Here’s What You Need To Know About The First Lunar Eclipse of 2016

Here’s What You Need To Know About The First Lunar Eclipse of 2016

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The first lunar eclipse of 2016 is coming up and there are important scientific and astrological implications to know about. As rare events, lunar or solar eclipses are fascinating to watch. An eclipse can also remind us of our small place in this vast cosmos.

In astrology, the impact of the relative position of the planets, moon and sun to us here on Earth have meaning for our lives. Some people do not believe in astrology but they do believe in science and observable evidence.

The supporters of astrology can point to observable evidence to back up their theories as well. As an example, the energetic pull of the tides as the Earth spins and the moon appears to travel across the sky is one observable change that is indisputable.

As humans who are made of mostly water, then, is it not possible that our bodily fluids feel the pull of the moon in response as the ocean tides do? And if we can feel the pull of the moon, even in the slightest way, is it also not possible to feel the effects of other planetary motion?

Astrologers say that these small changes in energy result in big changes for our emotions, thoughts, health, and consequently, our actions. A lunar eclipse is a significant astrological event that means big changes.

Here’s Whatt You Need to Know About the First Lunar Eclipse of 2016

The shifting energies prior to a lunar eclipse can begin in the weeks leading up to it.

A lunar eclipse is significant for astrology because it is a rare event and also because it always occurs with the full moon. A full moon has more effect on us than a crescent moon.

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What astrology has to say about the coming lunar eclipse

The effect of a lunar eclipse is a stronger one than that of the full moon. So what is the effect that we can look forward to? Change. Change can be stressful, but this change will be an improvement of some kind.

For example, you might have a change in job, but it will be one that is an increase in pay or some benefit to you than your prior circumstances. In some way, this change will be a loss of something that you once had, but which now is no longer important to your happiness.

It’s time to let go and begin anew.

Releasing something from your current situation will make it easier to make room for the good new change that is coming. After all, you can’t be ready to catch a gold coin if your arms are holding bags of pennies.

The best advice that you can heed with the coming lunar eclipse is to mentally and emotionally prepare yourself for an upheaval. Expect the worst and hope for the best. Be open to whatever possibility is coming. Think about prior changes that you have experienced that have been good for you, like breaking up with a horrible relationship.

The Scientific Facts of a Lunar Eclipse

This will be a prenumbral lunar eclipse which is different from a total lunar eclipse. During a prenumbral eclipse, the moon will appear foggy and darker colored, but there will not be a definitive line across the surface of the moon.

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