Your spiritual energy is akin to your soul. It’s the force that keeps you motivated, the fire of passion and strength in your belly, and the power of faith and trust that you have in yourself and the world around you. It’s an essential facet of your overall well-being.

But what happens when you don’t have enough spiritual energy? You begin to lose yourself and become a blank robot, almost like a shell of the person you’re meant to be. And, unfortunately, there are things you could be doing that are actively draining that power! Here are four things that drain your spiritual energy and make you mindless.

1.    Seeking Other People’s Validation

The quickest drain on spiritual energy is an over-reliance on other people. While validation from others is excellent and can feel rewarding, especially when from loved ones, it shouldn’t be the main thing you exist on. If you rely solely on the external rewards of others to keep you going, your spirit will begin to die out. This can leave you without your personality, mind, or soul. Here are some ways you may be seeking the validation of others in this unhealthy way:

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·         Trying To Please Everyone

It’s not possible to become the perfect people-pleaser. The more you try to make everyone happy, the less happy everyone will be with you. At the end of the day, you need to listen to your spirit and follow it or risk becoming exhausted and mindless from the effort of pleasing those around you.

·         Not Wanting To Say No

Some people become yes-men who can’t bear the thought of saying “no” to someone because they don’t want to stir up any conflict. Don’t fall into this trap. You have limited energy to expend, and you’ll lose your head quickly if you overcommit to other people. Pick and choose who you spend your time with.

·         Worrying What Other People Think

People are always going to throw their judgments and have their varying perspectives on your life. It’s already tough to think of what’s best for you – adding the additional filter of other people’s perspectives is sure to drain you. The only person whose opinion truly matters when it comes to your personal life is your own.

·         Constantly Helping

There’s nothing wrong with being kind and helpful, and you should be those things. But there comes the point when helping people around you is more negative than positive, as you spend all your time and energy on others and are left with nothing for yourself.

·         Staying In Toxic Relationships

Any relationship can be toxic, not just romantic ones. If there are toxic people in your life and you continue trying to be pleasant to and with them, it’s time to stop and cut them off. Nothing they can give you will be worth the drain on your energy for sticking around.

·         Trying To Meet Societal Norms

The rules of society follow the majority and aren’t worth the validation. What that majority cares about may not be what you care about, so don’t feel pressured to meet those norms if you don’t want to. Your spiritual energy is better spent focusing on doing what you want, no matter what society says.

·         Maintaining A Low Self-Esteem

A lack of positive self-esteem lends itself to envy, attention-seeking, and other behaviors that rely on others to boost your mood. It can be exhausting, and not being fulfilled with yourself is a surefire way to drain energy. Of course, improving self-esteem is difficult, but if you know you have trouble with insecurity and similar problems, it’s time to focus your efforts on improving those aspects of yourself.

2.    Negative Thinking

Negativity and negative thinking are a drain on you and those around you. When you focus too much on evil thoughts and make them central to your mind and being, you’re becoming a part of the problem. Your spiritual energy will die away without positive thinking, leaving you confused, lost, angry, and mindless. Here are some forms of negative thinking to avoid:

·         Overthinking

It’s easy to overthink when you’re anxious, have big or difficult decisions to make, or are aware that outcomes to your choices aren’t obvious. While considering different avenues is crucial to wise decision-making, there’s only so much you can ruminate on something before you’ve exhausted productive thought and all your energy. Learn to take a leap of faith and trust your instincts – or your capability to sort things out if you made the wrong choice.

·         Worrying All The Time

A little worry is normal and natural. Too much of it, and it becomes unproductive. Some things are out of your hands, and worrying about them will no longer be of any use. Instead of worrying, focus on learning from past events and on what you can control now. Your spiritual energy is better spent in this way.

·         Constant Complaining

Complaining as a method of expressing negative emotion isn’t necessarily a bad thing. But if you find problems and things to bemoan in every aspect of your life, then you’re just keeping yourself in a negative headspace and losing your spiritual energy in the process. Instead of complaining, ask yourself what can be done about the situation you’re in, then work on that solution.

·         Taking Everything Personally

Not everything that happens in life is out to get you. People have bad days and take it out on others randomly. Bad things happen in the universe, and sometimes your luck isn’t great. Lots of things have nothing to do with you, so why waste your energy focusing on wondering where you went wrong or what you’ve done to “deserve” misfortune?

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3.    Being Disorganized

Some people enjoy having a little clutter in their lives. But a full-blown lack of any positive organization can mess with your spiritual energy and leave you with none leftover to think or perform daily tasks. You can lose positive thinking, gain lethargy, and feel overwhelmed thanks to disorganized living. Here are some signs that your disorganization is getting dangerous for your energy:

·         Your Tasks Aren’t Well-Managed

If you have many things to do and many small daily tasks to juggle, you need to stay organized enough to manage them, their deadlines, and their descriptions. A lack of organization can add a lot of effort and time to what would typically be quicker jobs. Finding organizational methods for your task list can help you accomplish each goal without too much spiritual drain.

·         Your Workspace Is Messy

Some people work well with a bit of mess. But for the most part, the human brain doesn’t do well in cluttered environments. Your eyes will naturally latch onto mess, distracting you from your daily tasks. Finding ways to add a semblance of order to your workspace can be tiring at first, but it will preserve your spiritual energy in the long run.

·         You Tend To Multitask

People often pride themselves on their ability to multitask. However, the reality is that doing so is usually pretty bad for overall productivity. When you multitask, you’re not doing many things at the same time. What you’re doing is swapping between multiple different tasks, which uses up your energy as you try to switch jobs and re-focus every few minutes. It’s best to do things one at a time, then take breaks between each task.

·         You Can Never Find Anything

Organized chaos can be a valid form of living. But if it takes you ages to find things that you have lying around, the chances are that it’s time to improve your organizational system. Use drawers, folders, boxes, labels, and other organization tools to ensure that you can find things quickly, wherever they may be. Spending a lot of time trying to find the things you need can be tiring. Plus, you will waste too much time.

4.    Eating or Drinking Poorly

It’s surprising to think that your spiritual energy can be affected by what you eat or drink, but it makes sense. Your body needs fuel to function, and your energy levels depend on that, too. When you fail to eat and drink properly, you’re depriving your organs, including your brain and mind, of the nutrients they need to function productively. Here are some ways you could be eating or drinking so poorly that it’s making you mindless:

·         Drinking Too Much Caffeine

A lot of people rely on a cup of Joe to start the day with freshness. One cup in the morning is typically fine, but problems begin to arise when you start drinking too much caffeine too late in the day. Research has found that drinking coffee after 2 in the afternoon can affect your sleep cycle, which in turn drains your energy and positive thinking.

·         Skipping Breakfast

Sadly, a lot of young people skip breakfast to hurry along to their jobs. But your body needs breakfast to get itself started and energize itself, especially as it is still trying to run on whatever you had for dinner. You’ll feel sluggish and foggy if you don’t get some nutrients in your body before you kickstart the day, and your energy levels will suffer for it.

·         Not Drinking Sufficient Water

Even a tiny little bit of dehydration can sap away your energy, reducing any positive efforts you may be taking in your everyday life. The average American fails to drink their recommended eight glasses a day, with most winding up with just 50% of that needed amount. When you’re dehydrated, your blood becomes thicker, and your organs start functioning at sub-optimal levels. This is enough to drain your energy and put you in a brain fog.

·         Eating Too Much Junk Food

We all know that junk food is bad for your physical health, but did you know it’s also bad for your spiritual energy? Junk food contains trans fats, sugars, and refined carbohydrates that spike your blood sugar dramatically, causing you to feel more tired. If you’re hungry, try to go for whole grains, proteins, fibers, and healthy fats, and limit your intake of junk food treats.

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Final Thoughts On Some Things That Drain Your Spiritual Energy And Make You Mindless

Spiritual energy is an essential resource. In fact, it is one you must guard closely to maintain your sense of self, personal drive, and mindfulness. Try to avoid performing habits that drain it, especially if those habits have other adverse effects on your wellbeing!