These Illustrations Perfectly Capture Long Distance Relationships

These Illustrations Perfectly Capture Long Distance Relationships

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With more people meeting each other online nowadays, long distance relationships have become much more common. According to The Center for the Study of Long Distance Relationships, 14-15 million people in the U.S. consider themselves in a long distance relationship. Relationships already come with challenges, but long distance relationships have the added obstacle of living hundreds, sometimes thousands, of miles apart. However, distance truly doesn’t matter when you meet your soulmate.

People all across the globe find love online, and despite the distance, no ocean or continent can stop two people who truly love and care for one another. If your guy or gal happens to live far away, you will definitely relate to the following images about long distance relationships.

These Illustrations Perfectly Capture Long Distance Relationships

1. Thinking about him or her all the time


2. Celebrating special events together, but apart


3. Going to bed while your guy or gal is just waking up


4. Dealing with technical difficulties


5. But you’ll happily deal because talking to them makes you so happy


6. The most random things remind you of him or her


7. Saving up for months to be able to see them


8. Getting so excited when you can finally meet them


9. Counting the days until you leave to meet your love


10. And finally, the long-awaited day is here at last!


11. The first time you see their face and get to hug/kiss them is totally magical!


12. You have the time of your life together and enjoy every moment


13. It feels like you’ve known them forever


14. You wish time would stand still so you wouldn’t have to leave them


15. But you know that goodbye isn’t forever


16. You both can’t wait to see each other again


We hope you enjoyed these illustrations! If you or someone you know is in a long distance relationship, please share with them!

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