Aries, you sure know how to make life fun and interesting, don’t you? Aries don’t stop to think first before making a decision; they just dive right in and see what happens. They take chances, follow their hearts, never let anything stand in their way, and give their all in everything they do. They have a spontaneous, intense, fierce spirit, and live life to the fullest. Aries love a good competition, and treat life as a game that they must dominate. They never take no for an answer, and run full speed ahead into whatever challenge they face.

Here are 10 things only an Aries can understand:

healthy boundaries

1. You don’t understand the phrase “Crawl before you walk.”

What does that even mean? All you’ve ever known is dive in headfirst, and then figure things out once you get there. You don’t have time to crawl – life moves so fast, and you want to experience all you can while you have the chance. Crawling seems too boring and slow-paced for you, so walking – actually, running, or sprinting – seems like a better option.

2. Finishing projects is a monumental success on your part.

You probably started dozens of projects this past year, but only finished a handful. When you do finish something, it’s cause for celebration, because that’s a pretty huge deal for you. You just have so many ideas and can’t seem to fully commit to just one, so you have to attempt to follow up on all of them to see where they lead.

3. Everything is a competition.

What’s a casual game of tennis? No such thing in your book – you’re in it to win it. You don’t know how to do things just for fun; you take winning seriously, and – let’s face it – you’re a pretty sore loser sometimes. Okay, maybe all the time. You love competition, and love the feeling of coming out on top. If you come in second, that’s the same as coming in last in your eyes, so you try your hardest in everything you do.

4. You don’t know what “don’t talk to strangers” even means.

If a person is in earshot, you’ll go right up and talk to them without even thinking twice. You consider everyone your friend before you even talk to them, and love engaging with new people. You get bored of people easily, so having tons of acquaintances and friends is a must for you. You enjoy having friends from all walks of life with a variety of personalities, because you can pretty much get along with anyone.

5. An Aries will tell you exactly what they think about you.

You never learned how to hold your tongue, but you don’t see a problem with that. Beating around the bush isn’t your cup of tea – you tell it like it is, and if people can’t handle it, that’s their problem. You don’t try to hurt others or come across as too brash or overbearing, but people often can’t handle your sharp tongue and strong personality. However, you don’t change for others – you just wait around for the right people to come along in your life.

6. You can change your mind in the blink of an eye.

One minute you want Chinese for dinner, and the next you feel more like Italian. One second, you feel like you might be falling in love, and the next, you have your eye on someone new. You really don’t mean to be wishy-washy, but there’s just so many aspects of life to experience, and so much to consider. You don’t want to miss out, so you want to do it all. Your mind moves quickly, and therefore, you make split second decisions often.

7. You have a huge heart, even if others can’t see it.

Underneath your loud, aggressive, dominant personality, you have a heart made of glass that gets shattered quite easily. People often think you don’t get hurt just because you hide your feelings well, but of course, you know that words can cut like a knife. You care deeply for your friends and family, and protect them to no end. When you go through a breakup, you don’t always express just how much you hurt from it, even if it’s killing you inside. You might have a tough exterior, but inside, you’re more like a soft, cuddly teddy bear.

8. You never turn down a new experience.

Nothing is off-limits to you. You try all the foods, travel to every place you can, talk to as many people as possible, and date people from all walks of life. You don’t put labels on yourself, or try to place boundaries on life. There’s nothing you can’t do, because you won’t allow your mind to control your experiences. You live life to the fullest, always.

9. Aries will always appear confident, even if they don’t feel like it.

You never let anyone know when you feel insecure. People admire you for your bold, upfront personality, and wish they could take on some of those qualities. You know that confidence will take you far in life, and you try to appear as self-assured as possible at all times, even if inside you feel like a total scaredy cat.

10. You tend to flit from one relationship to another.

But, what’s the problem here? You don’t see one. You simply like to try out a relationship and test the waters before making a firm decision on if you should stay with someone or not. If you don’t really vibe with someone, you don’t see the point in prolonging the relationship. Plus, it only hurts the other person worse in the end if you lead them on. You love deep, committed relationships, but you don’t just give your heart away to anybody.