5 Ways To Use Your Subconscious Mind To Overcome Negativity

5 Ways To Use Your Subconscious Mind To Overcome Negativity

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The subconscious mind refers to the parts of the brain that you’re not fully aware of but hold thoughts, feelings, and ideas that influence your conscious mind and subsequent actions. It’s a confusing part of the brain as you may not even realize how much it affects your behavior, and trying to understand it can be a challenging quest.

But when you begin to grasp the subconscious concept, you’ll also be able to use that part of your brain to overcome struggles in your conscious life. After all, if it can affect you negatively, indeed, it can also affect you positively! But how can you use that for good? Here are five ways your subconscious mind can help you overcome negative thoughts.

1.    You Can Teach Your Subconscious Mind Positive Self-Talk

Positive self-talk is a crucial feature in someone with good well-being. When you begin making the voice you use with yourself into a powerfully positive and kind one, your subconscious begins to take on that same voice.


When you have many negative thoughts, you likely also have a negative way of thinking about yourself, and your subconscious picks up on that. It takes notes and remembers those toxic things you feel about your abilities, appearance, and self-worth with every word you say.

This is why teaching positive self-talk to your subconscious mind can be a powerful tool for fighting the negativity of your mind. Fighting these destructive thoughts and filling the gaps with cheer and optimism will teach your brain to rewire how it thinks. Here are some techniques to try out.

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·         Fight Negativity With Positivity

Whenever you think of something negative, counter it with something positive, even if you end up jumping to the other extreme of the spectrum.



For example, if you think, “I’m going to make a fool of myself at this party,” respond with “No! I’m going to make tons of new friends and have a great time!”. Or, if you think, “I’m going to mess up this project and lose my job,” respond with “No! I’m going to do my very best and impress my boss with my achievement!”.

·         Use Real-World Examples

A lot of the time, the negative thoughts you experience are not, in any way, a reflection of reality. You might have the worst ideas about an upcoming event, and then after that, realize it wasn’t so bad, and you’re okay with how it turned out. Collect these examples of times where things went well for you and, the next time you start dealing with negativity, remind yourself of those times. Grounding yourself in a firm, evidenced realism can be a helpful way to combat negativity.


·         “Delete” Negative Thoughts

This does not mean that you should repress negative emotions or thoughts. Instead, it means learning to detect ideas that do not serve you and genuinely are of no help to you. When these types of negative impulsive beliefs begin to plague your mind, imagine yourself pressing a delete button in your head to get rid of it. If you need stronger visualization, you can write down the negative thought, rip it up, and throw it away.

2.    You Can Listen To It And Get In Touch With You

Your subconscious mind’s negativity can be challenging to deal with, but sometimes you can find helpful knowledge within them. Listening to your subconscious doesn’t mean believing everything it says. Instead, it means being a patient observer to the thoughts that float around.

This is a positive way of interacting with your subconscious because it gets you in touch with more profound thoughts, issues, and emotions that may be hiding beneath the surface, out of sight. You’ll learn more about yourself and become stronger for it, and it’s a beautiful way to use your subconscious mind. Here are some ways to do so:

·         Interview Your Subconscious Mind

Negative thoughts have to come from somewhere. Some underlying issues and roots prevent them from being resolved until you dig them out. Take the time to seek these roots by paying close attention to your subconscious and asking what it fears, dislikes, and is trying to protect. The information you gain from such interviews can further learn what steps you can take to overcome underlying issues and problems.

·         Consider Its Wisdom

Is your subconscious resisting you or specific events? Why is it doing so? Sometimes you need to trust that this resistance is trying to tell you something. When you feel that resistance, stop and listen and perform another interview. What is your subconscious telling you?

·         Promise To Do What You Can

Commit to the act of making things work and looking out for your subconscious. Tell your subconscious that you’ve heard its messages and promise to do right by it. You’ve heard its fears and worries, and you are examining their causes and what they say about you. You’ll take it from here, and you will protect your subconscious. This can help your positive thinking by abating the fears of your subconscious, showing it that things are and will be okay.


3.    You Can Give It Things To Desire

This doesn’t mean giving in to impulses or attaching value to random things. Instead, it entails giving your subconscious things to burn for. It will naturally act on the things you desire and can be powered to overcome negativity by gunning for those burning passions.

Think, for example, of athletes and successful individuals. Their burning desire makes them go above and beyond and allows them to feel that any sacrifices they have to make are 100% worth it. Their subconscious selves are already acutely tuned into those fiery passions, making them focus on positive progress instead of hurdles and negativity.

This doesn’t mean you should become obsessed with success, however. It means that you should give your subconscious something to zoom in on to help it overcome negativity. When passion becomes your driving force, you’re more likely to focus on progress than struggles. Here are some ways to cultivate burning desire:

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·         Find Motivation

Motivation doesn’t sustain itself forever, but you can replenish it by finding things that inspire you. For the most part, you’ll have to rely on a commitment to keep moving forward. Still, now and then, you can reignite the fire in your desire by watching motivational videos, reading about inspirational people, and visualizing your future success.


·         Track Progress Closely

When you’re not carefully observing your improvement, it’s easy to overlook it. Most progress consists of tiny little separated “wins,” not substantial apparent changes. But it’s easy to get discouraged if you’re not paying attention to the little ways you’re improving. As you work towards your goals, track every step of your progress as you go, and when you see that you are always getting better – even with dips in the path – your desire will build.

·         Burn Bridges

Burning bridges can force your subconscious to stay on track with your burning desires. What does burning bridges mean in this content? It means cutting off “safety nets.” These safety nets are often counterproductive, as they make you feel like you should hang back until they’re more secure or like you can go anytime. Cut them off, and your subconscious will kick into overdrive because the only way to keep on the journey is to rush forward.

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