20 Things Authentic People Do Differently

20 Things Authentic People Do Differently


When you meet authentic people living through their soul, and not choosing the scripted life that society tells us we must live, it almost feels like a part of you has become liberated, too. People living authentically show us that we can live by what ideals WE feel most drawn to, instead of those already set for us.

Granted, it does take a lot of inner work to understand who you truly are, beyond the limitations and boundaries that others insist we abide by, but the journey is truly worth it once you begin to see yourself clearly.

Are you living authentically or not? These signs will help you decide, and maybe invite you to find yourself a little more.

Here are 20 things authentic people do differently:

1. They voice their opinions clearly and firmly, even if others may not agree.

People who march to the beat of their own drum are used to others disagreeing with them; however, this doesn’t stop them from living the life that feels most fulfilling in their hearts.

2. Authentic people choose a career path that resonates with them, not one that everyone else believes is best.

They know that by doing what they love, instead of doing what pays the bills, they have unlocked a huge part of what it means to follow your bliss. They simply cannot spend a large part of their life doing something that makes them feel dead inside.

3. They bring their own energy to the world, instead of being influenced by others’ frequencies.

People living authentically can honor and respect others’ energies, without feeling affected by them

4. They don’t fear to take the path less traveled in life.

They feel comfortable taking their own road, even if they have to venture down it alone for a while

5. Authentic people have fallen in love with themselves, and wouldn’t want to be anyone else.

They have mended their wounds and treated their insecurities, and now know the bliss of truly loving themselves

6. They feel so comfortable with themselves, that they give others permission to be themselves, too.

They make others feel free without having to say a word. Their energy speaks for itself.

7. Authentic people do things their way, and usually don’t follow the crowd..even if it means not having as many friends.

They probably spend a lot of time alone, but they have learned to love their own company and really get to know themselves.

8. They don’t take comments or criticisms about themselves personally. They know that others may not like them, but as long as they love themselves, that’s all that truly matters.

When you love yourself, the whole world shifts its winds in your favor

9. They seek out friends and partners who value deep conversations and an emotional connection, not gossip or sensational news.

They just don’t have the energy for meaningless, hollow relationships any longer. furthermore, they crave life-changing, beautiful relationships built on love, respect, and compassion.

10. Authentic people keep a positive outlook on life, even if they find themselves in tough situations.

Here is a truth that authentic people know — A positive mind = a positive life.

11. They listen more and talk less. Those living authentically know there’s much to be learned in silence.

Authentic people don’t usually like to gab too much about themselves. They would rather learn from others’ experiences.

12. Authentic people usually have some sort of daily ritual they follow, such as meditation or yoga, in order to remain centered and in touch with themselves.

Quiet time to connect with themselves is very important to them. Remaining calm and focused makes people gravitate to them.

13. They love with all their heart, and never hold back how they feel just to keep others comfortable.

They aren’t afraid to offer their love to people, even if it means they might get hurt in the process.

14. Authentic people have a lot of self-confidence; they don’t hold back who they are.

To free yourself, you must be yourself.

15. They don’t wish anything bad on anyone and want everyone to thrive in life and become the best versions of themselves.

They love everyone because they have cultivated it within themselves.

16. Authentic people have moved past their egos, and live harmoniously with all life on Earth.

They don’t have to fight for their place here; they move through life with ease and grace.

17. They find beauty even in the most humble of places.

They know that your perspective determines your perception and constantly work on balancing their own energies and creating a positive mindset.

18. People living authentically will never stay in a bad situation, even if leaving it means marching into the unknown.

They love themselves enough to get out of a negative situation, no matter how comfortable they once felt there.

19. Authentic people allow others to have opinions without getting offended by them.

They can tolerate others without their egos wanting to get the upper hand.

20. They see people for the souls that lie within and hardly even notice people for their personal appearance any longer.

They notice people’s hearts and characters before their physical appearance.

Do you identify as an authentic person? Share in the discussion below…

8 thoughts on “20 Things Authentic People Do Differently

  1. Thats a bit unfair really. Some people are Authentic but have alot issues in their life maybe their battling mental health issues. Its hard to love yourself when your going through something like that. I dont think that takes away from your authenticity. Authentic people dont always have supreme confidence or supreme love in themselves as is suggested. Sometimes the most authentic people are also the most broken

  2. Its so true..!! It feels like all these above points are written just about me! I recognized myself as an authentic Person today, Thank u for this wonderful article. Its rejoicing to know these things about me.

  3. If souls don’t all come from the same place or look at things the same way, there’s no reason to think there’s only one kind of authenticity. This is just the one everyone wants to believe in and finds easier to accept. Personally, I think someone following a less “positive” path is just as likely to be authentic, if you assume that truth can vary with the individual. If the soul itself doesn’t come from the light, in fact, most of the things listed here either wouldn’t apply or would indicate a lack of authenticity.

  4. I have always done so many of the things on this list. In my life, it has gotten me into trouble many many times, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Stay true to you.

  5. Hi, for many years I did not live authentically, I hid and tried to follow what society expected from me. At the age of 40 I finally had enough of pretending to be something I wasn’t. You see I’m transgender and I’ve always known, from an early age that I wasn’t male.

    I started my transition to my true female self 2 years ago and now everything makes sense. I see the beauty in the world like I’ve never seen it before. I’m at peace with myself for the first time and it’s a wonderful feeling.

  6. I’m an authentic person, but I don’t have a lot of confidence yet. I’m only 18 years old so maybe that’s normal. However reading that this would make me less of an authentic person saddens me. I know I will gain that confidence someday, but life hasn’t been easy on me so far (and continues to be a bit of a struggle). Yet I strive to become the best person I can possible be while fully being me, for myself and others – because I know that when I feel comfortable, I can make anyone else feel comfortable (as a kid, I had lots of confidence, I saw no reason why people would NOT have all that confidence – accoridingly, I never bullied anyone and never intentionnaly made anyone feel bad about themselves). I’m still the kid I used to be, only life has scarred me a bit on the way, disabling me to feel comfortable in every situation and putting me under more stress than anyone should handle. But when these strugges are behind me, you will find me to be an even “better” person than I ever have been – I hope. 🙂

  7. I’ve always thought that talking well about yourself is a small case of narcissism. But, I’ve come to realize that it is not. Self love is definitely healthy and ok. My mind is just a bit extreme. When I get into relationships, I definitely give and give,sometimes not expecting anything in return. And it’s not just with relationships, but I’m the same way with my friends. I think the world needs more authentic people because it makes life easier and no one has to worry about competing with each other about stupid things like whose but is bigger than who’s.

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