A quality man won’t settle for just anyone — he holds himself to a high standard and attracts a woman with similar energy. He’s done the work to develop a healthy relationship with himself and is ready to extend this love to others. But, he knows what he deserves and will only tolerate someone who respects themselves as well. A high-quality man believes everyone should feel complete before pursuing a romantic relationship.

Because he feels so self-assured, he naturally views relationships differently than most people. He doesn’t get into a relationship to fill a void or feel more confident about himself. He already knows his worth and only gets involved with someone who can enhance his life. An admirable man looks for a woman who will encourage him to become the best version of himself.

He’s highly interested in personal development and wants a woman who shares his drive to improve. A quality man isn’t easy to find, but you can identify him with a few unique traits. You might notice these characteristics if you’ve met a man who stands out from the crowd.

NOTE: If you want to learn how an excellent woman will handle her love life, we cover her unique behaviors in a separate companion article.

6 Ways an Honorable Man Handles Relationships


1.   A high-quality man is only interested in long-term relationships.

A high-quality man wants a serious, committed relationship and steers clear of flings or shallow encounters. While he may have previously enjoyed a few one-night stands, he’s matured and feels ready to settle down. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with casual relationships, but everyone gets tired of them at some point. A man who respects himself eventually wants more than physical attraction in a partnership. When he enters this phase in life, he only looks for a woman with similar values.

2. A quality man treats his partner as an equal.

A high-caliber man doesn’t consider a woman inferior or superior to him. Rather, he sees her as his equal, a partner in crime who will support and encourage him throughout life. A healthy partnership involves two people who see each other as teammates instead of rivals.

In arguments, a respectable man will first listen to his partner’s story without interrupting. He tries to compromise and focus on solutions rather than getting defensive or passive-aggressive.

When it comes to sharing chores and responsibilities, a quality man only expects from his partner that he’s willing to give himself. He doesn’t mind doing household chores like cooking dinner or cleaning if it lightens the burden on his partner.

3. He gives his partner space and establishes healthy boundaries.

No relationship can survive if two partners do everything together and never spend any time apart. This behavior only leads to codependency and can ruin the most stable partnerships. A quality man respects his partner and wants her to have a separate life. He understands that a relationship withers when partners don’t give each other room to breathe.

Therefore, he creates boundaries in the relationship so both people have time for themselves. He feels secure enough to maintain independence in his relationship and wants a partner with her identity. He never tries to change or control his partner and encourages her to pursue her interests.


4. He’s patient and understanding.

A quality man gives his full attention during conversations with his partner. No matter what he’s doing, he sets aside distractions and listens intently without interjecting. He’s emotionally intelligent and mature, understanding that a healthy relationship requires open communication and vulnerability. Even if he’s had a tough day at work, he still makes space for his partner when she needs to vent or discuss something important.

A respectable man also knows how to control his emotions and remains patient with his SO. Even if she sometimes frustrates or pushes his buttons, he never loses his temper. He treats his partner respectfully and tries to understand where she’s coming from. Instead of worrying about being right, he cares about making a decision that will benefit the relationship.

5. A quality man doesn’t try to fix or change his partner.

Honorable men know it isn’t their responsibility to fix anything about their partner. They realize that personal development can only occur when a person feels ready to change. Plus, they’ve learned to accept and respect every aspect of their partner’s personality. A man who feels confident and happy with himself never tries to control or demean his significant other. Instead, a high-quality man will leave self-development to his partner and only worry about changing the person in the mirror.

6. He knows what he wants and deserves.

Perhaps the best aspect of a high-caliber man is that he’s clear about what he wants in a woman. Therefore, he doesn’t waste anyone’s time and only pursues women he sees as a future. Since he knows himself intimately, he understands his needs in a relationship. Men with strong personalities and a healthy amount of self-love want an equally confident woman to walk by their side and grow with them. They don’t settle for less than they deserve, even if it means waiting a while for Mrs. Right.

A quality man values himself enough to move on from any relationship that no longer serves him. He’s perfectly content being single until he finds someone worthy of his love, affection, and energy.


Final Thoughts on Traits of a High-Quality Man

High-quality men and women don’t make themselves available to anyone interested in them. They may seem picky, but they have high standards for themselves and won’t tolerate anyone who disrespects them. An honorable man wants a woman who can hold her own and feels self-assured.

He desires a relationship with someone who uplifts him and encourages him to become his most authentic self. The best relationships involve two whole people who bring out the best in one another. That’s exactly what a quality man wants in life, so he only gets involved with a woman on his level.