It can be challenging to find a workout that matches your personality. Too many people are bored or overwhelmed by their workout choices, making them less likely to stick to a healthy exercise plan. When you consider your zodiac sign before signing up for a workout plan, it will help you stay more focused and motivated. A zodiac sign workout will mesh with your likes and dislikes, catering to your personal fitness needs.

Each zodiac sign has special physical and emotional characteristics which make certain workouts a perfect fit. For example, Gemini has two natures, meaning that he or she might become bored quickly. A workout with a lot of variety is best for Gemini. Taurus is considered “bull-headed,” meaning that workouts which encourage strength are just right for him or her. Read over these twelve examples of a zodiac sign workout and discover your perfect way to get in shape.

Which Workout is Best for You, According to your Zodiac Sign


Aries is a highly competitive sign that likes to be the center of attention. To avoid stepping on other people’s toes, a personal trainer is recommended for Aries. Another great idea for Aries is stationary cycling. Aries can focus on beating his or her own goals, or competing with the others in the class.


This zodiac sign is known for being tough and stubborn, but with a definite bend toward comfort and luxury. An outdoor boot camp will satisfy a Taurus’s desire to be outside while challenging him or her with an individualized workout.


Gemini has dual tendencies that affect his or her workout personality. One workout that appeals to Gemini’s changeable nature is HIIT, or high-intensity interval training. The quick changes between each exercise satisfy Gemini’s need for variety. Another idea for Gemini is a Pilates or yoga workout, both of which appeal to the deep thinker.


Whatever Cancer does, he or she doesn’t like to be alone. Working out with a buddy is the best idea for this zodiac sign. Cancer would also love working out near the water, so they should try a beach yoga class to satisfy their inner needs.


Fiery Leo has a brash, competitive spirit. A perfect workout for Leo would be kickboxing, MMA, or weightlifting. This will strengthen Leo’s natural energy and give him or her a fun arena for competition. Leo likes to entertain, so another choice that might appeal to him or her is dance or Zumba.


Virgo doesn’t waste time, and the perfect workout for this zodiac sign is targeted specifically to a certain part of the body. Core exercises such as TRX are great for Virgo. Virgo would also enjoy the structure of a barre workout.


With his or her natural sense of balance, a workout like kickboxing appeals to Libra. Too often, people box Libra in as a quiet and restrained sign and ignore their wild side. Kickboxing encourages this part of their personalities.


Stubborn and intense, Scorpio needs to burn off excess energy. Running is an excellent choice, getting him or her out in nature while providing excellent exercise and a strong adrenaline rush. When running gets boring, try an aquatic boot camp to slow things down and concentrate on each muscle group.


Known as the best athlete among all of the signs, Sagittarius has a lot to prove. Workouts that appeal to the body, mind, and spirit are the best choices for this exciting sign. PiYo or other fusion workouts give Sagittarius enough variety while strengthening both the body and the mind.


Capricorn is a tough and determined sign. Working toward a long-term goal is best for him or her. Try training for a triathlon or a Tough Mudder race. This will give Capricorn a great sense of personal accomplishment.


Aquarius enjoys group exercise classes, where he or she can be social and work toward a common goal. They need the support of a team to feel fully motivated.

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Like Cancer, Pisces is drawn to water. Aquatic workouts like swimming are perfect for this sign. A deeply spiritual sign, Pisces would also love yoga. For a bigger challenge, try an aqua cycling class.

Final Thoughts

When you target your workout to your sign, you can use your personality traits to their greatest advantage. From the brash and fiery Aries to the quiet, contemplative Pisces, each sign can find their perfect workout and encourage strength in the body and mind. Try opening yourself up to a different aspect of your zodiac personality and experience a better workout.