Being spiritually awake can be a couple of different things. It is sometimes referred to as spiritual wakefulness or enlightenment, as well. The first clue that you might be spiritually awake is that things seem different in the world around you.

There are other signs of spiritual wakefulness, too, though. Enlightenment isn’t something that happens overnight, but it defines the beginning of your spiritual path. The process is different for everyone, but many of the signs are often the same.

Spiritual awakening is a powerful experience that means you are becoming aware of the universe and its connection to life. This experience can mean different things for everyone, so it is hard to define. You can only look for the signs of a spiritual awakening in yourself to decide if you are experiencing it.

There are many signs, and you likely won’t experience all of them. Even experiencing a few of the signs might mean you are spiritually awake. Reflect on your life and thoughts as you read through these signs to watch for recognition.

Fifteen Signs You Might Be Spiritually Awake

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1 – You are Empathetic and Experience Increased Intuition

With empathy and increased intuition, you will pay attention to the feelings or intentions of others. You will assess every action or comment to look for the true meaning behind it.

Your intuition allows you to sense the energy and emotions of others easily, so you quickly connect on a deeper level. Every person has energy, and if you can pick up on it right away, you might be spiritually awake.

2 – You Notice Your Patterns

When you are enlightened, you don’t go through life on autopilot. You notice your patterns, the person you are, the things you want, and why you are here. Noticing the way that you do things and questioning things about yourself are good indicators.

When you notice these patterns, you begin to grow and improve as a person. You become more aware of yourself, your actions, and the consequences of your actions. Plus, you will begin to question the reason that you do certain things.

3 – You are Drawn to Nature

You might be spiritually awake if you get distracted by nature whenever you’re outside. Even on busy days, you take the time to look around and bask in the beauty of nature. Flowers, birds, the sky, or a beautiful sunset always make you pause and embrace the sensation.

4 – You Feel a Sense of Connection

If you are positively interested in your community and spend time volunteering or helping others, you might be enlightened. Rather than judge people that you don’t understand, you ask questions to gain insight and develop a connection there, too. You won’t only feel connected to other humans, either, as you will become more aware of other living things, too.

Additionally, you will feel a sense of connection to the planet. You will begin to think about how littering and waste affect the earth and consider the things you can do about it. Beneficial changes will likely take place in this regard, too.

5 – You Aren’t Interested in Negative Behavior

When other people are being negative by gossiping, being petty, or judging others, you tend to walk away. You aren’t interested in this type of behavior because you know the essential things in life. Negativity has no place in your life, so you don’t indulge in negative people.

6 – You Let Go of Attachment

People tend to define themselves by the things they are attached to. These attachments can include cars, shoes, food, friends or loved ones, political views, books, money, and many other things. If you begin to let go of these attachments, you might be experiencing an awakening.

7 – You Desire a United Community

Arguments that result in choosing between two people will drain you. These arguments don’t drain you because you don’t have an opinion but because you desire a united community. You want everyone to get along and be accepting of one other.

The fact that the community always seems to be divided about something will be frustrating to you. You feel that coming together should be easy, and sometimes you don’t understand why it is still a problem.

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8 – You Feel Like Life is Sacred

If you think all life is sacred, even that of small bugs, you might be spiritually awake. You won’t kill bugs, and you will urge those around you not to kill them, either. If you must catch a bug in your home, you try to find a way to release it outside.

9 – You Feel Renewed

Spiritual awakening is refreshing, and it will leave you feeling renewed as you begin your journey. Old memories that bothered you in the past now serve as experiences and gifts without triggering negative emotions. You will also realize that you can change your thoughts about your past to create a different life experience.

10 – You Live in the Moment

People that live in the moment tend to be more spiritually awake than others. You don’t question how or why things could have happened. Instead, you focus on your life right now and how to work with what you have.

Living in the moment means you have fewer regrets because you aren’t constantly thinking of your past. When you aren’t wondering about things that didn’t happen, you begin to embrace the way things turned out. If you are like this right now, then you are likely spiritually awake.

11 – You Experience Inner Peace

Time alone doesn’t usually bother you because you feel at peace with yourself. You might tune out of social media for a while or even turn your phone off entirely.

When things go wrong in your life, you won’t be an emotional mess. You will accept the situation as it happens, navigating it peacefully.

12 – You Experience Compassion and Positivity

If you are awakened, you will experience more compassion, including self-compassion. You will want good things for those around you, even if you aren’t close to them. Plus, you will be kinder to both yourself and others.

You tend to be happy for people when they succeed, even if you were competing against them. Positivity will come easier to you after a bad experience, too.

13 – You Are Authentic

If you need less attention than others, it means that you are authentically confident and value your self-worth. You don’t need reassurance from others because you are comfortable with who you are. Along with this, you might notice that you prefer to watch and help others rather than be the main focus.

You won’t feel the need to be in control, and you will feel less pressure to conform. All of these benefits come from being satisfied with yourself, which only happens when you are authentic. You stay true to yourself, which is one of the things that make you so great.

Another characteristic of being authentic is not looking to please others. You understand that you can only change your feelings, not those of others. Because of this, you take care of yourself and focus on your needs and desires.

14 – You Aren’t Afraid of Death

Death is inevitable at some point in life, and if you aren’t afraid of it, you might be enlightened. The lack of fear might stem from your ability to let go of attachment. Plus, focusing on the present makes the end seem less devastating.

15 – You are Flourishing

Becoming awakened brings along an increased sense of well-being. Your mind will connect to your body better, and you will be happier and healthier. All parts of your life will get better, including your emotions, relationships, accomplishments, income, health, and opportunities.

Plus, your life will take on a new meaning. You will focus on the important things in life instead, helping you grow and move forward positively.

Ten Things That Will Help with Your Spiritual Awakening

If you have experienced any of the indications of being spiritually awake, you can help deepen that enlightenment. To get the full benefits of an awakening, try the following:

  1. meditation
  2. laughing
  3. dancing
  4. spending time outside
  5. being involved in your community
  6. volunteering
  7. slowing down and embracing the world around you
  8. practicing gratitude
  9. getting to know yourself on a deeper level
  10. accepting things as they are and recognizing that there is a reason for it

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Final Thoughts on Recognizing Whether or Not You Are Spiritually Awake

If you think you might be spiritually awake and recognize some of these things in yourself, then you are likely correct. Spiritual awakening is different for everyone, so remember that you probably won’t experience all of the indicators.

As you begin your path of enlightenment, you will get to know yourself in a way you never did before. The world around you will seem to change, too, as you begin engaging on a deeper level. You will see things and people for what they truly are, rather than what they are trying to present.

Understanding that life works out the way it is supposed to be is a big part of awakening. You will begin to accept things as they are and stop looking back with regret. Overall, you will become happier and begin to flourish thanks to spiritual awakening.