A high quality woman is hard to come by, and she will handle her relationships differently than others. Not every woman knows how to be high quality, so it is easy to identify this unique characteristic.

When you’re with a woman, you likely want to know if she’s high quality. You want to know if you are wasting your time or if you have found someone special. Since people often portray their best behavior during the dating phase, you can look for other signs.

How A High Quality Woman Handles Her Relationships

As you get to know someone, please pay attention to how she carries herself and handles the relationship. There are key things to watch to see if you are spending time with a high quality woman. These signs can help you decide if you are on the right track in your dating life.

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1. She Sets Healthy Boundaries

High quality women set boundaries because they prioritize their needs and avoid assuming responsibilities for the needs of others. They know what they are comfortable with and don’t give in to pressure or guilt trips.

Quality women don’t give up parts of themselves to appease others. They stick to their values, morals, and overall beliefs of right and wrong. If their partner isn’t okay with this, then the woman will leave because her boundaries are unbreakable.

2. She Works to Better Herself

A high quality woman will care for herself by striving to be better. She doesn’t pretend to be perfect, and she is self-aware as she works to improve.

Her partner won’t have to tell her that she has a problem because she will already be working toward a solution. She is motivated to become better, and she never avoids her issues.

Even when she doesn’t have a problem to fix, she will continue improving herself. She doesn’t miss a chance for self-improvement and often takes whatever learning opportunities she can. Plus, you will notice that she is too busy working on herself to notice the flaws and imperfections of others.

3. She Trusts Her Partner to Make the Right Decisions in Life

While she will encourage her partner to chase their dreams, she won’t tell them how to do it. She trusts that her partner will make the right decisions to achieve their goals. High quality women don’t micromanage in their relationship, but they will be supportive along the way.

4. She Chooses Wisely

A woman that uses both her head and heart when making a romantic decision is of high quality. They can see if someone is good for them, and they look for signs of emotional health in their partner. This is something they look for before deciding to become overly involved with someone.

A high quality woman is also able to choose wisely because she knows what she deserves. She will look for someone that is just as high quality as she is, and she won’t settle for less. Being alone is better for her than being with someone that doesn’t meet her standards.

5. She is Respectful and Expects the Same in Return

You will notice that a high-value lady treats others with respect no matter the situation. She won’t make comments that imply her partner is stupid, invaluable, or beneath her.

Additionally, this type of woman doesn’t expect to be treated like a princess. She won’t look for special treatment because she is a woman. Instead, she wants to be treated with the same respect she gives those around her.

Since she isn’t looking for special treatment, she will expect her partner to treat her the same way they treat their friends and family. If she doesn’t think that the treatment is up to par, she won’t stick around to experience disrespect. Because of this, the way a potential partner treats others in his life is a big sign for her.

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6. A High Quality Woman Knows How to Handle Herself

There won’t be any worry regarding bringing her around friends, family, or colleagues. She knows how to handle herself in all situations and makes good impressions with the people in her partner’s life. Plus, she knows when it is appropriate to let loose and relax and when maturity and formality are important.

When her partner brings her around people that she doesn’t know, she handles herself confidently. She introduces herself and spends time being social without clinging to her partner’s side.

7. She is Confident and Knows What She Deserves

A high value woman is confident and never questions what she deserves in life. She knows how great she is and doesn’t spend time trying to convince people of her worth. If she feels like someone doesn’t see her value, she quickly moves on.

She won’t give more chances when someone has done her wrong because she knows she doesn’t need to. Her mindset never wavers from seeing herself as valuable and more than enough.

Another sign of this type of confidence is that she knows what she wants and settles for nothing less. No one can tell her that she isn’t doing the right thing because she knows that she is. She won’t feel bad for being the person she is, and she is comfortable with herself.

8. She Feels Secure

A high quality woman feels secure with herself and in her relationships. She won’t pressure her partner to put a title on their relationship, and she won’t be in a hurry to get engaged. A woman like this lets the relationship unfold naturally and enjoys each stage along the way.

This type of woman won’t beg or put pressure on her partner for more than what they have at that moment. Instead, if she feels the relationship isn’t reaching the commitment level naturally, she will walk away. She does this because she is so sure of herself that she knows the right relationship will progress independently.

A high value woman knows that she is lovable, and she will never doubt that. She won’t need reminders or validation from her partner in any aspect of her life.

Plus, she won’t blame her partner for making her feel negative because she knows that her feelings are her responsibility. She feels good about herself, and nothing can interfere with that or make her believe less of herself.

9. She Has a Life Separate from Her Partner and Allows Her Partner to do the Same

A high value woman has areas of her life that might not involve her partner. She will spend time with her friends, enjoying her hobbies, and advancing her career. Her independence shines through in this way, and she doesn’t need a partner by her side for it.

She is an individual and expects her partner to respect that. This means she might not always be available, but she won’t expect any different from her partner. She will encourage her significant other to pursue things without her, too.

Additionally, she won’t cancel plans because her partner asks her to at the last minute. She already has things going on, and she won’t change that for anyone because her life and time are valuable.

A high quality woman will encourage her partner to keep doing things they did before the relationship. She will be happy that her partner spends time with family and friends and even happier if they don’t change their life for her. The best type of women understands that they are the only good thing in their partner’s life.

Since she wants to see her partner happy, she will encourage things that bring them joy and happiness. She won’t try to keep her significant other from those things or seclude them from excitement in life.

10. She Won’t Stay in a Bad Relationship

When a woman is of high quality, she will not stay in a bad relationship. She will move on when they begin to feel disrespected or unappreciated.

She won’t take full responsibility when things aren’t working because she knows that’s not how relationships work. When it comes to fixing relationship problems, she won’t put all of the work on herself. If her partner isn’t willing to do the work, too, she knows it is time for her to move on.

She will rarely give second chances because she knows that it likely won’t stop once disrespect begins. This type of woman can see when a situation is toxic and doesn’t waste time removing herself from it.

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Final Thoughts on the Many Ways A High Quality Woman Handles Her Relationships Differently

A high-quality woman knows her worth, and it shows how she handles her relationships. She doesn’t tolerate unacceptable behavior and isn’t afraid of being alone. It is for a good reason when she walks away, and she won’t look back.

She owns who she is and embraces everything that makes her unique. Her worth can’t be diminished in a relationship because she values herself too much to let that happen.