Being cheated on is tough. Cheating is one of the top reasons that relationships end. It is a betrayal and can be extremely hard to get past (but not impossible). It can also be hard to repair the feelings of the person who is being cheated on. Finding out a partner has been unfaithful comes as a shock that many people aren’t prepared for and their emotions can run wild.

Dealing with these emotions all at once can be very hard to handle, but sometimes our partners unknowingly give us subtle signs in advance that they are stepping out on the relationship. If you can learn to recognize these signs, it can help you to process the feelings more effectively rather than all at once.

Below are ten not-so-obvious signs you are being cheated on:

1. Your partner is being more secretive than usual.

Maybe your partner is planning a surprise party in your honor, but intuition will prevail in a situation like this. If your partner is suddenly hiding their phone, deleting messages, or not being honest about where they’ve been, this is a good sign that you are being cheated on.

2. Your partner doesn’t argue with you anymore.

It’s nice to think that your partner is suddenly always on your side, but if you’re usually involved in a normal level of relationship “tiffs”, this would be rare. They may have stopped arguing with you because they have another relationship they are committing themselves to.

3. Your partner doesn’t say “I love you” anymore.

It’s possible that they may just be forgetting to say it, but probably not. If your partner is suddenly not saying those three magic words anymore, it can be a sign that the flames are dying out of the relationship and also that there may be someone else.

4. Your partner has unexplained absences.

If cheating is going on, your partner may start coming home from work late, going in early, or going in on days off. They may tell you they will be in one place, but are actually somewhere else. This is one of the signs you are being cheated on.

5. Your partner begins dressing nicer or wearing nicer perfume/cologne.

This is especially true if your partner doesn’t usually do these things for you. They may be trying to impress someone else who has caught their eye. Unless there is a good reason for the change in style, this is a good indicator you are being cheated on.

6. Everything you do seems to annoy your partner.

One of the signs that you are being cheated on is that suddenly you and your partner just can’t seem to get along. It may seem that everything you do gets on their nerves and you feel like you are walking on eggshells around them.

7. Your partner’s usually predictable behavior suddenly changes.
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If your partner is the type of person that does everything the same way all the time, or has a certain routine and then they suddenly change up out of nowhere, this is one of the signs that you are being cheated on. Maybe they are suddenly listening to new music, getting coffee from a new place, or anything else out of the ordinary. It may be nothing or it could be a new person in their life.


8. Your partner suddenly has new “gifts” that they wouldn’t usually buy for themselves.

Your husband suddenly has new cuff links. Or your wife is suddenly wearing a new charm bracelet. This isn’t so bad, but what is suspicious is that they didn’t tell you about it. You may have stumbled across it in some random sock drawer as if they were hiding it. This can be a sign that your partner is cheating.

9. Your partner starts criticizing everything about you and/or starts putting you down.

They used to be the most supportive person in the world, but now they think that you are a failure at everything. You can’t seem to do anything right in their eyes. Even the most well-thought out intentions seem to displease them. If this happens, there is a possibility that your partner is cheating on you.

10. Your partner suddenly starts talking differently.

This can happen if your partner has new friends, new co-workers, or new clients that they spend time with. However, if they don’t have any new people in their life (that you know of), they are spending time with someone who is influencing their lingo. This is a good sign that your partner is cheating.

Pay Attention to the Signs

Signs that your partner is cheating isn’t always as obvious as finding lipstick on their collar. Some people get good at hiding their infidelity. Despite this, there are usually inconspicuous clues that your partner is cheating, like the clues provided above. Use these to figure out what’s going in in your relationship and to prepare yourself before the cheating gets dropped on you like a bomb.

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