We get plenty of unsolicited advice from those in our social circles, such as that we need to make more time for ourselves. Yes, we should strive to find that work-life balance and enjoy more moments alone and with loved ones. We should make time for hobbies and take that vacation we’ve been talking about for years. The sad part is that many of us know what’s good for us, but we never dedicate ourselves to our deepest passions. We are too caught up in the daily grind, and what relaxes us or feeds our soul gets quickly lost in the shuffle.

We are here to say that you are a wonderful person. As a human being with so much goodness inside you, you’re worth so much more than that, and that’s why you can learn to love yourself with these 10 self-love tips:

Learn to Love Yourself with these Self Love Tips

1. Fill yourself with positive energies.

This means try adopting more of an Eastern philosophy than a Western one. Don’t focus so much on raising your self-esteem. Focus on ways of thinking that do not compare you to anything. Kristin Neff explained in Human Development: “Drawing on the writings of Buddhist scholars, I have defined self-compassion as having 3 main components: (a) self-kindness versus self-judgment, (b) a sense of common humanity versus isolation, and (c) mindfulness versus overidentification.”

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2. Radiate the light within you.

This means when you have a compliment to share or you see something you love, just say it. If you’re good at loving yourself, you praise yourself for making good choices and giving back to others. At first, doing this without inhibition will take people by surprise. However, the more that people see this trait in you, they will come to expect it.

3. Loving yourself means accepting your own limitations.

Some people describe this as not setting expectations that are too high for yourself or others to fill. In reality, we mean that you put forth your best effort in each situation, but are not afraid to accept failure or achieving less than your goal. Even people with high self-esteem, Neff explains, still do things like cheat or experiment with drugs, alcohol, and promiscuity when they are young. Moving forward, we learn from our mistakes and accept ourselves in spite of them.

4. Spend time alone reflecting on what’s important today.

This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t establish long-term goals. To love yourself, you need time away from noise and distraction. Sit quietly in a room or lay down on your bed with your eyes closed and just breathe in and out, appreciating the solitude of the moment.

5. Listen to your intuition.

There is an inner voice some people pay more attention to than others. By loving yourself, we don’t mean listening to those negative tapes sometimes playing in your head, especially if you are full of self-doubt. We do mean heeding warnings and removing yourself from situations that feel uncomfortable.

6. Create appropriate boundaries with everyone.

We don’t just mean to do this with loved ones. That’s sometimes easier to do with the people we know well. This advice is crucial for people-pleasers in the workplace (where your boss or colleagues may try to take advantage of you if you have a weaker personality).

7. Give yourself time to deal with emotions.

This advice is important to remember before big events, such as meetings with the boss or breaking up with a romantic partner. Emotions are not positive or negative. They are just notions that the brain communicates to you as important. These ideas must be resolved or they can manifest in other ways, including illness or depression.

8. Do what makes you feel good.

Loving yourself could mean searching for a romantic attachment. If you’re single and crave affection, then be sure to make time to meet people who could be prospective partners and enjoy time with them. You don’t have to sit home and be alone just because you aren’t in a relationship. There are dating apps for every type of relationship we might seek.

9. Take breaks from your schedule.

Loving yourself could involve taking an afternoon off to sit at the beach and watch the waves crash onto the sand. Or, take a walk after dinner with your youngest child. Your body needs to relax each day to avoid getting too stressed out.

10. Try a Guided Meditation.

You could easily type this phrase into Google and find millions of videos on the subject. For example, you could try a 15-minute body scan that encourages you to use controlled breathing with your eyes closed and to feel the sensations in specific parts of your body. A guided meditation forces the participant to stay in the moment and relax.


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