Dating in today’s world is not easy since people are more informed and look at life differently. There are those that wish to get married and settle down someday, while others just want to find someone that makes them happy. Whether you are the former or the latter, one factor remains constant – you would love to be in a relationship with a person that understands you or shares your interests. Most people would refer to this person as a soulmate.

Interestingly, not everybody finds their soulmate since they don’t know how to identify them.

Luckily, we have discovered 10 signs that can help you figure out whether or not someone is your soulmate.

1. They Feel Too Familiar

Usually, when you meet someone for the first time, there’s some nervousness and awkwardness since you are both new to each other. However, on rare occasions, you may meet a person and immediately click because they seem familiar. You feel like you have met before even though it’s your first time getting acquainted. You become so comfortable with each other that you don’t feel the need to hold back on the conversation.

2. They Complete Your Thoughts

This sign is very interesting. If you have ever thought about calling someone, and they happen to call you before you press the call button, they might be your soulmate. Alternatively, you may be having a conversation with someone and they just happen to finish your sentences for you as if they knew what you were thinking. You may downplay it and call it coincidence, but we see it as one of the soulmate signs.

3. There’s Perfect Chemistry

Not everybody that you meet will understand your behaviors. There are some that may find you weird and others may think that you are annoying. However, there’s one person that seems to get you and doesn’t mind your presence. They understand your silence and emotions.

4. Share Similar Values

You may argue over certain things, but when it comes to the final decision, you both believe the same thing. For example, you may fight over which fashion brand is the best, but agree that your actions define you, not what you wear. Alternatively, you might share the same life goals with your mate.

5. Something Greater than Logic Unites You

You may have certain conditions for your ideal lover; however, you may meet a person that fails to meet that criteria and still stick with them. It’s as if you are both attracted towards each other by some external imaginary force.

6. No One Like Them

Despite having your arguments with this person, you feel content that they are by your side. They complete you and give you total happiness. Even if you left the person and tried something new, the relationship won’t feel quite as natural or the same.

7. Intuition Connects You

You may wake up one day feeling as if something is not right with your partner and when you call them, you realize that your intuition was correct. For such a scenario, there’s a spiritual or soul connection between the both of you. It alerts you whenever something is not right with your other half.

8. Life is Incomplete Without Them

Although it’s perfectly normal to fall for someone in a relationship, nothing compares to the bond you form with a soulmate. When this person leaves, you feel as if you can’t live life by yourself. These people have a tendency of becoming a necessity.

9. The Love is Real

More often than not, you will hear couples breaking up because they can’t tolerate each other’s behaviors. This situation happens because most people never show their true colors when dating. It’s only after everyone has gotten what they want that they begin to reveal themselves. Only someone that is meant for you can tolerate your behaviors because their love is real.


10. You Challenge Each Other

If you meet someone that encourages you to do things beyond your comfort zone, there’s a soul connection between the both of you. That person understands the importance of personal growth and knows how it will benefit you. They also support you throughout the entire journey.


You may have experienced one or all of the soulmate signs on this list. If you haven’t, just be patient you will experience them at some point. When that happens, grab the opportunity and experience love like you have never felt before.

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