10 Easy Ways to Open Up Your Heart Chakra

10 Easy Ways to Open Up Your Heart Chakra

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The seven chakras in your body make up your aura and work as energy centers that can open and close. Each energy center is in a different part of your body, with the heart chakra being in the center of your chest. This chakra focuses on feeling love in your life, and it determines if you are open to love.

If your heart chakra is closed, you won’t feel love manifesting within you. It’s important to learn how to open it so that you can experience love, happiness, and a balance within your life.

If you aren’t sure if your heart chakra is blocked, there are signs that you can watch for. You might feel sad, lonely, anxious, shy, unforgiving, or unempathetic. Other indications might include feelings of anger, jealousy, grief, or hatred.

To let go of these negative feelings, you must open your heart chakra and find balance. There are many ways to reopen your chakra, and you can implement any of them that you are comfortable with. Building some of these methods into your daily routine will help keep your chakra open, too.

How to Open Up Your Heart Chakra

Try these ten easy tips for opening your heart for love and positivity.

spriritual gifts1. Learn About and Practice Color Therapy

Color therapy involves using light and color to balance your energy physically, emotionally, spiritually, and mentally. Start by sitting quietly and bringing your attention to your heart and chest area. Take a few deep breaths and then visualize the first color that comes to mind.

Trust your intuition and go with the color that comes up first for you. The color you think of first is usually what your energy field needs to find harmonization and balance. This type of therapy relies on light frequencies of a specific color to enter the body.

If your heart chakra is closed, the color green will often come to mind. You can practice color therapy by simply viewing the color for a few minutes in an uninterrupted space. It is common for art therapy to play a role in color therapy, as well.

If you want to try color therapy equipment instead, you can locate a color therapist for guidance. A color therapist will use different types of psychology to treat your emotional problems and open the chakra.

2. Be Authentic

People around you will always try to change you and urge you along a specific path. They might do this unconsciously because differences make them uncomfortable. If you go along with their desires, though, you obstruct your development and well-being.

Being authentic involves standing your ground, being firm in your truth, and having the courage to speak up. You don’t have to create conflict or be mean or uncompassionate to be true to yourself, either. Being loving and connected to someone is still possible, even as you stand up for yourself and your beliefs.

When you are authentic, it means that you did your best despite the situation. You put yourself first and focused on self-love. Listen to your heart no matter what, and focus on what your intuition guides you to do.

3. Spend Time Connecting with Nature

Connecting with nature helps you reconnect with yourself on a new level. Find a quiet, peaceful place outside and come to the present. Start by focusing on the trees, plants, and other things around you because it all has an aura.

Focus on the way you feel as you spend time scanning the scenery with your eyes. Think of yourself as being part of nature rather than being a foreign object in nature. When you think of yourself this way, it helps you form a deeper connection with the earth.

Spending time connecting with nature can help with grounding, too. As your heart begins to align with the rhythm of the earth, you will remember that you are loved and valued.

4. Write in a Journal

Journaling is a beneficial way to open up your heart chakra. Fill the pages of your journal with stories of your day and with your life experiences. Anytime negative feelings start to creep in, pull out your journal and pour all of your feelings onto the pages.

Letting your feelings out in this way can bring relief and a sense of release. The way you choose to write doesn’t matter, as long as you get words onto the paper.

5. Light a Candle

Lighting a candle is a simple but effective way to open up your chakra. When you are in a quiet environment alone, light a candle and gaze at the flame. While you focus on the flame, breathe deeply in and out a few times.

After a few minutes, envision the flame spreading to the center of your chest. As you picture it, think of the Universe’s love entering and flowing through your body.

emotionally detached6. Set and Enforce Boundaries

Setting and enforcing boundaries is essential if you want to open up your heart chakra. As you move forward in life, you must think of yourself and what is best for you. Showing compassion for others is important, but being compassionate to yourself is even more essential.

When you set and enforce healthy boundaries in your life, you will promote the healing process. Plus, you will be more resilient and better equipped to handle things. As you enforce your boundaries, you will also experience a feeling of confidence and self-love.

7. Do Yoga

Yoga can quickly open your chakra and keep it that way as long as you continue doing the exercises. It also promotes movement and flexibility, further opening your chakra. Some of the positions that work for this include:

  • half camel
  • wheel pose
  • bridge
  • warrior 1
  • upward facing dog
  • reverse plank
  • bow pose

8. Practice Meditation and Mindful Breathing

Spending time meditating and practicing mindful breathing techniques is a sure way to open your heart chakra. Meditating will help you reflect and see what is coming next in your life. It also gives you the chance to open your heart to accepting and giving love.

When you begin to experience negative feelings, acknowledge them during meditation. Recognize the emotion that you are feeling, and use breathing techniques to help you accept it. By doing this, your heart will feel safe to open up and stay that way.

There are a few options regarding breathing techniques, so find the one that works best for you. One option is to inhale deeply and let the air out using a long, audible exhale. A second option is to inhale for five seconds, hold it for five seconds, and then exhale for five seconds.

Either of these options works, and you can even explore more breathing techniques when you become more comfortable with them. Breathing techniques can help you relax and calm down no matter what is going on in your life. When you can reflect calmly, it gives you a chance to open your chakra back up.

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