Maybe you’re one of those people rolling their eyes after reading this article’s title!  Well, we do know how many a selfless partners love to comfort their man. The purpose of this piece is to do so through a few spoken words.

Here are ten things every man loves to hear:

“Behind every great man is a woman rolling her eyes.” – Jim Carrey

We don’t exactly know what Mr. Ventura thought when he said this, but the pet detective has been fortunate enough to have some good partners in his life…and many probably were up in arms about his antics. (Can you imagine living with Jim Carrey?)

1. “I love you!”

Even the toughest man will melt a bit when his partner professes their love for him. We love hearing that you love us. Also, we like hugs, kisses and cuddling too. Even a nicely-worded email or text message will work.

2. “I appreciate what you do.”

Men need to feel like we are good providers for the people we love. If we believe anything less, we don’t perceive ourselves as the man we should be. As such, when we’re told that you’re thankful for our hard work, effort, and for providing, it means a tremendous deal to us.

3. “You’re the best (dad/husband/boyfriend/etc.)!”

As a man fortunate enough to have a woman who frequently verbalizes her fondness, this writer can attest to this statement’s power. It’s less of an ego-boost as it is a verbalization of respect. It’s a testament to both our efforts and our priorities – which are the woman and her well-being.

4. “I appreciate you as a man!”

As stated, men need to feel like men. For this writer, this need has nothing to do with bravado. It has everything to do with knowing that our partner appreciates something about our character (honesty, integrity, selflessness, etc.) or something else.

loved -man

5. “I respect you!”

As men age, we have less of a need to be recognized for selfish reasons (or we should!) This feeling is replaced by the need to feel respected out of love. We love feeling admired and respected from the people who love and care about us!

6. “Let’s do what you want to do! / Go do what you want to do!”

Here is when we forget our age and hop into the car like a kid going to get ice cream. If we’re told this from our partner, odds are we’ll take full advantage of it. Unless, of course, we’d rather just kick our feet up or take a nap. These are viable options as well. Oh, heading off to the living room and firing up the video game console is also an option.

7. “You look great!”

This one’s a no-brainer, right? After spending a significant amount in a relationship, we still love hearing that our partner finds us attractive. This is particularly the case if we’ve been putting in some time at the gym. Your compliments serve as a reward for our hard work and as motivation to keep going.

8. “I’m listening.”

Men and women communicate very differently. For example, in an argument, a woman is usually more willing to sit down and have a dialogue. The man often feels an inclination to seek solitude to think things over or distract himself. We do love hearing “I’m listening” or “I’m ready to listen when you’re ready to talk” in any case.

9. “Thank you.”

Similar to women, men appreciate recognition for efforts small and little. “Thank you” is a straightforward yet powerful phrase that shows us your appreciation for what we do. (Here’s a tip, ladies: if you say “Thank you” on a regular basis for something we do, we’re much more likely to do it again.)

10. “I trust you.”

There are fewer things more sacred than trusting someone with your life. When you’re in a relationship, this is an essential truth. Here’s a bit of advice from Georgianna Donadio, Ph.D., “The best time to share your feelings (is) just before or during close intimacy. At that time, levels of oxytocin, a hormone that enhances feelings of trust, love and intimacy, are elevated, making it the best moment to love talk with your partner.”

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