A person with a free spirit possesses a soul that can never be tamed. While society places certain expectations on us, these non-conformists are the ones that don’t feel bound by these rules.

Free-thinking and open-minded, free spirits are the creatives that are passionate about living their truths and following their bliss.

20 Inspirational Quotes for the Soul of the Free Spirit

While free spirits pursue their truths wholeheartedly, it isn’t the easiest of paths to follow. Being a genuinely unconventional individual means living outside of the expectations of others.

Living life against the grain can be draining. Though freedom-seekers are made to live a limitless life, other close-minded people often try to put their own restrictions and insecurities onto these free-thinkers. If you live a free lifestyle and need some motivation, check out the twenty following inspirational quotes to help you recharge your energy.

1. “I am a free spirit. Though some don’t like it, that’s how I am.” –Princess Diana

Princess Diana was one person that knew who she was and was never afraid to be herself. As a free person, Princess Diana did what she wanted and was a rebel. Though many criticized her for this, she was always one to live her own truth.

2. “Wild women have an inexplicable spark for life. These women ooze freedom and desire self-awareness. They don’t belong to anyone but give a piece of themselves to all they meet.” –Nikki Rowe

Nikki Rowe’s quote about wild women speaks to all the unconventional people in the world.

While some seek to trap the “wild” among us with certain rules and regulations, those of us that are truly free know that no one owns us.

3. “I’m not a bird. No net will ensnare me. I’m a human being that has her own independent will.” –Charlotte Brontë

While we are all born with free will, some of us find ourselves trapped in relationships, jobs, or lifestyles that ensnare us.

The free-spirited people among us recognize their call to freedom and find ways to live their lives as untethered as possible.

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These inspirational quotes will inspire feelings of gratitude.

4. “Lock your libraries if you choose to; there isn’t a lock, bolt, or gate that you’ll be able to put on my mind.” –Virginia Woolf

Free people often come into contact with others that object to their way of life. This quote by Virginia Woolf is a perfect example of society’s attempt to control free-spirited people.

Regardless of how others may try to tame your spirit, know that they will never be able to chain your mind.

5. “The most courageous thing anyone can do is to think for one’s self.” –Coco Chanel

Freedom is thought of as something that many of us take for granted. Inspirational quotes like this remind us that being truly courageous requires us to decide what’s best for ourselves and pursue that wholeheartedly.

Despite what naysayers may say, following your truth is the only way to really live.

6. “Some people think that Amsterdam is full of sin. The truth is that it’s a city that’s found freedom. But in freedom, many people believe they see sin.” –John Green

Free people find their freedom in shedding society’s expectations and choosing to be their true selves.

In John Green’s quote, he points out how some people have adverse reactions to this type of freedom. Though some go out of their way to find negativity in someone living their truth, the reality is that these people are still searching for their own truths.

Never let anyone crush your spirit. Be true to who you are, no matter what anyone else says.

7. “Freedom isn’t worth having if you aren’t free to make mistakes.” –Mahatma Gandhi

Many free people understand there’s no blueprint for the life they lead. On such a journey, one is likely to make mistakes.

Embrace these as lessons and keep fighting to explore who you are as you create the life you long to live.

8. “The best type of freedom is the kind that allows you to be who you are…There can’t be a large-scale revolution until you experience a personal revolution. Let it happen inside you first.” –Jim Morrison

Most of us want to change the world, but Jim Morrison reminds us that this change has to begin within. You must free yourself before trying to free anyone else.

Living as who you truly are is the highest form of freedom. If you’ve discovered your true self, celebrate this, and enjoy this freedom.

9. “Some birds aren’t meant to be in cages. Their songs are too sweet, their feathers too bright.” –Stephen King

When kept as pets, birds are often confined to their cages, left to be taken care of by their owners. Free spirits are those of us that have broken free from our cages and dare to sing our songs as loudly as possible.

Never let anyone cage you. Don’t be afraid to soar and climb to the highest heights.

10. “If anyone is denied the option to live a life they believe in, he will have no other choice than to be an outlaw.” –Nelson Mandela

Choosing to live your own life and follow your own passions may seem absurd to those that have yet to find the same freedom you’ve experienced.

Should anyone prevent you from being yourself, the only solution left is to become an “outlaw.” Break the rules and color outside the lines if it means that you’re allowed to live your truth.

11. “Once I’ve discovered who I am, I will be free.” –Ralph Ellison

Wherever you are on your journey, never be afraid to trust yourself. Whether you’re considering making a shift in careers or pursuing a lifelong dream, life is short.

Our entire lives are a journey to get closer to knowing who we are. Find your freedom and live in your truth.

12. “You want to fly? You’ll have to give up what weighs you down.” –Toni Morrison

Inspirational quotes like this remind us that, to be free, we must let go of the past and anything else that is holding us back. We must shed these like a second skin if we ever hope to soar to new heights.

13. “Better to die in the fight for freedom than to be a prisoner your whole life.” –Bob Marley

It’s easy to fall into a pattern of a life half-lived. Many people live their lives without ever, truly knowing who they are inside.

Don’t fall into the trap of trying to live up to the status quo. Every chance you get, fight to be who you really are on the inside. Though it won’t always be easy, it’s better to live your truth than to live life as a prisoner to who you think you should be.

14. “Life is short. Don’t waste time wondering what anyone thinks of you. If these people had anything better to do, they wouldn’t focus on you.” –C. JoyBell C.

It’s human nature to want to be well-liked by our peers. However, focusing on what anyone thinks of us can easily trigger our insecurities and make us feel less-than.

To truly live an unconventional life, you have to ignore others’ opinions on your life and your choices.

enlightened, free thinkers as partners15. “She had absolutely nothing to lose. She found freedom.” –Paulo Coelho

Many of us spend our entire lives searching for something we already have within us. True freedom comes from listening to your heart’s desire. Once you realize you have nothing left to lose, nothing else matters.

16. “I will be free, regardless of what rules surround me.” –Robert A. Heinlein

Don’t get caught up in the notion of what you “should” or “shouldn’t” be doing in life.

Society constructs these rules as a way to explain the life we’re “supposed to lead.” Never give up your freedom to be yourself for the idea of the person that you think you should be. Choose to be free, regardless of what anyone else thinks you need to do.

17. “I’ve found safety and freedom in my madness…The safety from having to be understood; those that understand us enslave us.” –Khalili Gibran

We all want to be understood by those closest to us. However, there will come a time when you make a decision that no one else will understand or agree with. While this pathway may feel lonely, it’s what’s required on the journey to discovering yourself.

Find the freedom and safety in your “madness.”

18. “It’s up to you–give your life a meaning.” –Jean-Paul Sartre

Society often tells us to look to our careers, our partners, and religion to find purpose or meaning in life.

Don’t feel compelled to make a decision based on society’s expectations. Decide for yourself what meaning you choose to give your life.

19. “Man’s first duty is to start thinking for himself.” –Jose Marti

Inspirational quotes like this remind us to never make the mistake of letting others think for us. We have the power of free-thinking. In this power, we find true freedom.

20. “The secret to happiness is finding freedom. The secret to finding freedom is being courageous.” –Carrie Jones

It takes courage to go against the grain and decide to pursue your passion. Discovering who you are and what makes you happy isn’t always easy, but it’s freeing.

free spiritFinal Thoughts on Inspirational Quotes for People Who Possess a Free Spirit

A person with a free spirit must protect their passion and heart at all costs. Keep the fire inside of you alive by remembering who you are. Reignite your passion and remember to trust your soul. Let these quotes inspire you to be your true self and live life on your terms.