Keeping your Taurean mate’s heart throbbing for only you is pretty simple if you do these 9 things for your partner. Earthy Taurus born April 19 to May 20 is rooted in the physical world and they relate best to the senses of touch and taste, which can be a wonderful benefit for you if your partner is a Taurus.

Many people feel a strong connection to astrology because the personality descriptions seem so much like us. Researchers believe that we may start to develop our personality based on repeated readings about our zodiac sign and descriptions of how our sign typically behaves. We feel a connection to the positive traits of the description, and we seek to change our behavior to be more like that of our astrological sign.

Researchers in the Journal of Social Behavior and Personality found that college students who knew their astrological signs, were more likely to feel a connection to a description of the personality for their sign (when they did not know that it was their own sign’s description) as compared to the personality description of another astrological sign.

At the University of Helsinki, Finland, researchers found that the belief in astrology could be used as a coping strategy for dealing with upsetting events. They found that those who believed in astrology felt that it gave support to their self-concept and that they could turn to an astrological chart reading for positive guidance during a crisis.

9 Things You Need to Do If Your Partner Is A Taurus

Don’t worry though because your Taurean partner is good in a crisis. In fact, your relationship should be easy for you if you can just relax, and do these 9 things that your partner needs you to do if he or she is a Taurus.


1. Let them set the pace for your intimate time

Your sex life is probably pretty outstanding if your partner is a Taurus. Not only that, but cuddle time is also pretty much mandatory daily. Taurus loves to be adored, and looking into your eyes, seeing your love for them, hearing how much you love them, is one of your partner’s favorite places to be.

Taurus can be quite passionate and energetic, so you may notice them initiating intimacy more often that you do. If your Taurus partner wants it every day and you’re fine with twice a week, you might be seduced on the days you’d rather pass.

2. Let them have it their way; most of the time

Partnerships are supposed to be equal, but Taurus is usually pretty bossy about their living space preferences, eating preferences, clothes, finances, you name it.

3. Accept their sometimes brutal honesty

Taurus loves you, just as you are, but they will also offer advice on how to make you even better. It’s up to you to resist, accept the feedback, or to let your Taurean partner mold you.

4. Let them express their gratitude with gifts

The easiest thing to do if your partner is a Taurus is to accept their overwhelming generosity and incredibly touching, perfect, thoughtful gifts that they give. Lucky you.

5. Honor their trust in you, always

Really Taurus is not that angry, rage-filled, snorting bull that some imagine, that is unless you break their trust. Taurus is so loyal and trusting of those closest to them. But you need to avoid angering the bull when your partner is a Taurus.

Before they decided to trust you, your Taurus partner was cautious in choosing you as a trustworthy person. If you break your Taurean partner’s trust, they may never forgive you.

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6. Learn to love routine and consistency

Taurus is not boring. At least they don’t think so. But they do like things their way, which means that dinner should be carrots Florentine, served in the dining room at 5:30, followed by their favorite TV show, cuddling under a blanket while sipping their favorite beverage for an hour, followed by – you get the point.

Your life is kind of planned out for you when you attach yourself to a Taurus for a partner. The good thing is that you won’t have any unexpected surprises from your partner, but the bad thing is that things are pretty much the same day in and day out.

7. Help develop their self-esteem

Only Libra rivals Taurus in the love of all things beautiful. Taurus likes what life has to offer; Venetian glass, hand-tooled Corinthian leather, imported champagne. If your partner is a Taurus, it’s important to bolster their self-confidence. Don’t be afraid to tell them they have excellent taste, make great choices in their clothes, etc.


8. Pick up on the MAJOR hints about gifts

One of the strange things that you need to do if your partner is a Taurus is to understand that they already have their own birthday gift picked out. They also have the perfect wrapping paper, card, cake, and dinner planned out. Just ask them; it will make it easier on you.

Now the hard part is trying to exceed your partner’s expectations. This may be impossible, but your Taurean partner already has their next 10 gift-giving occasions on their Amazon wish list, so head there for some inspiration.

9. Avoid surprising your Taurean partner with anything unpleasant

We’ve already mentioned that Taurus likes things planned out, and when your partner is a Taurus, you should avoid startling them with something they weren’t expecting, especially if it might upset their plans that they have had for six months.