We all desire to live spirited lives that we’ll energetically recall for years to come.  These 3 tips for living a life full of high spirits will surely help you lay a foundation for lasting happiness.

3 Tips for Living a Spirited Life

Do what makes you happy

Happiness results from following your intuition to ultimately fulfill a need for love.  When you make a conscious choice to do what makes you happy, you begin to see that more positive and “happifying” experiences will come into your life.

Learn to read your own feel-good meter and do what makes you happy. You can find happiness in all corners of life, whether it’s through meditation to be happier, eating healthy foods for happiness, or even just finding your favorite happiness quotes!

Be with who makes you smile

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”  – Jim Rohn

If the quote above is true, wouldn’t you want to be with people who make you smile more?  Be around those that uplift your spirit, tell good jokes, and are easy to talk to.  This kind of company is going to keep you excited about new adventures, make you enjoy your everyday life, and even pick you up when you need it most.

If you’re around people who are always being negative, you don’t have to absorb these negative emotions (click here to read how). You can be your own sunshine among the clouds!

Love as long as you live

Love is the foundation.  And, after all, love is what we all seek.  Any act, no matter how extreme, is really just a cry for love – although sometimes people feel the need to do something hurtful to acquire that love.

Show your friends that you have love to share with them.  Also show your children that you have a positive, selfless love to surround them with.  Show your family that love is unconditional.  And most of all, show yourself the love you need to be able to give it to others.

love yourself

Actionable Affirmation to live a spirited life:

Happiness encompasses my spirit and projects outward. I love and am loved in return!