Aquarius represents a mystical healer of water. They believe that this is the most humanitarian astrological sign. The thought is that their goal is to use radical social processes in order to promote change in the world.
People born between January 20 – February 18 have the astrological sign of Aquarius. People with this Astrological sign have been accused of not showing enough emotion and of wanting to remain detached from others. They are known to get lost in thought if they become stressed. If you can get through to them then you will be in for a lifetime of fun.


1. Independent, Fun and Full of Surprises

If you are in a relationship with an Aquarius it will teach you to think differently about how you live. They have an overwhelming desire to be independent, they desire to have fun and they are full of surprises. Keep in mind; these surprises include good and bad surprises. It is unlikely that they will think similarly to other Zodiac Signs. They will want to remain independent in your relationship, so make sure you make an effort to keep ahold of your independence also. It is very important in keeping a part of you.

2. Friend Zone

These people are usually more interested in being friends first and slowly building relationships from that point. They crave stimulation and love keeping things light and fun in their lives. If there is any sign of love or deep interests too fast, they will run. They are not known for any deep love in relationships. If you are interested in being in a relationship with them, you will need to make your intentions clear, always be honest and up front with your intentions. This will help your relationship in the long run.

3. Free Spirits

When in any form of relationship with this astrological sign is important that you make your expectations clear to them. If at any time things stray from the expectations or change in any way, they will begin to feel trapped and they will flee. They are known for being a free spirit and will attempt to break free from any signs of love or commitment. It is important to celebrate the uniqueness of yourself as well as them. They are known to be creative, sensitive and tender in all things that they care about.

4. Friends with Benefits

An Aquarius enjoys having friends with benefits instead of full blown relationships. This helps them to remain feeling free and not tied down to anyone or anything. This is the most comfortable option for them because they do not feel the need to flee because they are already free to come and go as they please. However, they are capable of having romantic relationships. When they love, they love hard! It just makes be a challenge getting to this point. But if and when you do get there, the prize is worth the journey.

5. Short Attention Spans

Aquarius prefer to hang out in groups of friends instead of in a twosome or even individually. They have a very short attention span and are known to be attracted to the loudest, most colorful person or item in the vicinity. If you are in a serious relationship with them, make an honest attempt to keep things fresh and do what you can to spice up your love life. This extra effort will make both of you very happy!

6. Electric Charge

If you are able to break through their protective layer and create a meaningful relationship, the electrical charge between you will be intense. The hardest part is getting to that point and staying there. Along these lines, always make sure to stay honest about your emotion, when they love, they love hard! Once they are in deep with you, they are in it forever! They will move heaven and earth for you!

7. Personal Space

They have an uncanny ability to vanish from anything that makes them feel trapped or uncomfortable. Do not be surprised if one day they are there and the next day they are gone. As previously mentioned, it is one of their natural habits to just up and run off if anything gets too serious in their lives. They feel conflicted if you become dependent on them and they will run. Make sure you remain an independent person in order to keep yourself as well as them, happy.
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8. Relationship Courtesies

Aquarius do not follow the conventions of relationship. Do not expect them to call you every day or to respond to every text message. They prefer to do things on their own timeline. But it is not advisable to confront them on this matter; one of their habits is to become easily offended. Sometimes they do these things because they do not care, sometimes they do not even realize what they are doing and sometimes they just want to see you and show how much they love you. Almost like asserting their dominance, although it might seem like they are stockers. But if they did not care, they would not do it!

9. Peculiar Timeline

As mentioned, they love to follow their own timeline which means they have a real potential to fall off the map for long periods of time. There is no reason to become alarmed by this behavior; it is just another habit that is part of their nature. On the other side of this, they are very hard workers. They really like it when you are able to make time for them in your schedule.

10. Rapid-Fire Contact

After the period of silence, they usually come back with rapid-fire contact. So do not be surprised if out of the blue they start frantically trying to get in touch with you. After their moment of silence, they tend to exhibit an intense need to meet up or to get in touch with you. They seem to have the ability to switch gears in either direction, extremely quickly. It is just their emotions getting the best of them. On the one hand they want to fall in love and be loved fiercely but on the other hand, love is a scary thing. Love can be very intimidating for anyone. It is never a good idea to jump into a relationship too quickly without knowing how you are feeling. There is always a fear of getting your heart broken.

11. No Sense of Time

Once you are in any sort of relationship, whether it is friendship or a romantic one, they have a habit of ignoring appropriate social behaviors. They have a tendency to be late for work or other scheduled because they lose track of time. They may also show up at your job place, your home, your meeting or other locations without an invitation and they have no remorse or guilt about it. This is just them having difficulty with time management. With a bit of practice, this problem can be dealt with and handled in a friendly way. Humans are resilient creatures; we can make mistakes and learn from them. The best thing to do it to be patient and work with your significant other when approaching this sensitive subject.

12. Sociopath

There is also a hidden dark side to their personality. While they are usually respectful of your privacy they are also very attached to their own privacy. For this reason, they tend to lie or practice the omission of information. This makes them feel like they are in control of their lives and it also helps them to stay away from the fear of commitment. As previously mentioned patience is key; just try to work it out!

Final Tips on Dating an Aquarius:

Make an effort to share your thoughts, accomplishments, and breakthroughs!

Make an attempt to be dazzling, honest and overall be your true self!

Be sure you keep true to your friends and family and never forget to express your values and emotional needs.

It is advisable to remain flexible to their schedule and to make sure you are on the same page as far as your expectations towards each other.

Always remember to be full of surprises and always make sure to laugh at their jokes and all-around silliness even if it is not funny. This will help to keep your relationship fresh and vibrant.

Do not be judgmental about their relationship needs, strange behaviors, appearance or beliefs.

Never assume monogamy, always have this discussion so you are both on the same page at all times.

Never provoke arguments or try to coax sympathy out of them and do not be too sympathetic, this never goes over too well with them. They might run from the situation,

Do not make assumptions on where they stand based on race, religion or sexual orientation.

Always treat others with respect, especially those in service positions.