Do you ever notice that certain people seem more motivated than others? These highly motivated people are always moving about, pursuing new projects, and doing something exciting or other. It can be tiring to watch them, and yet they seem energetic and happy about their lives!

If you’d like to gain some of this motivation, where can you start? One might suggest that you only need to look to those motivated people themselves. Specifically, please take a look at the things they do when they’re not on the clock. Many people can be motivated in the workplace, But they also continue to grind after special skills and a unique mindset overtake work hours.

It is in the free time of a motivated person that you’ll see how they keep themselves going. Their leisure activities are often chosen with purpose, so they still feel productive even when they’re getting some much-deserved and much-needed rest. Here are six hobbies of highly motivated people you can adopt today.

1.    Writing

highly motivated people
Writing is a powerful tool and a very versatile hobby. Highly motivated individuals often take to some form of writing in their free time. This can be anything from writing poems, songs, or stories to writing in a simple journal. Blogs, social media posts, and non-fiction works are all also great options for highly motivated people.

Why do so many great people write? Well, as it turns out, writing has an endless number of benefits. As an outlet for all kinds of self-expression, it’s a safe space for anyone to let go of their most complex thoughts and feelings without judgment. It’s such a vital tool that studies have found it can even accelerate physical healing! Here are some of the mental health results of writing:

  • Better sleep
  • Boosted memory
  • Improved focus
  • Lower stress levels
  • Improved emotional regulation
  • Better gratitude
  • Faster trauma processing
  • Better resilience
  • Improved decision-making

2.    Exercising

Exercise is good for the mind and body. It’s absolutely crucial for long-term health. This is why highly motivated people make sure to exercise. They want to live long, healthy lives and incorporate physical activity into their schedules to make that happen. Here are some excellent forms of exercise that highly motivated people use as their hobbies:

·         Running

You probably already know a few motivated people who run. It seems like a go-to for all those go-getters, you know! This affinity is likely because it’s a very productive hobby that improves fitness, breaks mental and physical barriers, and proves that you can push yourself to new limits. It’s no wonder that highly motivated people enjoy a good run!

·         Hiking

Hiking is a relatively common form of exercise that is easy to get into. Any weekend can involve this form of more strenuous exercise, thanks to the abundance of scattered parks throughout the nation. Hiking is also great for your body and mind, boosting fitness while giving you the time and space to clear your head of worries and stress. Highly motivated people may also enjoy the sense of accomplishment that comes from physically reaching new heights!

·         Swimming

Swimming is a very relaxing hobby, and it’s fantastic for burning fat, building stamina, and strengthening the lungs and muscles. It’s also a go-to for the highly motivated because it helps burn off stress and anxiety. Tension is quickly released in the lovely, cool water, allowing you to be more productive and less stressed out when it’s time to leave the pool. It’s a terrific way to clear your mind and gain some energy back!

·         Yoga

You might roll your eyes when yet another person recommends yoga to you, but there’s a reason it’s so popular! It lets you get in touch with your body as you build strength, flexibility, and stress resilience. All the positive thinking that comes from this relaxing but challenging form of exercise may be way highly motivated individuals often swear by it.

·         Bodybuilding

It’s odd to think of bodybuilding as a go-to exercise for anyone other than complete gym rats. It’s not very mainstream as far as hobbies go, but it’s a rewarding exercise that’s fantastic for motivation. Highly motivated people love the ability to focus on building their strength in different muscle groups. They can see and feel the improvements over time, which adds to their motivation. You can then use these lessons for the rest of your life – what other specific groups or areas can you improve on?

3.    Solving Puzzles

Sharpening one’s mind is a great way to spend free time, and highly motivated people know this. Just because you’re done with school doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t give your brain a workout now and then, and doing puzzles can improve positive thinking, cognitive ability, and self-confidence.

Highly motivated people like working out their minds, keeping them sharp and ready to learn and grow. They consider this an acceptable form of fun practice for the further sharpening of their skills. They may:

  • Do number puzzles
  • Solve crosswords
  • Play puzzle-based video games
  • Read and solve riddles.

These puzzles challenge highly motivated individuals’ intellects, pushing them to do better and better and building their minds for other forms of non-hobby efficiency.

Gardening can improve your health in these seven ways.

4.    Dancing

Dancing is technically a form of exercise, but it’s not often considered so, and its benefits deserve their category. It’s easy to do, requires little to no equipment, and can be done anywhere, anytime, for any reason. Research has also found that it’s a great way to boost cognitive function and prevent cognitive decline.

Highly motivated individuals love to dance because it’s a form of physical self-expression that doesn’t strain the body. It’s an excellent way to do an unwinding hobby while still moving around, and it’s also easy to do with friends and loved ones since there are no real rules to it!

You can take a dance class if you like, but even highly motivated people see the value in turning on some music and scooting away for fun. If you’re too shy to do this in public spaces, you can dance in your own home. Don’t worry about looking silly; that’s part of the fun! You’ll enjoy many benefits to your cardiovascular system, balance, stamina, muscles, and bones, which all enjoy positive effects when you dance often.

5.    Making Art and Creating Crafts

Working with your hands means building something out of almost nothing. Highly motivated people love doing things like this because it’s a tangible symbol of hard work and effort. It also allows them to stay active and productive while taking breaks, which many motivated individuals consider a win. Here are some examples of arts and crafts hobbies to try:

·         Painting

Not many people view painting as inherently productive, but highly motivated people often see its value. You get to express your creativity with a range of different mediums, finding different visual perspectives that may open up your mind slightly. Painting has the uncanny ability to help you tap into your innermost thoughts, and you may even find some parts of you that you didn’t realize existed – or maybe it’ll make you more productive when it’s time to get back to work!

·         Knitting

Knitting gets a negative reputation as a grandmother’s hobby, but it’s a great way to fill time in general – and highly motivated people know this! It’s not just enjoyable and fun, but it’s also a way to create something with materials and effort tangibly. These creations can be given to others or even used as practical items in your own home. There’s something innately satisfying about creating something so meaningful and productive as a hobby!

·         Sculpting

It’s not exactly a usual hobby, but it’s a productive one. From something as simple as clay (or another similar medium), you can create forms, shapes, and all sorts of magical things. Bit by bit, tiny little steps help shape something from a lump of nothing to something potentially intricate and beautiful. It’s a bit symbolic, but highly motivated people enjoy this tangible product of effort and small, careful movements. There are many lessons to be learned from sculpting!

·         Woodworking

Certainly more of a niche hobby, woodworking is another way a highly motivated person may choose to fill their time. The hobby is great for those who like to work with their hands, but primarily, it’s great for people who want to be productive, even when they’re having fun. You get to make furniture and other practical items when you create woodwork, and the accomplishment is excellent for your self-esteem. The hard work and effort that goes into turning slabs of wood into something useful is the kind of thing that is up a motivated person’s alley!

6.    Gardening

Gardening is a surprisingly strenuous activity. You do a lot of moving around in the heat, you have to look after a wide range of potentially temperamental plants carefully, and you get to see the natural fruits of your labor spring forth with patience.

Highly motivated people love hobbies that allow them to see the results of their efforts, as you’ve probably noticed. Gardening is one of the best ways to do it! You gain strength in your muscles, get better stamina, and can even engage in the form of aerobic exercise while you garden, often without noticing it. This is a double benefit for the highly motivated – the gardening itself is productive, but the extra activity means they’re working on themselves, too.

Studies have also found that it has positive effects on physical health, which is a definite bonus! This is primarily because gardening occurs outdoors, and being in nature under the sun can energize you significantly. No one highly motivated people love gardening!

highly motivated people
Final Thoughts On Some Hobbies Of Highly Motivated People You Can Adopt Today

A highly motivated person is very good at keeping themselves inspired, disciplined, and optimistic. Their positive thinking and constant drive mean that they don’t feel the need to slow down, and when they do, even their breaks seem productive and meaningful. They’ve built a series of powerful, useful traits that make them inherently productive and driven. Start adopting some of their hobbies, and you may see how these traits come into play – and you’ll even build them yourself!