10 Morning Rituals That Help You Find the Silver Lining

10 Morning Rituals That Help You Find the Silver Lining

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Creating morning rituals that help you find the silver lining in each day isn’t as difficult as you think. Do you feel smothered by avalanches of lousy news from the media? When you feel dark and depressed on the inside, rituals can help you open the windows of your heart to a positive light.

Being positive does not mean you’re oblivious to your surroundings and see the world through “rose-colored glasses.” It means you have made a conscientious decision to find joy in life regardless of circumstances.

Most living things will find comfort in the familiar. Observing morning rituals can put you at ease and get your day started right. The next time you feel blue, try one or more of these happiness habits when you awake.

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These 10 Morning Rituals Can Help You See the Silver Lining

1. Yoga and Stretching

If you have pets, watch what they do as soon as they wake up in the morning or from a little snooze. Cats and dogs usually do a good stretch from head to tail, and sometimes they shake out their fur.

Take your furry friend’s lead and stretch your body after the alarm clock sounds. Extend your arms, legs, and gently turn your neck. Muscles often contract during sleep, so a gentle stretch warms them up for the day, and it makes you feel good.

Yoga is conditioning for the body, mind, and soul. You don’t have to live alone on a remote mountain or twist your body into a pretzel to glean its many benefits. This practice involves mindful breathing, reflection, and postures that often reduce stress and promote a sense of well-being.

Most studios have early morning hours for those who practice at dawn. You could buy a membership or sit with a private teacher for your sessions. You can also find many quality tutorials online to practice from the comforts of home.

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2. Walking the Dog

Some morning rituals will up the positivity factor for both you and Fido. Taking an early stroll with your dog not only allows him to do his business, but it provides healthy exercise and releases penned-up energy.

Did you know that walking the dog incorporates one of the best exercises for you? It gets your whole body to move, burns calories, and stimulates your brain to produce happy endorphins. Enjoy the beauty of the outdoors, and have fun playing with your pup.


3. Create a Personal Space

Be kind to yourself and create a warm, inviting sanctuary for your morning rituals. Whether it is a room, closet, or just a little corner, make it your place for positive focus. Since you need a few uninterrupted minutes, visit your nook before anyone else wakes up in the house.

Foster your creativity and decorate your small haven with things that evoke tranquility and joy. Candles, incense, or a lovely picture may help you focus on the day ahead. This space is the ideal setting for you to read, write in your journal, or bring your thoughts into reality.

If you are out of town, bring your meditative collection with you and proceed as usual. Your sacred retreat will soon become a place of healing and rejuvenation. If all you have is fifteen to twenty minutes in the morning, it will be well worth it.

4. Become a Book Worm

If you want to boost your mood and your brainpower, why not make reading one of the things you do in your new space? If you find the newspaper depressing, trade it for something enjoyable. The point is to engage yourself with things that please you each day.

Some people find reading from sacred texts or other inspirational writings gives them a pleasant outlook. Your reading material can be anything that makes you smile or think, no matter the form or document. Carve a few minutes in your daily routine to read a chapter or two from your favorite author.

5. Try Journal Writing

Are you like most people who feel that it is easier to write your feelings rather than voice them? Maybe current situations and those of the past weigh you down, and your future appears dim. Journal writing can give your emotions words and encouraging validation.

If you make it a habit, you may soon look forward to journal writing when you awaken. Treat yourself to an attractive notebook and some colorful gel pens to enhance this activity. You don’t need to spend a fortune either.

Set up a place to write in your sacred space. Remember that there are no rules for personal journaling, and you needn’t share it with anyone unless you choose. Feel free to write poetry, draw, or glue pictures in your journal that make you feel positive about yourself.


If computers are your thing, feel free to journal in a word processing program. You can save it to a thumb drive as needed. Take time to reflect on past journal entries and see how your situations and viewpoints may have changed.

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6. Incorporate Reflection and Quiet Time

If you have never meditated before, you may have some preconceived notions. You don’t have to belong to any religious or philosophical group to reap its benefits.

Did you know that you have been meditating for years, and probably didn’t even realize it? Daydreaming and concentrating are both parts of meditation. The key is to temporarily close the outside world and open your mind to your thoughts.

Countless scientific studies suggest that people who meditate consistently may have more self-esteem and see their lives more positively. Is that a benefit you could use? Learning to meditate is not difficult, and you will gradually feel its effects.

Even if you meditate ten to fifteen minutes in your sacred space each morning, it can help. Sit comfortably, close your eyes, and just let your thoughts wander across your mind like passing clouds. Instead of being judgmental, acknowledge a negative thought and let it go.

If you want to light a fragrant candle or listen to soft music, do so. Feel the gentle vibrations of the universe and know that you are loved. Watch the difference meditating can make in your workday.

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