Whether or not you believe in soul mates, you have to admit that a long-lasting relationship is something everyone dreams of. In fact, in today’s busy world of dating apps and flirting culture, it’s so hard to find a partner who is in it for the long run. But believe it or not they do exist – and you may have just found your soul mate. It’s not about what stage you’re at in your relationship, or whether you’re married or just living together. There are partners who will be committed to you forever.

These special loved ones never make you second-guess their intentions, nor do they feel the need for your constant reassurance. They’re just there, and their comforting presence brightens up your every day. Is your partner really your soul mate? Will they stay with you forever? Here are some signs that can assure you to believe the answer is a definite, resounding “yes”.

Here Are 5 Signs Your Soul Mate Will Never Leave You

“I believe everyone has a soul mate [and] that they can spend the rest of their life together.” – Ryan Lochte

1. They don’t shy away from confrontation.

Maybe having confrontations in the first place sounds counterintuitive to a good relationship; however, you want to hold on to a partner who is comfortable with finding the best resolution to your fights. It’s never pleasant when you’re actually having the fight; however, it’s all about how you recover from a disagreement that speaks volumes.

A true soul mate won’t hold grudges, nor will they hold anything you’ve said in anger against you in the future. They’ll try to talk through your concerns and theirs, and they won’t give up on trying to find a resolution that works for everyone. They’re dedicated to making things better and to keeping you around – and that should be your number one sign that they’re in it for the long run. If someone tries to run away at the first sign of difficulty, you’re probably better off letting them go, because they won’t last long with you anyway.

2. They make your problems their own and help you solve them.

Are you having problems at work? With your friends? With your mother? Even if you try and get through them on your own, a good partner will see those problems as their own as well. They will support you and offer you to help in any way they can. Even if they can’t help, they’ll do everything they can to be there for you. True soul mates share every part of their lives, not just the nice parts. If they’re your soul mate, they’ll help you stay positive through the hard times and encourage you to engage in positive thinking as much as you can. They’ll also live out your grief and help you through it so that you both emerge stronger.

3. They’re happy at your success.

Being a true soul mate isn’t just about being there for the hard times – it’s about reveling in the happy moments too and partaking in the joy with you. A devoted partner won’t allow jealousy to stand in the way of their happiness for you. If you get a promotion, or get really good news, or even win the lottery – a true loved one will be overjoyed for you, as if those things were happening to themselves. Many times, we’re envious of the successes of others. However, when it comes to soul mates, they accept that your success is a shared one – and they’re nothing but happy for you.

4. They don’t try to run away from home, or from you.

It’s a bit hard when you live together with someone and you feel like you’re joined at the hip. Many couples can develop cabin fever very easily, which could be a sign that they weren’t meant to be. Your soul mate will be happy to spend time with you and won’t feel forced to do so. Of course, we’re not talking about them being overbearing – that would just be frustrating. But if they’re the kind of person you can talk to from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to bed and not get bored, then hold on to them. Those are a rare breed. Such open communication is a sign of true affection, devotion, and commitment to spending a lifetime together.

5. They understand sacrifice and compromise perfectly.

A soul mate will always put you first, even before themselves. They will know what you need, and they will go to the ends of the earth to provide it. Your dreams will be their dreams; your aspirations will be theirs. If you find someone who’s ready to walk every step of the long path of life with you, that’s a sure sign they’re ready for strong, consistent commitment. They aren’t going to skip out on anything that makes you happy just to satisfy one of their own needs.


Final thoughts

All the above are sure signs that you’ve found the elusive “one.” At the same time, love and commitment aren’t a one-sided process. You can’t expect to thrive on the other person’s affection and not give any back. A positive, healthy relationship requires just as much of you as it does of the other person. Give as much as you take, love as much as you are loved, and treat the other the same way you want to be treated. That way you’re showing that you are also ready for a committed, serious relationship. You are indicating that this person is your soul mate. They will be looking for those same signs in you, so don’t disappoint them or let them get away.