How to Let Go of the Past, Move on, And Live a Happy Life

How to Let Go of the Past, Move on, And Live a Happy Life

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Reminiscing about your past can have adverse effects. Whether it’s memories about a lost lover or missed opportunity, the past can make you have low self-esteem and doubt yourself. It can also make you sad and stressed all the time because you find it hard to accept that whatever is happening now is going to last.

Fortunately, you can get rid of the sorrow and live your life to the fullest with the following tips. These “let-go” tips will make you happy, relieved, and open doors to new opportunities.

Here’s how to let go of the past:

1. Negative Thoughts Have No Place in Your Life.


Although it’s okay to cry and even vent about the bad things that have happened to you, it’s not healthy when those thoughts linger in your mind because they can be destructive. Believe it or not, the only thing stopping you from a life of happiness is a negative mentality.

Once you start having these negative thoughts, it’s not easy to stop. You’ll always be thinking, “What if things could have gone the other way?” Unfortunately, you can do nothing about the past, so just let go and move on to better things.

2. A Bad Experience Should Make You Better.

Instead of looking at bad things from a perspective of no hope, try to see them as a stepping stone. Remember what made you fail or fall the last time and determine that you won’t repeat it. That’s how you learn from experiences and make better choices.


If you’ve been down a bad path before, you can avoid it the next time that you see it. That way, you avoid wasting time on unproductive endeavors, and you learn to appreciate the new experiences.

3. Avoid Playing the Victim.

It’s easy to blame others for something bad that happened in the past instead of focusing on the present. Perhaps you feel that accepting the attitude of a victim will get you sympathy and attention from those you love.

Although you might get the attention, the habit is annoying in the long run. Although no one will tell you because they love you, they may slowly avoid you, and you may end up being more lonely than before. Therefore, do your best to let go of past experiences if you want to enjoy the present with those that you love.

4. Forgive and Forget


The worst thing you can do to yourself is hold on to a bad experience and hope to get an apology from the person that wronged you. In most cases, there’s a high probability that the person who did bad things to you has already forgotten about the past. So why should you continue to hurt yourself when that person isn’t even thinking about you?

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Never ever waste your energy on a person that doesn’t care. Forgive and let go for your good. Live your life free from hatred and regret. Just know that whatever happened has happened, and you can either move forward or waste your life waiting for an apology that will never come.

5. Explore

There’s more to you than you can imagine. If you have already accepted what happened and forgiven those that wronged you, it’s time that you get to know yourself and discover any hidden talents that you may have.

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