Over time, it can be easy to become overwhelmed by challenges or struggles and have a change in your perspective on life. Unfortunately, focusing too much on the negative can make it difficult to appreciate life. Many people begin to form a habit of focusing too much on what isn’t going right rather than appreciate the positive.

Your mindset and thoughts will ultimately influence your joy in life, which determines what you appreciate. If you fail to focus on the moment you’re living in, it can become easy to get stuck in a rut.

If you want to remain thankful, there are a few essential tips to follow on how to live in the moment.

1. Remain Thankful

Many people have a habit of focusing too much on the negative rather than realizing what they have in life, which can make it difficult to appreciate everything. Make it a point to remain thankful by creating a list of how you’re blessed, whether it’s due to your career, your family, or your health. Practicing gratitude is essential for remaining positive and feeling happier.

2. Let Go of the Past

It can be challenging to live in the present and feel joyful if you’re reliving moments from the past. Whether you experienced trauma or loss, the experiences can affect your present life if you allow them to influence your current mood. Allow yourself to let go of the past and instead focus on what you learned. Understand that pain is a part of life that doesn’t have to dictate how much you appreciate each day. Choose to have hope for the future and dream of the possibilities.

3. Avoid Postponing Gratification

As an adult, it can be easy to postpone gratification and put your happiness on the backburner. Instead of waiting to feel happy or fulfilled, you can allow yourself to have fun and enjoy life by participating in activities that you enjoy today instead of waiting until tomorrow. Allow yourself to have fun, spend time with loved ones, and eat delicious food on a daily basis.

4. Focus on the Present

One of the best ways to combat fear and avoid worrying about the future is to focus on the present. Become more conscious about focusing on the present and your current feelings to ensure that you enjoy life. By cherishing each moment that you experience, you can feel more fulfilled and rich instead of placing your focus on the future, which isn’t guaranteed.

5. Become Self-Aware

Living in the present will require you to become self-aware. Evaluate your feelings and thoughts to determine what influence what you experience each day. Understand that you’ve reached where you’re at due to your decisions and who you are as an individual. Your decisions and choices have ultimately determined your current state. If you want to accomplish more or change directions in the future, you’ll need to begin to make different choices for yourself.

6. Lose Track of Time

Losing track of time will also prove to be beneficial when you get into the flow of an activity or hobby that you’re enjoying. By spending time enjoying various activities or tasks, you can lose track of time and avoid spending too much time processing your thoughts, which can allow you to be present. Try new tasks that allow you to be in an elusive state, which can enhance the quality of your day and make it possible to appreciate life.

7. Practice Mindfulness

Start by practicing mindfulness each day, which can reduce your stress levels and make it possible to avoid anxiety if you appreciate the current moment. Mindfulness means focusing on your immediate experience and taking in both the good and the bad with complete acceptance of it.

8. Disconnect

Disconnecting from tehcnology is vital to ensure that you can remain present and avoid spending all of your time online. Spend a few hours each day by unplugging from your phone and computer.

9. Spend Time with Loved Ones

Studies show that spending time with family members or friends can allow you to relax and will also improve your mood by laughing and feeling supported by those you trust. By making conversation and spending time in a joyful setting, you can create new memories and appreciate life more.


10. Enjoy Your Job

Find a job that you truly enjoy to ensure that you spend most of your time practicing your passion or making a difference in your community. The quality of your job will impact how fulfilled you feel long-term.

Living in the moment doesn’t have to be impossible after you’ve formed many habits of living too much in the past or future. With the right steps taken, you can change your perspective and learn how to focus more on the now, which will prove to be fulfilling.


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