After a breakup, you might want to text your ex, but you should refrain. It is never a good idea, even if it seems innocent enough. Instead, focus on healing and moving forward to get through it.

Texting your ex can slow the healing process and even set it in reverse. Whether you broke up with them or were the one broken up with them, you should avoid sending that text.

If you find that you want to text your ex, there are many excellent reasons not to. It won’t benefit you and could interfere with your well-being and sense of self-worth. When you feel tempted, read these reasons not to text them, and you will feel better.

Thirteen Reasons Never to Text Your Ex

Breakups hurt. You only drag out the pain when you text your ex.

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1. You Will Have a Hard Time Finding Closure and Getting Over Them

If you text your ex, even if you say it’s to get closure, you will prevent yourself from moving forward. Sometimes, it is best to let things be and never speak the final words you wanted to. Each time you reach out to or text them back, you slow the process down.

Stop torturing yourself this way, and give yourself a chance to get over your ex. If you want to heal from your emotional pain, you must resist the temptation to text your ex.

2. You Lose Your Sense of Self-Worth and Devalue Yourself

No one is perfect, but imperfections don’t mean you aren’t worthy or valuable. You are good enough the way you are right now, and anyone would be lucky to have you. When you send a text message to your ex, you risk losing your self-worth and devaluing yourself.

Not only do you devalue yourself in your own eyes, but you devalue yourself in your ex’s eyes, too. If they think you are always thinking of them, they won’t see you as the valuable person that you are. So, even if you are thinking of them, they will value you more if you don’t text them.

3. Your Ex Won’t Be as Attracted to You

While your appearance may not have changed, texting your ex can make you seem less appealing. If they don’t want to talk to you, they will become annoyed, angry, or think you are desperate.

When this happens, they will begin to find you less attractive than they used to. The decreased attraction is often due to psychological reasons, and the more you reach out, the worse it becomes.

4. If They Want to Talk, They Will Let You Know

If you are tempted to text your ex, remind yourself that they could contact you if they wanted to talk. You are worthy of someone who wants to talk and who reaches out to you, too. Don’t waste your time or thoughts on someone who isn’t making you a priority.

5. You Will Feed Their Ego and Give Them Unrequited Satisfaction

Without communication, your ex will have no idea if you are over them or not. When you reach out to your ex, they will know you aren’t over it, which will feed their ego. Plus, it makes your ex feel like they have the upper hand in the situation.

Even if you don’t want them back, reaching out to them will make them think you do. If you are the one who ended the relationship, your ex might think you regret your decision. On the other hand, if you were dumped, they will think you are pining over them.

Another thing to consider is that they might think they are the best you can do. Since you still want to talk, your ex will further feed their ego with the idea that you can’t do any better. You know you can, so don’t give your ex that satisfaction.

No matter what your ex thinks when you reach out, you don’t want to fuel this. It will only boost your ex’s ego and leave you feeling a lack of self-worth.

6. It Isn’t Worth It

This simple reason to never send your ex a text is incredibly accurate. While you may feel good as you send the message and maybe even afterward if you get a response, it isn’t worth it.

Each time you text them, you undo your progress toward getting through the pain. It also intensifies the pain you feel once the conversation is over. Texting your ex is never worth holding up the healing process, as it is already hard enough.

Even if you get answers from your ex about things you were wondering, it still isn’t worth it. If they answer your questions, you still can’t solve the problems or undo the pain that has already happened. Your questions are better off left unanswered.

7. The Result  Probably Won’t Be What You Wanted

Think about what you are expecting from contacting them. Whatever it is you are expecting might not happen. Even if it goes well initially, the old issues will come back up, resulting in another fight or break up.

Chances are that reaching out won’t even fix things right now. You could end up extremely disappointed or even hurt more than you already were. When you text your ex, your expectations will be much higher than they should be.

8. It Could Make You Look Desperate

If you text your ex, they will assume you want to get back together. Even if you don’t say that you want to, that is the message you will send if you reach out to your ex. It comes across as desperate to someone looking for flaws, imperfections, or weaknesses in others.

It is important to note that even if you want to get back with your ex, you should avoid looking desperate. Consider waiting for your ex to reach out to you because doing it any sooner could cause you to look weak in their eyes.

9. You Could Be Ruining Potential Relationships or Dates

When you constantly wonder what your ex is doing or try to reach out to them, you miss other opportunities. You won’t be as open to going on a date with someone else, and if you do go on dates, you won’t be fully present.

Resist the urge to text your ex so that you can be open to new relationships or dating. Each time you text them, you are getting further away from other potential relationships. Avoid this backtracking by refraining from sending that message.

10. It Could Be Detrimental to Your Well-Being

Acknowledge that you are better off without that person in your life, especially if the relationship was toxic. You can be happier and more at peace now that they aren’t in your life. Texting them will only cause things to become toxic again, and you don’t need that in your life.

11. It Could Hurt Them

If you are the one who ended the relationship, it could hurt the other person if you texted them. There is no need to do any more damage than necessary, so resist the urge. If you want to contact them, make sure you spend time thinking about it and acknowledging your intentions.

When the other person still wants to be with you, ensure you only reach out if you want to reconcile. Anything else will only make them feel worse.

12. They Might Take Advantage of Your Feelings

Reaching out could make you vulnerable if you were the one you were broken up with. Your ex might tell you what you want to hear and then repeatedly hurt you.

When it happens a second time, it might hurt even worse. Plus, as explained before, it causes your ex to think you aren’t as valuable and don’t need to be respected. You deserve to be treated well by your partner, so avoid texting them to spare yourself unnecessary pain.

13. You Deserve More

Most importantly, you should never send a text to your ex because you deserve more than that. You deserve and will find someone who treats you much better and makes you happier. Don’t settle for someone who doesn’t want to spend time with you or share life experiences with you.

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Final Thoughts on These Excellent Reasons Never to Text Your Ex

Always remember that you are strong, even when you are hurting. You may miss your ex and wish you could have the good days back, but it doesn’t always work out to try again. Trying to rekindle a broken relationship can cause more pain and unhappiness, as these reasons never to text your ex explain.

You are worthy and valuable, and you must treat yourself that way. If you keep moving forward, the pain will ease and eventually disappear completely.

Your soulmate should be your best friend and your true love. Remember that when you get the urge to text your ex because you truly do deserve more.