvet cupcake is going into someone‘s belly. It might as well be yours.

body positivity

29. “God made a very obvious choice when he made me voluptuous; why would I go against what he decided for me? My limbs work, so I’m not going to complain about the way my body is shaped.”

Drew Barrymore does it again, and this time, she’s reminding everyone to count their blessings instead of their disadvantages.

30. “I am empowered by my body. I am empowered by my sexuality. I am empowered by feeling comfortable in my skin. I am empowered by showing the world my flaws and not being afraid of what anyone is going to say about me.” – Kim Kardashian

She might have one of the most famous figures in the world, but Kim Kardashian doesn’t let the scrutiny get to her. She knows what she looks like, and she draws strength from it.

31. “I love my shape because it’s mine.” – Heidi Klum

There are a lot of body positivity quotes out there, but this might be the simplest of them all. No one has your exact shape but you. Embrace what makes you unique!

Final Thoughts on Body Positivity

It might take you awhile to reach true body positivity. With these quotes, however, you can start changing your mindset and feeling better about yourself as you journey to self-love. Good luck!