Long-distance relationships have come a long way since the first handwritten letter. We live in an age where texting and instant messaging is the order of the day. With technology, the cost of interacting with a partner you have not seen for eons and who is miles away has become almost negligible.

Further, instead of waiting an entire day for a loved one to get to their computer and reply to emails, modern technology accords us a way to get instantaneous replies. For this reason, more people are increasingly willing to get into long-distance relationships, and Google search trends can attest to this fact. A quick review of Google trends reveals that “How to make long-distance relationships work” was the most asked question in the relationships category.

Technology has been instrumental in giving people more opportunities to share intimate moments with one another despite their geographical separation, allowing long-distance relationships to thrive. However, maintaining a long-distance relationship requires a little more effort, above and beyond that of a conventional relationship. Various complications could arise, such as loneliness and sadness. Therefore, to ensure that such relationships maintain a high degree of excitement, passion, and freshness, we discuss ten relationship goal tips every long-distance couple should seek to fulfill.

Here are 10 relationship goals every long distance couple should have:

relationship goals

Commitment Driven by Hope

Believing that the relationship can work continually renews the impetus that drives a couple to fulfill their relationship goals. Suppose any of the partners begin to lose faith. In that case, it adversely affects how much they are willing to contribute to the relationship and often leads to disharmony. It not only helps to deliberate on the various expectations each partner has, but it is also vital to maintain the faith in love.

Synchronize Your Schedules

While some people avoid the concept of deliberate planning in favor of spontaneity in relationships, a long-distance relationship is not accorded such luxury. Long-distance couples must contend with different time zones, work schedules, and sleep preferences. Thus, one of the partners is expected to be available when the other is not. Subsequently, the different schedules strain the relationship even further. One of the primary relationship goals for any long-distance couple should be to reserve time each day when both partners can engage in video chat or a long phone call.

Be Straightforward

Getting into a long-distance relationship comes with an understandably high suspicion of infidelity. Managing such risks requires a high level of trust between partners. Therefore, it is imperative to consciously avoid suspicious behavior that might set off your partner on a road of mistrust. For example, always be straightforward about new friends instead of your partner finding out through social media or friends.

Be Predictable

You want to be predictable concerning how you behave, communicate, or respond to communication. If you always respond to messages, then continue to do so. If you return calls or messages within at least two hours, then do so or explain why you could not get to the phone. Reassurance is the aim of the game. Set up periodic reviews of your relationship goals to ensure that your significant other has not developed any doubts.

The Value of “Silly” Talk

Small and dull aspects of how each person’s day went might seem pointless but are nevertheless necessary for establishing a predictable daily rhythm in your partner’s eyes. The desire to discuss solely “important” things can diminish the organic intimacy developed by bonding over small victories and failures in each partner’s daily life. Therefore, you ought to laugh at the small things and bond over seemingly “silly” stuff, too, not only on the serious stuff. Being goofy and having fun with each other online is one of the best relationship goals.

Honesty Above all Else

It is important to avoid hiding things from your partner. Secrets tend to go out of control and can cause irreparable harm if they come out in the open. A partner might start to ponder the other possible secrets one has and thus create doubt and mistrust about many other trivial issues.

The Virtual Date Night

Even though having online dates via video call might initially feel new, it is one of the primary ways for a couple to keep in touch and maintain intimacy. Video calls can be used as an opportunity for couples to dress up, cook each other’s favorite dishes, and engage in the intimate talk just like they would on a typical physical date night.

The Physical Visit

The ultimate highlight of any long-distance relationship is planning a physical visit. Being with one another, albeit for short periods, can rejuvenate the intimate connections such couples have. Unlike other couples, long-distance couples should make physical visits count. In such visits, the focus should be on intimacy, renewing their bond, and reflecting on relationship goals and achievements.

relationship goals

Keep In Touch

Real-time messaging is now a thing, and the beautiful thing about it is that it is easily accessible, convenient, and everywhere. Such forms of messaging provide a more natural communication than a long, boring email at the end of the day. Real-time communication engenders a sense of excitement, even of the recipient is far away. It makes the other partner feel like they are part of the action. Instant messaging apps also have myriad features to facilitate interaction without even saying a word. Emojis, stickers, gifs, or live pictures might be the perfect way to express emotion and offer a fun alternative to words.

It’s not all Fun and Games; Think Long Term

One of the most prominent relationship goal tips many couples should utilize is having a clear endgame. Couples should consider the distance as temporary and set a definite timeline for how long it will last. After that time elapses, couples should review and take another step toward cementing the terms of the relationship.

Final Thoughts on How Relationship Goal Setting Assists Long Distance Couples

In conclusion, long-distance relationships do not have to be doomed to fail. A couple can survive physical separation and strengthen their relationship with the relationship goal tips discussed here. Setting relationship goals early and having faith that the other person still loves you is vital.