Obviously, everyone possesses both lightness and darkness within them; it keeps us balanced, humble, and on a quest to continue growing in order to put our innermost demons to rest. Though all people have positive qualities about them, they also have weaknesses and things they could improve on. Today, we want to bring the darkness to light and talk about the downside to each zodiac sign, not to knock anyone down, but to show you possible areas to develop yourself further and expand upon.

What personality traits does your zodiac sign reveal about you?



Aries, you’re one tough cookie. You have big goals, and will stop at nothing in order to achieve them. You run headfirst into whatever you face, never looking back or thinking before you leap. While your drive, ambition, and courage are honorable, you can also sometimes come across as combative, bossy, and downright hurtful.

Make sure not to steamroll others in order to get what you want or to strengthen your own ego.


Taurus, you have natural leadership abilities, and your work ethic knows no bounds. You have an unbreakable spirit, and never let your emotions get the best of you. However, you can sometimes let your work consume you, and avoid talking about your feelings so that you don’t have to face vulnerability. You use work as a barrier between you and your emotions, and can come across as obstinate and unmoving.

Make sure you listen to others thoroughly, and try to open up a little more. It wouldn’t hurt you.


Gemini, you have a charming, charismatic, open personality that draws people to you like a moth to a flame. You don’t let life get you down for too long, and always seem to have a smile on your face despite any adversity in your life. You excel at communication, and your open-mindedness is highly attractive. However, you can get bored of people quite easily, leaving them in the dust when they need you the most. Also, you can be a little self-absorbed, and lack sensitivity for other’s feelings at times.

Try to understand other people’s perspectives, and be up front with people about your feelings, even though you tend to shy away from confrontation.


Cancer, you are something else. You are undeniably the deepest, most sensitive, caring sign, willing to give your love wholeheartedly and freely to whoever you deem acceptable and worthy. You feel everything deeply, and live totally by raw emotions. However, this can keep you from seeing the reality of a situation sometimes. Also, you tend to live in your head too much rather than allowing yourself to let go and experience each moment.

Try to open up to people more, and not let the voices in your head get in the way of you living a happy life.


Leo, you can light up a room the moment you step foot in it. You don’t need to even say anything; you carry yourself with confidence, and people can feel that radiating from you. You love the spotlight, and people gravitate toward you because of your warm, charming, outgoing personality. You have all the makings of a star, but this can make you self-centered and reliant on other people’s opinions of you.

Make sure you don’t lose yourself in the views of others; stay humble, and remember to value yourself.


Virgo, you could solve any problem, even if the world was coming to an end. You have a knack for remaining the voice of reason in a sea full of emotions, and never lose your head in favor of what your heart wants. However, you can be a little uptight, and set unrealistic expectations for yourself and others.

Try lightening up and going with the flow instead of always needing to control every aspect of your life.


Libra, you have a way of keeping others balanced and comfortable, even if you don’t feel that way sometimes. You carry yourself with a nonchalant, carefree attitude, and people love that about you. However, you sometimes take too long making decisions, and tend to think too much instead of just acting on your instincts.

Try believing in yourself more, and nitpick the details so much.


Scorpio, you have a creative, artistic mind, and you make one of the best lovers in the zodiac due to your sensual nature. You have a mystique about you that makes people come back for more, even if they don’t quite get you during the first few conversations with you. However, you can hold a grudge like nobody’s business, and tend to seek revenge when someone rubs you the wrong way.

Learn to forgive and move on, otherwise you will forever be at the mercy of other people’s actions.


Sagittarius, you have a fiery, funny, explosive personality that easily attracts friends and lovers to you. You are not shy about what you think, always voicing your opinions for all to hear. You’re also very spontaneous, and fun to be around. However, you are sometimes inconsiderate of other people’s feelings, and can seem emotionally unavailable.

Remember to take other people’s emotions into account, and listen to them before speaking.


Capricorn, you work harder than any other sign, and it pays off quite considerably. You never give up, and never let a challenge scare you from achieving your goals. However, you are a workaholic, and often neglect other parts of your life in favor of getting ahead.

Slow down, and savor each moment before it’s gone.


Aquarius, you are endlessly captivating and alluring, with your insatiable love for travel and adventure, your wit and charm, and your worldly knowledge. You can carry a conversation for days, and your intelligence is one of your best attributes. However, you are sometimes a little too independent, and people have a hard time getting to know you.

Open your heart a little, and maybe take someone with you on your next adventure.


Pisces, you have one of the most beautiful, pure hearts, always looking out for other people. You crave solitude though, using that time to work on your art or music. You have a big imagination, and think that the world in your head makes more sense than the one you wake up to each day.

However, don’t lose yourself so much in your thoughts that you totally disconnect from the world around you.