If you’re in love with an Aries, you are bound to have a powerful romantic bond if you can connect with them by doing these 9 things. Aries is a dominant, energetic, strong, active, and passionate sign and you need to know a lot about what to expect from your Aries partner.

9 Things You Need to Do If You Love an Aries

According to cafeastrology.com, your Aries partner has these famous people in common with Aries as their sun sign:

Alec Baldwin, Mariah Carey, Jackie Chan, Russell Crowe, Shannen Doherty, Robert Downey Jr., Stacy Ferguson “Fergie”, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Ashley Judd, Lucy Lawless, John Madden, Conan O’Brien, Sarah Jessica Parker, William Shatner, Gloria Steinem, Vincent Van Gogh, Christopher Walken

When your partner is an Aries (born between March 21 and April 19), you are in for a wild ride with lots of energy and excitement! There are at least 9 things you need to do to keep your Aries partner happy.


1. Celebrate accomplishments with them

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and they tend to be born leaders. To keep your Aries partner happy, make sure to praise all of their accomplishments, and there will be many.

Each day your Aries partner sees a new challenge that they want to take on. This can be frustrating at times because Aries is more likely to leave something unfinished if they lose interest in it. But your Aries partner has probably already moved on to their next challenge.

2. Keep them stimulated

Aries can easily get bored. They also have a tendency to be impatient. In this sense they can seem childlike, but you might really want to consider having an activity planned to keep them occupied, especially if you know there might be a wait involved.

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Keeping your Aries partner busy is a challenge, but they will definitely appreciate your efforts to keep them moving. Tell your Aries to run around the theater as fast as they can while you wait in line for movie tickets.

3. Try something new

Let your Aries partner take you along to a new adventure, like zip lining or their most recent fitness craze. When you have an Aries for a partner, they will constantly be seeking new and different experiences. If you want to be a significant part of your Aries partner’s life, you will need to embrace all things new.

4. Help them or get out of their way

Aries is a leader and your Aries partner has a goal in mind. You can either help them accomplish it, get out of their way, or get mowed over as they push through you to reach it.

The most beneficial choice to your relationship would be to help Aries out. Ask Aries how you can help them get what they want and then show up with a huge amount of support.

5. Love them fully

Don’t hold back emotion for an Aries partner. Make sure to return their passion with the same intensity. Aries can be overwhelmingly passionate for their chosen romantic partner.

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Aries is likely to feel a burning passion for their partner as a fire sign. The romantic partner of an Aries will have an incredible sex life. Be sure to include teasing in your foreplay with Aries, because they love the chase.

6. Simplify things

Your Aries partner does not like complicated things. You can help your partner by simplifying tasks into a couple of steps rather than 5 or more. Aries is the most likely sign to interrupt you and tell you ‘TMI.’

7. Be honest and straightforward

You’ve probably learned by now that your Aries partner does not like long stories that beat around the bush. Get to the point quickly for Aries, tell it like it is, don’t sugar coat it, etc.

Honesty is always the best policy when it comes to Aries. If you made a mistake, own up to it and get it off your chest immediately. Aries will have already forgotten about it when you do, but if you don’t come clean they might silently fume at you while doing their hardest workout ever.

8. Get active if you love an Aries…

An Aries partner is a very physically active sign. They will be at the gym before you’ve opened an eyelid. If you want to spend time with your Aries partner, you may have to take up rock climbing, hiking, kayaking, tennis and whatever other sport that your partner is into.

9. Have fun if you love Aries…

Aries can tend to be playful, innocent, and childlike in their appreciation for having fun. If you can get your Aries to crack a smile, and you creatively find ways to play with your Aries partner, you will have a smiling, happy Aries partner for life.