20 Negative Habits That Unmask a Self Centered Person

20 Negative Habits That Unmask a Self Centered Person

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Have you ever dated a self centered person? Maybe someone has accused you of being a bit selfish or egotistical. Everyone has character flaws and things they need to work on. However, the self centered person takes things to the extreme, and they only care about themselves.

It’s difficult, if not impossible, to have a relationship with someone who believes that the air they breathe is sublime. They feel they’re a special breed that people should bow down to. If you’re on the dating scene, you must know the habits and characteristics of a narcissistic personality, so you know who to avoid.

Negative Habits of Self Centered Person

The selfish person has typical habits that are standard across the board. When you learn these habits, you can protect yourself. See these behaviors as red flags and avoid this person at any cost.

self centered1. They Focus on Superficial Qualities Rather Than Character

They choose people to be in the inner circle that can complement them. For instance, if you have a menial job, they will likely not choose you for a friend. Rather, they’re looking for people in high places that can further their agenda in life.

2. They Have Very Strong Opinions

This person is the one at the gathering that has extreme opinions about anything and everything. Additionally, their argument is always what matters most. They won’t entertain or even listen to other views on religion, politics, or how to make the best pot of chili.

3. They Don’t Want to Talk About Things That Interest You

Your interest is of little concern to them. The self centered person only wants to talk about topics that appease them. The conversations with this person can be quite dull, especially if you don’t have things in common.

4. The Only Friendships They Have Are Abusive

They only look for friendships and relationships to further their agenda, so they are often abusive to their inner circle. They’re demanding, will try to dictate your schedule, and become verbally abusive when you don’t bow down to their requests.

5. Their Needs Comes Above Others in The Relationship

Don’t ever try to trump your needs over theirs. Their needs and wants always must take top priority in the relationship. Who cares if you need to see an ailing parent in another state, as their plans for a social gathering is more important? It’s all about them and what makes them happy.

6. Their Insecurities and Vulnerabilities Are Kept Hidden

At the crux of the self centered and egotistical person is someone full of insecurities and vulnerabilities. Of course, they probably won’t want to share these dark points of their life with you, but these events can certainly put a damper on your relationship.

7. They Expect Others to Drop Everything to Cater to Them

If they have a crisis, you should drop everything to come to help them out. It can be the smallest of issues, like someone opened their car door and dented their new truck. However, if you don’t come to their beck and call, then you will no doubt experience their wrath.

8. They Like to Accuse Others or Play the Blame Game

Due to their insecurities, they will never take the blame for something they’ve done. Even if they’re in the wrong, they will do everything in their power to turn the responsibility back on you. Gaslighting is a relatively new topic that comes from an old problem.

According to Psychology Today, gaslighting is a form of manipulation and psychological control used by the selfish. If they’re having an affair, they won’t hesitate to point the finger at you and accuse you of what they’re doing.

9. They Often Embellish Their Accomplishments to Make Themselves Seem Superior

Some call it lying, and others call it stretching the truth. However, the self centered person will often embellish their accomplishments to make themselves appear superior to others. They may name drop and give themselves a few titles that they haven’t earned.

When it comes to relationships with this person, you need to be ready to do your homework. They tend to tell many white lies.

10. They Show Little to No Empathy for Others

They don’t care if your mother just died or if you broke your foot; nothing could be as important to them as themselves. They may not even tell you they’re sorry you’re hurting. Don’t expect them to help you out if you’re in a tough spot either, as they’re far too busy to help anyone.

narcissists11. They Think They’re Better Than Everyone Else

Yes, the narcissistic person thinks that the air they breathe is a bit sweeter than yours. They can clean way better, and they drive a superior automobile too. They don’t think you do anything right, and they might be eager to point that out to you.

12. They Love to Talk About Themselves and To Dominate Conversations

There’s nothing that the egotistical person loves more to talk about them themselves. Be prepared to hear long stories about all their hopes and dreams. In these conversations, you won’t find anything negative about their lives, and they won’t dare share what happened in their past that has made them the way they are today.

13. They Make A lot of Rules in Their Friendships/Relationships

Their friends or lovers must follow a large set of rules. These rules are there to protect them from being hurt. So, if you step out of line, be prepared to face their wrath. Remember, they made these rules or boundaries because they’ve been hurt in the past, and they are safeguarding themselves from future damage.

14. They Don’t Care About Your Day or Your Life

Most people in a friendship or a relationship want to talk about their day with one another. Well, the narcissistic person wants to talk about their day, but don’t expect them to give you the chance to speak. They only care about the things that are going on in their life, and your happenings are of little interest.

15. They Interrupt Others When They’re Speaking

One of the most annoying habits of the self centered person is that they tend to interrupt other people speaking. The reason for this is that they’re not interested in what that person has to say, and they don’t want to wait until the story is over to talk about themselves. It’s hard to have any conversation with them as they tend to be blatantly rude when you’re trying to speak.

16. They Believe the World Owes Them

Have you ever seen someone who had a chip on their shoulder and dared someone to knock it off? Well, the selfish person kind of walks around like everyone owes them something.

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