In decades, Millenials will be known for many things, hopefully more positive than negative.

We have become a generation that does not conform to any conventional structure. As we all know, society focuses on what we lack, rather than what we provide to the world. We are savvy, tenacious, and ambitious. We have learned that there is nothing free in this world.

But, we have also been known to depend on technology, and depend less on human contact. We are used to wars, political corruptions, and disasters. Other generations see us as heartless and that we have truly forgotten what it is to stand up for humanity and have compassion.

The true stoWe are living in transcending and extreme times. We can create a new world, and it moves through empathy and love.

Here are 5 ways millenials are going to change the world…

1. Stop the desire for instant gratification.

We are not alone in this world. There are billions of us inhabiting this planet. Because of all the technological advances, everything is at our fingertips. Guess what? There is a whole world out there that is not on a computer. When we take our time to absorb that and bring ourselves back to all that IS, the world will see a shift in short time.

2. We’re learning to deeply connect with others again.

Online dating has become the norm for meeting anyone. We rarely pick up the phone to call. Texting is our favorite form of communicating with others. The sexual revolution has allowed for us to sleep around and move on. Attachment has become a thing of the past. We get hurt and lick our wounds quicker than others in the past. If this person doesn’t work for us, another will. We date for entertainment.

Taking time to connect with others on a personal level is something that Millenials come to recognize. We’re seeing what depersonalization does to our society and we know that it isn’t sustainable. Old fashioned morals and the value of time are coming back once again. This time, they’re here to stay.

3. We’re learning to let go of self-absorbtion.

Dr. Jean M. Twenge shares research done in the University of South Alabama showing that “the narcissistic traits are increasing even faster than we previously thought. From 2002 to 2007, college students’ scores on the Narcissistic Personality Inventory rose twice as fast as we’d found in an earlier study that covered changed between 1982 and 2006.”

Why the epidemic? The ability to have plastic surgeries and other cultural changes in behavior has led to superficial behaviors. Our entire value system has been jolted by the ability to have things instantly at our finger tips. We have grown to believe that perfection fixes everything and it is mental distortion.

Now however, Millenials see the clarity in acceptance. We fully accept things, events, the world around us, and most importantly ourselves, as is.  We know that the only way to heal is through acceptance and stepping forward from where we are now.

4. We’re not getting too caught up in technology, but rather we’re learning to let technology become our laborer.

Social media and gadgets have given us an opportunity for complacency. Some live addicted to it, but it’s also an incredible tool to change our world, and we are the first generation to truly embrace this. We are learning to utilize this amazing venture of mass communication to our advantage. We are a generation that can accomplish more, faster, than other times in history.

As Millenials lay the path for the future, the world will see a coming together of ideas to help humanity, in every area imaginable.

5. We’re reinventing love

Love is evolving from how other generations loved. This generation is taking more chances and traveling farther. We are walking away from careers to just enjoy life. So in between all the negativity, we are loving ourselves more and therefore able to help others. We are experiencing the length of our lives now rather than waiting for later. We are thinking outside the box. Actually we’ve thrown the box away. We are learning to ask questions, rationalize and help others along the way.

This generation is more earth conscious and consists of tree-huggers, environmentalists and new hippies. We believe in “green therapy” instead of conventional psychotherapy. We are not restricted by time as we chose to make memories through our easy access to the world.

Millenials simply show new ways to love and expand knowledge out into the world. We are reforming our culture by our own experiences rather than that of our ancestors because we know that we must move with the times. Love is being readjusted and redefined. It’s not disappearing, it is merely modifying to this era. We are following our passions and expanding love while providing a new creative awareness in this world. We are transforming love and all that it entails in a way that might be seen as shallow, but it’s truly keeping up with our humanness in a new fast-changing world.

Our Ancestors knew that healing comes in cycles and circles.
One generation carries the pain so that the next can live and heal.
One cannot live without the other, each is the other’s hope, meaning & strength.” ~ Gemma B. Benton

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