Friends of Leo usually have some fantastic stories to tell because the lion born July 23 through August 22 dares to spare. In this article, we’ll cover seven other things you must know to stay besties with this beast.

Researchers who looked at beliefs about astrology found that the more positive personality traits included in a sun sign description, the more likely people were to believe in astrology as an accurate representation of their personality.

The Leo zodiac sign falls on the calendar between July 23rd and August 22nd. Leo is the fifth astrological sign of the zodiac, and the lion represents its symbol. People born during this period are said to have the Sun in Leo, making them Leos or individuals with Leo as their sun sign.

Leo is a fire sign displaying confidence, ambition, creativity, and leadership qualities. Leos are often known for their charismatic and outgoing personalities. They are natural-born leaders who thrive in the spotlight and enjoy being the center of attention. Leos are typically generous, warm-hearted, and loyal individuals passionate about their pursuits.

As with all zodiac signs, individuals’ personalities are influenced by a combination of factors, including their birth chart and other planetary placements. While the sun sign (Leo, in this case) is an important aspect, other celestial influences like the moon sign, rising sign, and positions of other planets also shape a person’s astrological profile.

7 Things You Need To Know If You’re Friends With a Leo

We all want to believe the best about ourselves, and this is especially true for Leo. Here are the 7 things you need to know if you’re friends with a Leo.


1. You’ll have to be patient enough for both of you

Your Leo friend is not very good at being patient. So be a good friend to your lion and be patient with their impatience. Researchers looked at personality traits and sun sign and found that 8 of 17 personality factors correlated significantly with the date of birth of the subjects in the study.

For Leo, patience is rarely a virtue, so if you have lots of it yourself, feel free to share some of your Zen wisdom with your friend. Otherwise, you may find yourself apologizing for how your lion friend roars when told there is a 45-minute wait for a table at their favorite restaurant.

2. Leo’s got your back

The friends of Leo know that they are loyal to a fault. If you are friends with one, this person is not one that you will have to worry about talking to behind your back. People are envious of your Leo friend’s supportiveness. Leo would never let someone talk bad about you behind his back.

3. Take the passenger seat and enjoy the ride

Letting your friend do all of the planning and executing of your adventure together makes it easy on you, as long as you can be comfortable with Leo deciding everything for you. They love to be in control, and if you’re friends with a Leo, you will need to learn to let them have it because a power struggle with a lion is a recipe for a fight.

4. A Leo is one of your most generous friends

Leo loves to shower their friends with gifts when they have the financial means. And let’s face it, your friend is pretty well off financially. Leo is the first to give you an expensive birthday gift or treat you to dinner because they love to share their wealth.

Leo tends to be the go-getter, the leader, and the innovator in their field so they are highly compensated for that and you get to reap the benefits as the friend of a Leo. Need anything? Ask your friend and they are sure to lend you whatever you need.

5. A Leo would never lie to you

Your Leo friend has been described as honest, straightforward, and occasionally blunt. They will tell it to you straight, and if you don’t mind the occasional piece of honest feedback about your appearance or behavior, Leo is one true friend to have around.

Similarly, when you are friends with one, they expect you to be just as straightforward with them. Hiding something from a Leo is dangerous. They do not like to be betrayed and they will show it with surprising emotional sensitivity.

Leo will try to repair any breach of trust before walking away from a friendship. However, if you’ve gone too far in betraying your friend, you can forget any hope of making things right because Leo can also hold a grudge.

6. You wish you could bottle some of their relentless energy

THey are well known for being energetic, and their enthusiasm for everything is contagious. When you’re with your friend the lion, you feel like you could party until 4 am, even though you worked late and have to be to work early the following day.

7. Your Leo friend is possessive of you

It’s somewhat cute that the lion is jealous of your other friends. But don’t let them monopolize all of your time. They need to learn to share you with their other friends but they do love spending time with kind with you. Leo can be persistent when they want something too so if you need some space, be as clear and kind with Leo as possible.

a leo

They prefer long-term friendships with a few close people that they can trust deeply. If you are friends with a Leo, they have picked you as one of their top ten people. Membership to this club is pretty exclusive, so you should feel good about being chosen as one of the few lucky enough to share the limelight.

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