As we move through daily life, we often focus on the negative things that are happening. Perhaps your car has a flat tire, or perhaps your child is having a difficult time in school. People often forget to celebrate the positive things going on their lives.

A daily gratitude practice will help you pull your focus away from what has gone wrong and retrain you to look at what has gone right. It only takes 30 seconds to practice gratitude if you use our easy ideas.

Follow along with our list of 8 ideas and refocus your mind on healthy thoughts and feelings. Your life will seem easier and you’ll be able to handle setbacks as they come. Make gratitude a habit and brighten every day of your life.

30 Second Gratitude Practices to Foster Happiness in Your Life

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1. Appreciate the Small Things

Let every little positive aspect of life make an impression on you. Did you get a great parking place at the mall? Are you happy to wear your favorite outfit to work? These little things can add up to a great day when you let them.

2. Express Thanks

Practicing gratitude means thanking the people in your life for everything they do for you. Take 30 seconds to write a note or a text to a friend or loved one. You will brighten their day and perhaps spread the habit of gratitude to someone else.

3. Find Five Things to be Thankful For

Every day, take a few seconds to write down five things you are thankful for. They can be big things, like your beautiful children, or little things like the nice cup of tea you had that morning. Keep this list on hand so you can refer to it when you are feeling low. This will help you refocus your mind on gratitude.

4. Search for Silver Linings

This could be one of the more difficult gratitude tips. When something bad happens, try to turn it around and see the good. This one is hard to put into practice, but when you can master it, you’ll be a happier person. You may have been caught in the rain without an umbrella, but you saw a beautiful rainbow.

5. Be Grateful Intentionally

When you reflect on being grateful, think about why you want to change your attitude. What will your life be like if you focus on being grateful? What will it be like if you choose to stay negative? The answer will lead you toward a more grateful way of life.

6. Think about Yourself

Reflect on yourself and find five things you are grateful for. This is another difficult item for people who have self-esteem issues, depression, or anxiety. Even though it is difficult, it is worthwhile to examine yourself for positive qualities. These can be big or small. Perhaps you have a knack for being able to tell when a friend is upset. Maybe you like your brown eyes.

7. Think about the People Who Changed Your Life

This is an important area for reflection. Take the time to be grateful for the special people who have changed your life. Teachers, friends, parents: everyone has at least one person for whom to feel grateful. Perhaps another person is thinking gratefully about you. Thinking about the positive impact you have had on another person’s life is another area to be thankful for.


8. Center Yourself

This practice comes from psychology. It is taught in cognitive behavioral therapy for depression, anxiety, and other mood disorders. Also, it’s a helpful way to help someone alleviate an anxiety or panic attack. It only takes 30 seconds to center yourself and be fully aware of your experience.

Be mindful of your current surroundings. Find something you can see, something you can touch, something you can smell, and something you can hear. Feel grateful for the gift of having another day alive on this earth.

Final Thoughts

Take a few seconds out of your day to practice gratitude and appreciate the positive things happening in your life. When you follow our gratitude tips, you will be a happier, healthier person with a sunnier outlook on life.