It’s safe to say that no one woman is miserable. Every Goddess wants to be a happy woman and enjoy their life. But what if you’re not one of those happy people? Do you ever look at the happy people around you and wonder what their secret is?

Well, wonder no more! Though happiness can be elusive to some, there are always ways to begin taking steps in the right direction down the right road.

Here Are 10 Things Happy Women Do Differently

1.    Happy Women Are Kind

Kindness makes others happy, and by extension, it can make you happy, too. A happy woman has no interest in being cruel or mean. Instead, they want to be a positive force in the world. Here are some ways a happy woman practices kindness.

a)    No Grudges

A happy woman doesn’t want to harbor resentment. If they experience negative emotions towards any individual, they find it in themselves to be the better person.

While true forgiveness is not possible in all cases, especially those involving serious acts of harm, a happy woman moves on and leaves it in the past. She knows that holding a grudge will only make her miserable.

b)    Compliments

A happy woman likes to compliment others. If she thinks something nice of someone, she’ll be sure to tell them. She knows that it can change someone’s whole day and make it better.

It’s okay to be shy of making compliments, especially to acquaintances you barely know. Start with the people you’re comfortable with and challenge yourself to do more as you become used to it!

c)    Acts of Kindness

A happy woman wants to help make the world a better place, even in just small little ways. They leave kind notes, perform small favors when they can, donate extra cash, and more! Plus, studies show that those who perform random acts of kindness become happier overall. (1)

2.    Happy Women Are Grateful

A happy person is happy because they know they have it good. When there’s so much to be grateful for, it’s difficult to be sad! A happy woman will recognize the small blessings they encounter every day.

Having trouble being grateful? Keep a journal where you record things you’re thankful for every day! It can be anything at all, including:

  • Good health
  • Hot water
  • Access to food and water
  • A roof over your head
  • Family/friends who love you
  • A job that sustains you
  • Some random positive encounter you had
  • A special gift you received

3.    Happy Women Challenge Themselves

Where’s the fun in life if you never challenge yourself? Getting caught up in the same monotonous routine can put a damper on anyone’s mood. That’s why a happy woman makes it a point to challenge themselves, be it intellectually, physically, or in some other way. In fact, self-challenge is almost crucial to good mental health! (2)

To challenge yourself, you can:

  • Take a new class
  • Try new cuisine
  • Pick a subject to learn about
  • Set new fitness goals
  • Read books about your area of expertise, or a passion of yours
  • Learn new methods from colleagues
  • Try something you’ve always been a little scared of
  • Cook a new recipe
  • Ask questions whenever you are curious
  • Step outside your comfort zone

It is simply not possible to go further in life if you aren’t challenging yourself. These new experiences can open your eyes and expand your horizons.

4.    Happy Women See The Good Around Them

If you’re a pessimist, that mindset can drag you down. That’s why happy women, while not necessarily optimists all the time, aim to practice positive thinking in their everyday lives. They work hard to see the silver lining in every cloud.

It’s difficult to miss all the good things that are happening around you when you’re looking for them. Of course, this is much easier said than done – so here’s how to go about it!

a)    Make The Best Of Bad Situations

Missed your bus? Spilled your coffee? Is someone being mean? Instead of dwelling on bad situations, a happy woman makes the best of them. They laugh at mishaps and always take the high road.

b)    See More Than Flaws

There isn’t a single thing, person, or situation in the world that isn’t flawed. Flaws are part and parcel of existence. While ignoring them does no good, a happy woman knows to look past those flaws and see the whole picture. There can even be beauty hidden there!

c)    Don’t Expect Perfection

Expecting perfection out of the people around you – and out of yourself – is a surefire way to get disappointed quickly. Manage your expectations; expect good things, but not perfection. Perfection is simply impossible, and mistakes and bad things are going to happen now and then!

d)    Understand That Things Aren’t Always Good

A happy woman isn’t a blind optimist. Instead, she’s a positive realist. She knows that it’s not possible for things to be good all the time. She accepts this, and she finds happiness in the knowledge that there is always a silver lining, and that in bad times, this too shall pass.

5.    Happy Women Surround Themselves With Other People Who Are Happy

If the only people you spend time with are negative nancies, their lack of positive thinking is sure to rub off on you. Studies have actually shown that happiness is capable of spreading throughout a good, strong social group – meaning that if your friends are happy, you’ll likely be happy, too. (3)

Take a look at the people you hang out with. Do they drag you down? Toxic friends can be more covert than you think. Pay attention to your closest companions and choose your friends wisely!

6.    Happy Women Address Things That Affect Them

A lot of people live in denial of their problems, such as:

  • Anxieties
  • Emotional baggage
  • Grudges
  • Past issues
  • Stress, depression, or mental health triggers
  • Current sources of sadness or anger

People believe that, by keeping them quiet and hiding them, they’ll be able to suppress these problems. Unfortunately, bottling it all up actually has an adverse effect. It causes negativity to build and build until it all comes to blows.

That’s why a happy woman knows that she has to be brave and confront her issues in order to move on from them. By being aware of them, you can learn to overcome them. Face it: it’s not possible to feel happy when you have so much wearing you down. Don’t be afraid to seek help from a mental health professional if you need to!

7.    Happy Women Take Care Of Themselves

Your body needs to be happy in order for your mind to be happy. That’s why happy women don’t compromise on any aspects of their health, whether emotional, physical, or mental. They are willing to find ways to treat themselves on their own and to give themselves the professional care they need if required. Here are some ways happy women take care of themselves:

a)    They Eat Well

Eating a balanced diet can work wonders for your happiness, and studies have even linked a good diet to the lessening of depressive symptoms. (4)

b)    They Exercise

Working out helps the body to be stronger, and it can help boost mood, too. It is one of the quickest ways to get a positive hormone boost!

c)    They Get Enough Sleep

Sure, binge-watching shows sound tempting, but getting enough sleep is crucial to overall health, mental health included! If you don’t get enough sleep, you’ll be groggy and grumpy the next day – and you’ll function at a much lower rate than usual, which can make you even more unhappy.

d)    They Get Help When Needed

Been feeling sick for a few days? Go to a doctor. Worried about your mental health? Go to a therapist. Feeling lonely? Hang out with friends. Stressed out? Spend an hour doing something fun – or just soak in a warm bath with a cheap sheet mask!

e)    They Get Enough Me-Time

All work and no play makes for some very low levels of happiness. Make sure you’re setting aside a little time every day to do something you want to do.

8.    Happy Women Don’t Worry About The Way Others Think About Them

Being worried about what other people may think can lead to a lot of anxiety that’s hard to shake. You might overthink and overanalyze, but this will only lead to misery for you. That’s why a happy woman is never bothered by what others think of her!

Does this mean she turns her nose up at constructive criticism? Does this mean she doesn’t care about other people? Of course not! What it does mean is that she is confident in who she is, and she isn’t worried about changing herself to fit what others want her to be.

9.    Happy Women Take Responsibility

Making mistakes and doing wrong is part of being human. This means that, at some point in your life, you’re going to be the “bad guy” in a situation. Your first response may be to act defensive, shift blame, or refuse to address it all together.

A happy woman does not do this. Instead, she steps up to the plate, apologizes, and holds herself accountable for her wrongs. This also extends to other areas of her life; she takes responsibility and works to improve herself in many, many ways so future experiences can be more positive.

10. Happy Women Are Kind To Themselves


Being kind to yourself has numerous positive effects on the body. It boosts your physical and mental health simultaneously, and it helps you appreciate the full scale of your efforts and abilities so you don’t bring yourself down. That’s why happy women are gentle and compassionate with those around them and their own selves. (5)

Still, it’s a difficult thing to do, especially if you’re not used to it! Here are some tips on being kind to yourself.

a)    Be Your Own Friend

If everyone else went away tomorrow, you’d only have yourself – so make sure you’re on good terms with that person – you! Don’t do or say things to yourself that you wouldn’t do or say to someone you care about. Handle yourself with care and love.

b)    Congratulate Yourself

There’s a difference between being full of pride or ego and recognizing your successes. Got that big promotion? Have a good meal in celebration! Improving in aspects of your personal life? Pat yourself on the back!

Even small steps in the right direction deserve recognition. Don’t fall into the trap of expecting too much from yourself.

c)    Don’t Deprecate

Respecting yourself is crucial to loving yourself. If you say negative things about yourself, even as a joke, your mind is listening and will slowly believe those bad things. Instead, focus on using positive affirmations; if you must, just fake it till you make it!

d)    Practice Self-Love

Pamper yourself every now and then! Treat yourself to that cake you’ve been craving. Buy yourself a new item within your budget. Give yourself a weekend to just relax at home. Take time to make yourself happy!

Final Thoughts On Some Things Happy Women Do Differently

Happiness is something many of us struggle to achieve. By practicing these good habits and doing these 10 things happy women do differently, you’ll find that you get closer and closer to that happiness every single day.