9 Signs You May be a Light Worker

9 Signs You May be a Light Worker

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Do you feel like you have a strong calling to bring healing to the world?  You could be a light worker.

Many of the worlds’ population are made up of them. And, if you aren’t a light worker yourself, you’ve most likely met one.

Light workers carry a strong sense of desire to produce positive energy in the world. They use their gifts to spread the divine wisdom of love for self and others. Along with it, they share freedom, knowledge, and self-mastery to align ever closer with pure, loving energy.

Have people told you that you have a “pure heart” or you inspire them? Or that you warm their spirits, especially when they’re feeling down? Then, you might be destined to work the light. A light worker feels much different than those around them. Often, they become intertwined in the spiritual community to help identify and heal the ills of the world around them.


If you’re not sure whether you were put here to work the light (or not), these 9 signs will help you identify:

9 Signs You May Be a Light Worker

1. You are sensitive

A light worker’s spirit is very pure, and many of the negative things that go on in this world can be difficult for them to understand. They may also find difficulty in dealing with people who display intense emotions such as aggression and anger.

As the light worker travels through life and negative events occur, they seem to have a more profound effect, leaving them to feel tired, and feel the need for self-care to restore their clarity and energy levels.


2. Being alone feels normal.

From early on in their life, a light worker can feel isolated from others, lonely, or misunderstood. As they experience all of life’s challenges, they will often find further isolation as they seek their unique path.

And because they easily pick up negative feelings and moods of people around them, it is important for them to spend time alone on a regular basis. This introverted nature doesn’t really come from a social preference or temperament; it is simply at the core of the light worker’s spirit.

3. You are empathetic

The light worker is drawn to grow their sense of understanding in the world, and will often reach into the dark corners of life to gain this perspective. Doing more than simply sympathizing, the light worker cares for others from a place rooted deep within them.

They continue to grow more compassionate as their experience unfolds, and the direct effects of that effort ultimately help grow empathy in the hearts of others.


4. You have a strong desire to help people

Because of a light worker’s empathetic nature, they often take up careers of service to others. Whether as a counselor, nurse, or even teacher of any kind, it is all further verification of a light worker’s dedication to make a solid contribution to the higher good of humanity.


5. You honor and respect the spiritual sense of life

The light worker sees a grander vision of the world. Like a small cog in a big machine, light workers realize that they are a small, but integral part of life that can have an effect on the world. Almost like panning out with a camera, the light worker is tuned into a spiritual sense that all things are related, and that with every action comes a very real reaction.

When the Earth witnesses destruction through the many pursuits of man, the light worker can feel a sense of loss, and even perhaps grief. This deep connection often leads to a close connection with animals and the environment, possibly even prompting their life’s work in one of these fields.

6. You’re a bit of a rebel

As the light worker is a bit different and doesn’t seem to quite “fit in” to the mold of society. Hierarchical structures don’t often work well in traditional organizations, and the authority that goes with them often make a light worker feel the need to rebel.

This anti-authoritarian nature is at the core of the healer’s being. It is connected to their life work to set a new way of living that transcends the blockages of spiritual evolution here on Earth.

7. You act as a voice for humankind.

Light workers often act as a representative for mankind through their own creative expression.  They depict the mental activities of society through the liberal arts, giving a voice to the thoughts of culture as a whole.

Inspiration to your Inbox


Throughout history, many sages have connected us through a depiction of their visualization in the most creative ways.  The light worker finds fulfillment in this self-expression. Their creativity, knowledge and intuitive nature make an impact on those they meet and ripple through humankind.

8. You admire the cosmos

Have you ever felt like you had “another home” in the great space beyond? The light worker has a fascination with the stars and expansion beyond our mere Earthly existence, feeling as if they’re directly connected with something beyond this planet.

The healer’s connection to source, the divine, and all that is in the Universe is strong in their spirit as they are guided to bring the light to where they are now.

light worker


9. You find yourself drawn to inspiration and personal development.

Light workers live as their best selves and help others attain the same. You see who we are and who will be can be in our daily habits. Because we are drawn to the light, we surround ourselves with inspiration, positivity and personal development activities. This could be in the form of physical, mental, or spiritual.

For example, you may spend time forming self-improvement habits. Think reading self-help books, practicing yoga, meditation, praying, personal development seminars, running, walking, going to church, listening to audiobooks, etc.


Live to learn to love.
Learn to love to live.
Love to live to learn
so that you may live the life that you yearn.
~ Rico Dasheem

Most of all, these healers can be free from seeking validation outside themselves as they realize the true empowerment that lies within. It is up to each light worker to continue helping to spread that message by shining their own luminescence outward.

Do you feel that you’re a light worker? Discuss in the conversation below, or weigh in on Facebook!


166 thoughts on “9 Signs You May be a Light Worker

  1. I started working in a. Rising home at the age of 21, first as a cleaner, then in the laundry, then as a nursing assistant/carer. Fast forward a couple of decades, I now manage a small nursing home and whilst I often dislike the amount of paperwork, I know this is how the highest of standards a are maintained for my beautiful residents! One of the highlights of my career was a few years ago after we’d had an accreditor visit he said “all nursing homes should be based on this” going on to tell me that he’d move his own mother into our home if it wasn’t so far away!
    I certainly found myself nodding for each paragraph as I read your piece, I’ve always known that I wanted to be a ‘helper’ in this world. I’m now looking into counselling as I feel I’m approaching a fork in the road. I’d still be able to visit the residents and branch out onto a different path of ‘helping’ ????

  2. I know I’m a light worker 🙂 Felt this way since a little girl…always wanting to please people, share and be kind, root for the underdog (always!) Peacekeeper of the family & for all.
    I found my niche about 7 yrs ago while training to become a Relational Volunteer at Senior Communities (Nursing Homes). I have a few residents at one place and one at another that I love to visit on a weekly basis. We chat, do nails & massages, laugh, play bingo, walk around, join for lunch, whatever it takes to make their day each week…I love this and so do they!!
    Talk about a ‘Helper’s High’….I walk out of there each week knowing I gave of my time to bring some happiness to someone whom rarely get this from anyone.

  3. I think, that In all of us is a grain of a “light worker”, for in our soul, we are destined to do good… to be good… it is life around us, difficult situations, that make us to side step from the road of light… but if we are recognizing it and work hard to get back on “track”, we are destined to succeed!

  4. As i type this comment I suddenly feel like I’m not doing enough about this awesome gift I have and I’m in the wrong field of work. I’m all 9 of those signs. Helping other brings the outmost happiness in my life. I want to do something about my gift….and make a difference in someone’s life.

  5. I think I’m a lightworker These descriptions fit me Feeling like you don’t belong in this world,struck mm-4 many yrs I have felt like I’m in wrong dimension

  6. I am a lightworker. I am a Massage Therapist which has lead me to my lightwork. I have been thru a lot of challenges in my life which I now know why. I am currently writing a book to help others with their challenges.

  7. Hi!! I wish I could meet with several other light workers and sit, discuss the world’s woes, and come up with a plan. But just continuing to spread light is okay too.

  8. I have all 9 and people admire/look up to me, so it is very clear I am a light worker.

    I’ve been this way since birth and if I ever lost my God-given gift I use to help others, I’d be scared, lonely, and lost without it.

    The Spirit world is as close to me as the air we breathe; I am a part of them and they are apart of me. Happy Holidays.

  9. I’ve always felt from a young age that I could be a “light worker”. I feel alot of the things mentioned is true. I’m always misunderstood and feel very comfortable being by myself. We are unique people who desire to be more spritual in our lives.

  10. I am a LIGHT WORKER. My purpose, unravels its destiny everyday. I hold only LOVE in my heart for others and our planet. I would LOVE like minded
    Friends. XOXOXO XOXOXO XOXOXO ???? ???? ???? ???? ???? ???? ???? ???? ???? ???? ???? ???? ???? ???? ???? ???? ???? ???? ???? ???? ???? ???? ???? ???? ???? ???? ???? ???? ???? ???? ???? ???? ???? ???? ???? ???? ???? ???? ???? ???? ???? ????

  11. I think I am a light worker, I knew from a very young age I would be a Nurse. Since the age of 15 I have worked in Nursing Homes, Private Duty. I also joined the Army and was a Medical Specialist and then did schooling for Nursing. I just stopped working a few years ago due to my own medical problems but miss helping people terribly! I am very sensitive and empathetic. I like to be around people if I am helping them otherwise I am ok with being alone.

    1. You Are! I can relate to your story.
      I too, have been guided away from my
      Previous career of service due to medical issues of my own. As a caregiver it is the hardest to care for others in the this capasity. Meditate,
      Ask for the purpose of your new calling. It will be given. XOXOXO

  12. I have seen "light worker" before but not an explanation. I have always been and felt like I'm on the outside looking in. Always observing. Puzzling over why people do the things they do. I remember being very young and my father telling me being a sensitive person such as I am was a good thing but also painful. I am happy I stumbled on this article. I have a place. <3

  13. Wow! This makes so much sense! I have always felt different, not like other people. For years "professionals" have beens telling me I should feel this way or I shouldn't feel that way, do this, do that. Well well well, maybe I just need to pay more attention to my feelings and work with them.

      1. I was originally an altruist, raised to be a monster. Born into heaven, cast into hell. I’m not the greatest, or the worst. The thing that sets me apart is: when someone really needs help, I will run to them. It’s the only reason I ever run. I’m no saint, but all of these marks are undeniably of my characteristics. I also get very mad in certain circumstances, which is to be expected of someone with my background. I have been telling people, for years now, that I prefer to be like a ghost; but that I will be an angel, if someone along my path needs me to, because nothing brings more joy to my life. I am agnostic, and I was a very different, selfish person….for most of my life. Eight years ago, I honestly believed that I couldn’t give a damn about anyone; people were just tools to be manipulated for my own desires….and even my survival too. Says a lot about where my priorities were at, right? 🙂 The only thing that really makes me cry, now, is knowing that I either can’t help, or that I can’t do enough.

      2. I always new I was different and very sensitive. Feeling like I don’t belong here but at the same time, I wanted to help people be their best self. Always wondered why people always was come to me for comfort. Amd I always seemed to have to answer or some conclusion. So this past year I start my awaking… Let’s just say that it has changed my life for the good. So focused and so many questions answer…

      3. I am 42 just realising what I am. Feel a bit lonely with it tbh but always have, but thankfully in a lovely relationship (he helped me see it). Need to relax into it now and trust it more. The battles (people) are getting bigger, more complex and harder. Somewhat frightening and it shouldn’t be…

      4. I am a light worker. I have always been drawn to helping people and wear myself out trying to help everyone. I have been working lately to recharge myself so I can be more helpful to bring light and love into the world.

  14. This also describes me so accurately. I'm a musician and teacher- and I often feel so misunderstood and even sometimes creatively bored – seeking and searching for more understanding and to make a difference. What are good careers for people like us? And yes to a community…

  15. This is so me. The more I read, the more I was thinking "OH WOW"!! I was fired from my job last fall (through no fault of my own other than age). When I was trying to figure out what to do with my life, I knew I wanted to leave that type of work behind. I randomly thought of the words Life Coaching one day. I googled it, found a school, went for a training workshop, loved it, and am now training to become a Life Coach! I haven't chosen what type I'd like to do yet but I do know it's my calling. What I was put here to do.

  16. Looking for advice. I feel like this describes me in detail. But part of this is I am quite an introvert. Which limits me from being around others. But I have a strong desire to help others and the world. And advice how I can do so with out feel overwhelmed by being around others.

  17. Samikshya Aryal Sometimes it's just too much! You don't gravitate to them.. They gravitate towards you without knowing it. Took many years to learn this. I am now leaving a horrific scenario because it has literally sucked me dry. Physically , emotionally and spiritually KILLING ME! as sad as I about it, I have to let go to survive. We can only help to a certain extend even though we want to do more! Take care of you and you will be able to help those that really want your light <3

  18. Samikshya Aryal Sometimes it's just too much! You don't gravitate to them.. They gravitate towards you without knowing it. Took many years to learn this. I am now leaving a horrific scenario because it has literally sucked me dry. Physically , emotionally and spiritually KILLING ME! as sad as I about it, I have to let go to survive. We can only help to a certain extend even though we want to do more! Take care of you and you will be able to help those that really want your light <3

  19. I can totally relate.. I do gravitate to the negativity around me without even knowing. I have recently been able to figure out the source of negative vibes around me and had to distance myself from them even when my heart keeps telling me that may be I can help them see things different.. I have tried but the process does exhaust me to a point I get a headache which I don't know how to deal with.

  20. I do feel like I feel others.. When i see a happy person it makes me happy and when i see someone really sad i find myself trying to understand the reason behind it..
    it doesn't make sense to me when people are being selfish and not caring about hurting others, i really don't understand why people are violent. I get angry at times but after my anger reaches a point i start tearing up but i have never been able to hurt any one else..

    one time some random guy at the bar flirted with me almost to a point that he tried to kiss me.. The most i could do was save myself from being kissed by pushing him away and next second my eyes were full of tears..

    is that what you mean by a light worker???

  21. Describes me to a tee. This is why I feel so different compared to others. I have been told that I am too sensitive and I'll admit that, always have been. I tend to be a rebel in life. I don't conform to the group and have my own ideas about how I want to live my life. Sometimes it does bother me because I wish I didn't feel so much. I wish the emotions would just stop, but if they did I wouldn't be me. I absorb other people's energy so easily and can feel the emotions of others so easily. I kinda always knew that I was his way, even from a young age.

  22. I have know my Calli f was that of a light worker bit allowed myself to pull back thinking so ethinf was wrong with me. I'm now on a path to rediscover myself and spread the love that was placed in me. Feels so amazing to be me.

  23. That just gave me validation of what I had just tried to explain of myself today. I've been this way since as long as I can remember. And I'm q home health care giver which its my passion to help and care for the sick, disabled and elderly . I've been told by so many that I was a god sent angel in there lives. I thank god for the gift and pray that I make him proud

  24. I have been like this even as a child before I could even understand what it was. Many people in my life think I am too sensitive. Or that I wear my heart on my sleeve. Also, some think I am a push over because I like to help friends and family whenever I can. Alone time refuels me and even when I was younger I spent a lot of time alone.. I have known I was different and I have been made fun of for being who I am.

  25. Yes, I'm definitely a Light Worker! I identify with everything and have always known all my life that I have a higher calling. I've tried to ignore it because I know having a higher calling doesn't mean its going to be an easy life. Especially when you're so sensitive, empathetic and a rebel. I've never felt too comfortable or properly fitted into the corporate world, even though that's where I chose my career. I could have gone far but I have too much of a conscience for it. i felt guilty, and felt I should be helping people, saving the planet instead of selling products. Now, after 20 years of being in the wrong field I'm finally going to follow my calling and I still have people opposed to it. I pray to God that he gives me the strength to achieve this my Dream and help inspire people.

  26. Yes overly senistive I believe empathetic and was always told I give warmth to ppl felt alone in every crowd and the other day almost got into an argument cause someone was using a phone in church it bothered me bad cause its a Holy place always believed I can understand animals n love helping ppl in anyway lpve seeing ppl happy love the stars was very fascinated by them would help and give my last as long as someone else is happy even of I needed it and of course self improvement and reading and losteni!g to positive affirmation and feeling drained

  27. When I read this list, I felt wow this is a complete description of me. I was amazed. Earlier I used to think there's something wrong with me coz I was so different from those around me. I care a lot, people around me find me very inspiring, am a social worker, very spiritual but still I would find myself alone in so many situations and misunderstood. Now I deliberately choose to either be with those few who understand me or be alone. It would feel great to be with those like me, so the other light workers here are free to add me. Thank you!

  28. I have always felt this way about myself, and as I grew older I knew it to be. I have experienced so many bad and good things in my life and now know it was for a reason. To be able to give back in any way I can, and to be able to connect with perfect strangers on a personal level for the first time as if I had known them a lifetime is a wonderful feeling. And knowing that I helped them in any way is the ultimate reward.

  29. Yes to all….and the Earth is in Dire need for love. and I feel like there is going to be a big movement with us….something is up. Blessings to everyone and you know what to do when it comes to spreading a little love. Love is all around no need to waste it! 🙂

  30. I identify so strongly with all 9 signs that there is no doubt I'm a Light Worker. I feel relief in knowing that actions and reactions I have had my entire life are now tangible and concise as to why I am here and what I am supposed to do with the time I have in this lifetime, on this earth. Looking forward to focusing on being the Light with purpose!

  31. I can so relate to this it's these things that Make me misunderstood . I'm so happy that I have a calling when others , see it as strange . I'm sure glad to have a good reason for the insanity I sometimes feel

  32. Yes, definitely me! Being so sensitive and empathic is really hard in this day and age. There is definitely a lot of negativity out there; I think it's our job, in part, to try to engage these people in conversation that will hopefully, eventually, help them to release that negativity. It's not easy being around them, but, as Caroline Myss says, if we don't do this work, who will? People will challenge our beliefs – and that's ok! We know who we are and what our purpose is … let them! Stand fast and strong and true to yourself, always – like a deeply rooted tree in a storm. Your intuition will always guide you to the place that will help you to become your very best self and serve the highest good, if you listen to it. <3

  33. Hello you others. Another fine mess we've got ourselves into…
    Ah well. No rest for the good.
    I am honoured to be in your company.
    Look to the Moon on Monday!
    The true turning of the season.
    Kali and Aquarius
    Both dancing in the moonlight.

  34. Also I don't have friends in my day to day physical life.. I felt compelled to make a new FB to skim the friendlist right down as I couldn't take the negative crap anymore.. Whenever I would post my truth ppl just kept coming on saying negative nasty stuff.. Now I only speak to people who get me.. I do have a few people on there for sentimental reasons but they probably see my posts and think I am mad.. I do not care tho.. I'm the one who knows me through and through 🙂

  35. I always felt like an old soul but I'm 39 and just now realizing that people that need help flock to me but I just figured I had good advice but I always was down on myself not realizing these people are steeling my energy I need to learn how to help people while protecting myself would love to know people to better help people like me understand all of this cause we are fascinating people

  36. I thought I was weird for having all of these qualities, especially with the Cosmo and my deep feelings for Mother Earth, and let's not even talk about perceiving others feelings, I would isolate myself most of the time, it would drain my own energy, but as I've gotten older I've learned to invert the energy on people and make them think what I want them to think of me which is also exhausting. I have a clear connection with the cosmo too, they've made me find my inner strength and revelations. my aora is filled with love n peace, I don't just know it but strangers would tell me that all the time.

  37. This is enlightening. To someone who dont understand why he or she has to go through the pain, even if you're just doing what's right, even if you get hurt because of your compassion, this is a great article. I hope that someday the light will be enough to lit all the dark parts of the world. Let's all do our best to keep our lights shining.

  38. Reading comments. Omg why do negative people home in on us. Then try to drain us dry. Hve learned to stop this now. But in the past made me ill. Our angels are best teachers. Xxx everyone

  39. Wow, this whole post was incredible and fascinating on two levels; the 9 points themselves, and am humbled to admit all do describe me, or the new me that I've began to create from a whole lives worth of negative space, experiences and energy. While i'm proud and starting to actively engage with who I always thought I was supposed to be and be doing what I always wanted to do, it again was so humbling to read everyones comments and posts sharing their own story. Seems there really is a theme in many others lives that resonates in my own, of not having many others in daily life that understand where I'm coming from, or are vibrating at the same frequency as you for support. But this post reminded me that you are out there 🙂 the little pick-up boost I've needed especially in this past week! haha so thanks! Namaste.

  40. Wow! This describes me perfectly and I have never met anyone who actually gets me. So nice to find other people just like me. The drawback being evil people somehow recognizing it and hating me for it. So much hatred from people I have tried to help. I have never understood why.

  41. I always tried to explain to my husband that when I am around a lot of people or even just a few or one on one it is like I can feel someones negative energy and it physically drains me, I don't think he gets it. It is much worse in a crowd. These 9 characteristics describe me, but I have always fought to suppress them I would like to learn how to embrace them and learn from them, and most of all help others by doing so. Worst of all I think I always took the negative feelings from others personally. I think I finally learned to not do that anymore.

  42. I can relate to your post in particular, Virginia. I, too, am a magnet for negative individuals who seem to need healing at a deep soul level… and of course I would love to be able to help them, but they end up becoming extremely angry and harmful towards me because they think that I can do it for them. When I envision certain people in my mind or when I'm around them, I see them grasping at me with a look of desperation in their eyes… they are grasping at my "light" and wanting to take it for themselves. Other times I have literally sensed a black cloud around certain individuals and I feel dirty after being in their presence or I feel very uncomfortable being around them and I need to get away as soon as possible. I have never minded being alone or being on my own. I enjoy my own company. I love to be social at times, but I also love to be alone. I have understood certain things at a very deep level from a very young age in childhood, and my ideas tend to not follow the norm!

  43. Live the life you love, love the life you live, find like minds, and others to share conversations with that understanding no human is strange. When strange becomes familiar expect the unexpected and you will focus your minds eye to perceive what will be.

  44. I knew I was an Empath and almost passed up this article. Glad I read it. It describes me COMPLETELY! Many around me (don't have many "friends) do not understand me, even the family. I usually have a lot of negatives gravitate towards me, into my life, and I try to help, heal, but then I am called a "nut job" :). I have always loved "me time", but I can also be a very social being. I am now in a place of negativity around me, and white lighting around me, and those certain beings do not understand why I have to pull away. Exhausting!, But I think I care more than they do. Could go on and on, but I truly find peace in myself and knowing who I am. <3

  45. I got all these 9 signs and I am told that I am strange and weird and wrong to be like that. Now I know what happen to me. I always knew that I am not a typical person like others surrounding me. After reading this, I feel much more confident and glad to be who I am. Thanks for sharing this.

  46. Wow, I never thought of myself like this but, answered yes to every question. I am proud to be part of this group. Kristen, you and all of your members are amazing. Thank you.

  47. I had just read 9 points that describes myself. But ! I don't know know if this has any relations to these nine points or may be the 10th point??? But I've been using my energy to help calm overwhelmed friends and family sometimes… ????? This is where I get confused… "using my energy on others" how is it possible???? And I've seen it help others??? How?

  48. I am relieved to read this. All of them resonated with me and I now understand myself so much better. I feel so much at peace spending time on my own, yet I love to be with people. I am so aware of other people's vibes. They also seem to project their negative issues onto me, when I know they are not my issues as I see the good, but now I have learnt to also see the bad in people. I am going to be studying interior design next year so I can use my gift to help people feel good at home and wherever else I am needed.

  49. My mother told me when I was 18,that I had a gift, and to use it well. I thought she was crazy, and didn't really understand. After she died,9yrs ago, in realized what that gift was. Its being a Light Worker…didn't know it had a name, we just always called it the Voodoo-Hoodoo!

  50. Nicole Welch There are a lot of parts to the story, but to keep it as brief as possible, but a few months ago i had a bit of a drug problem (not hard drugs, my drug of choice was pot), was in a relationship that didnt truly make me happy (was with the guy for 2 years who actually had a serious drug problem), and i recently graduated college and was looking for a job. I have always been a huge worrier, and I tend to hold a lot in. I was very down on myself and majorly lacked self-confidence and respect and I just couldn't figure out why. I prayed every night without even knowing it sometimes, that I could somehow figure out what the underlying factors were that were making me feel so depressed (pot was the obvious one). I hated confrontation, even though it needs to be done in life. In October, I finally got my first "real world" job, so I decided I had to stop smoking and get my shit together. Still wasnt admitting to myself that I needed to end my long term relationship. The more I ran from the truth, the more i started having physical pain. I kept making excuses like "oh, it's just withdrawal from pot you get stomach aches and lose your appetite, that's all it is." But boy, was I wrong. All the sudden, i just started getting even more and more sick. Eventually i somehow mustered up the courage to end my 2 year relationship, which was the first step because it was clearly done serving its purpose. The rest of that week i was in and out of certain physical, mental, and emotional states, at one point i actually made my mom sleep with me because i couldnt stop shaking and convulsing. I was so scared, I literally felt like i was going to die. But the next night, i had a dream and the dream was so intense, that i actually felt like the old me was dying, and the new me, the person i was destined to be and could not run from was being born. It was like i was shedding my old skin. The whole experience is still so baffling to me, but makes so much sense at the same time. I have always been a spiritual person, but now i can admit that i am and not be afraid of who i truly am. If there is anything i learned from my personal experience, it is that you CANNOT run from who you are destined to be, and where you are now is where you are supposed to be. I am still so fascinated about all this spiritual stuff, i would love to hear your thoughts, because it may teach me more about myself and my experience even more!

  51. I also feel a strong connection to all 9 of these signs; especially to #5. Thank you for sharing this, and I hope this article brightened everyone's day the same way it did mine!

  52. Beautiful article and I relate to it word for word! Especially number four and nine. I don't know if anyone has or could've put it any better… I knew what I was or at least am trying to be, just didn't know there was a name for it and others on the same page as me 🙂

  53. This is me to a T …glad I'm not alone. Is there someone who can teach us to do readings or anything like that. I feel like there is more to me than just this. Love this article..MIND BLOWN

  54. Yes to all 9…….love healing and I love being The Steel City Medium helping bring those who passed together with those they left behind. Healing them one person at a time. wwww.thesteelcitymedium.com ever so grateful for the gifts I was born with. Happy Holidays Everyone!!!!

  55. I never thought about it before, but all 9 signs ring a bell. I always knew, since childhood, that life was not about me, but about everbody else and that I was somehow supposed to facilitate or help the process of evolution the best I could. We have to be of service

  56. I´ve felt the same way too! Now I know, because lovely people have taught me that there's nothing wrong with being that way, in fact it's the best way I could be, but it took me 23 years to understand it. Now I'm embracing it, and more now that I've read this. Thanks so much for sharing this, and let us all know that we're not alone and teach us to let our own light shine in this beautiful world! 🙂

  57. To hear myself described here in these 9 points is relieving. I always thought there was something wrong with me. I looked at these qualities as weak or wrong, like they were something to be ashamed of because I absorbed the negative energy of those around me. But now that I know and believe this is who I am, I am proud and confident and will let my light shine a little brighter! Thanks! 🙂

  58. Wow. Just wow. I have read somethings and felt a connection, but I have never read something where each and every number was a true statement about me. Wow.

  59. I just recently had a psychosomatic experience and am realizing a lot about myself that I didn't consciously know before the experience…but subconsciously I always felt that there was a bigger reason why I was put on this earth and why everyone was put on this earth! This article made me realize that I just may be a light worker and I didn't even know it! Everyone is put on this physical earth for a reason even if you don't know it yet<3

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