Throughout life, we all transition from childhood to adulthood. For many, that poses quite a challenge. That difficulty arises because “growing up” comes prearranged with many responsibilities that are absent in the life of a child.  In fact, most people can recall a time when life seemed carefree and fun, with the ability to just enjoy life without a care in the world.

This free-spirited, fun-loving child within us doesn’t understand why it has to stay locked in a cage after only a few years of freedom. In addition, it longs to come out and play again.  It’s up to you to release your inner child, and you may actually be closer to doing that than you think.

“In my soul, I am still that small child who did not care about anything else but the beautiful colors of a rainbow.”  ~Papiha Ghosh

Here are 7 signs you’re in tune with your inner child:

1. You don’t wish to follow the status quo.

When it comes time to accept adult responsibilities and leave behind all the treasures of your early years, you might not feel ready. You might feel as though college, a normal job, and a cookie-cutter life won’t serve your highest good. The prescribed life plan seems restricting to you, so you bravely pave your own trail in life. You simply won’t live life-based on other standards, and now you want something different.

2. You’re drawn to fun activities (and even toys).

When watching children play, it can be easy for your inner child to cause you to get lost in the whimsical nature of childhood games and activities.  Children go through the day with a smile on their face and bounce between toys and activities, as happy as a clam. And if you love to participate in fun activities that you played as a child yourself as much as you like spending time with kids, there’s a good chance you’re in tune with your inner child.

You have definitely not lost your sense of playfulness if you still look forward to any chance to let your inner child come out to play.

3. You can’t understand all the negativity and violence in the world, and you feel very sensitive to it.

As children, we embody our truest selves, full of love, compassion, and empathy. We have no idea about the horrors of reality, and our parents (hopefully) try to raise us to become kind, loving, respectful beings. As time wears on, we get exposed to more and more atrocities, and slowly let that energy seep into our minds and bodies. However, a lot of us have recently experienced a huge shift in consciousness that has forced us to once again become sensitive to all the negativity happening globally. Many of us may identify as “light-workers who feel responsible for Earth’s pain and long to change things for the better.

Distance yourself from negativity

4. You have honored your true nature, and you stray from anything that will silence it.

Maybe you once felt lost and lonely, and you chose to fill the void with anything that would bring temporary happiness. These things might be drugs, alcohol, bad foods, violence, sex, or any other addictions. Most of us have been here in the past, and it actually helps you discover your true self by realizing these destructive behaviors and slowly eliminating them in favor of healthier practices. Now, you may crave meditation, raw, plant-based foods, soul connections with people, time with nature, yoga, art, etc. Your true nature wants you to be happy, and you have embraced that.

inner child

5. You don’t feel afraid of anything.

Kids don’t know what fear is. That is because they haven’t been fully exposed to a fear-based world yet. Eventually, society instills fear in us, and our natural sense of curiosity and adventure becomes stifled. A lot of us have to remember that fear isn’t real; it’s just an illusion that limits us from amazing possibilities. Maybe you have recently taken back your courage and have chosen to get out your comfort zone, which actually comes naturally to children. You have allowed your inner child to run free again, which will help greatly along your spiritual journey.

6. You talk about your feelings openly and honestly.

Children don’t harbor their emotions; they lay everything on the table and cry when they feel the need to release intense feelings. Somewhere between here and adulthood, we are expected to become hardened and “strong,” and keep our emotions to ourselves. This actually creates long-term problems, like anxiety, depression, and anger. If you know that sharing your emotions in a rational and honest way is actually normal and healthy, your inner child is still very much alive in you.

happiness - inner child

7. You feel a deep connection to other animals and nature.

If you pay attention to children, they treat other animals and the planet with respect, compassion, and kindness. They would never dream of hurting other creatures or Earth, and feel deeply bonded to Gaia and her earthlings. As we grow up, we often lose this vital connection to our roots, and we often have a careless attitude toward other beings. If the acts against animals and nature deeply affect you, and you strive to take care of them as much as possible, you have strong connections to your childlike nature.

Final Thoughts on Being in Tune with Your Inner Child

Staying in touch with your inner child allows you benefits. You will keep an open mind, a free spirit, and a playful zest for life. Of course, the world needs more of each of these things!