As you go down through life, are you fated to find one person that makes you feel emotionally and spiritually complete, a soul mate? Or are you destined to meet several ‘ideal’ mates? Research on human behavior and even science has time and again proven that this crop of individuals exists. A recent population poll by Marist, for instance, affirms this with its reporting that over 73 percent of Americans believe in the idea of finding this perfect while the rest don’t.

A soul mate is by far a person ideally suited to complete and compliment you as a close friend or a romantic partner. It is, therefore, hard to imagine that you can’t find such a person or persons in the world of over seven billion people. You can hence undoubtedly conclude that soul mates do really exist.

These are the soul mate signs that you might already have found yours:

1. You can feel it

When you have found a match for your soul, you don’t have to wait for eternity to write off your relationship as a happily-ever-after affair. You have a palpable gut feeling telling you its right from the onset. Importantly, you connect on more emotional, spiritual, and physical levels than you can really explain. There is always this unexplainable energy drawing from both ends of the involved parties. And even when you hit a bump or face some potential ‘deal-breakers’ along the way, you always find a way of rekindling the passion.

2. They give you a sense of peace and comfort

Finding a soul mate is also comforting and takes away all the unease characterizing most relationships. Psychologists argue that you have found a soul mate when you can sit quietly in the same room, or car without a cloud of suspicion and unnecessary anxiety hanging all over you. And while most couples are only able to cultivate this feeling late in their relationship life, you can strike it off quite early in life. Such depths also allow soul mates to listen in on each other’s thoughts effortlessly even when not verbally expressed.

3. Your values and aspirations align

Your background plays a huge role in determining how you interact with other people and by extension the type of relationships you get into. This particularly manifests in your morals, core values and beliefs that define your uniqueness. Everyone, therefore, goes about life finding a person that matches these values and aspirations as closely as possible. You will, therefore, know when you have found a soul mate because they match your values perfectly. The aspirations and dreams of life perfectly align with your making them a perfect match.

4. You understand each other

The realization that you have found a soul mate stems from understanding each other in and out. In such a case, you know what makes your friend or partner tick and what can drive them into depression. From such a deep understanding of each other, you can tell when they have a dampened spirit and how to uplift them and vice versa. This level of understanding also creates room for the both of you to complement and cover up flaws. And even when you don’t agree on some issues, it helps form a mutual respect for each other’s decisions instead of always agreeing to disagree.

soul mate

5. You don’t shy away from conversations

Do you feel aggrieved by your friend or partner’s action or habits? Are there some closeted skeletons you dread talking about? This form of relationship doesn’t allow for elephants in the room. Instead, it gives you the freedom to discuss just about everything and raise your views and concerns about virtually anything affecting either of you freely without fear of reprimand or being judged. Such openness eliminates jealousy in the relationship, and none of you have anything to worry about should either of you crave for some alone time.

As Dr. Jacqui Gabb from Open University, England, would put it, soul mates don’t lead “rose-tinted lives.” They too have their ups and downs like any other ordinary couples and best friends. The only difference between the two is that the bonding with the former makes them better at “enjoying their relationships, warts and all.” In summation, the scholar is only trying to say that while finding the perfect match for your soul doesn’t eliminate familiar frictions between friends and couples, it reduces their incidence and makes you better adapted at addressing any of these relationship issues when they arise.

Bottom line

There exists a perfect match for every soul waiting to be found. You only have to be patient enough,look out for the above soul mate signs and in one way or another, it will land on you. Through interactions with different individuals drawn from varied backgrounds, your perfect match will find their way to you. And you will know it by the way you connect with each other, how you feel when around one another as well as how your values and aspirations match and complement each other.