6 Ways to Be The Change You Want to See In the World

6 Ways to Be The Change You Want to See In the World



In the world right now, we need to make some undeniable changes. This will advance us as a species and bring about an environment where all life can thrive. The chaos and destruction we see in our physical world directly reflect the mindset of the collective consciousness.


Indeed, we have literally brought about this world as a result of our thoughts and intentions. We have created an egotistical world built on the separation of power and the division of humanity. We have forgotten about the importance of working together, and have largely lost our sense of compassion towards others.


“Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile.” – Albert Einstein

However, all hope is not lost. In fact, now more than ever, we have the opportunity and ability to enact positive change. Here is how you can contribute to this revolution in a few ways yourself:


Here are 6 ways to create global change, starting now:

1. Instead of buying something new, give something away.

The effects of conspicuous consumption are far-reaching, and the consequences of taking more than we need won’t be pretty if we don’t turn ourselves around. And soon. However, in the age of endless consumption, there’s also a new movement on the other end of the spectrum–the rise of minimalism. People all over want to downsize their lives. Need proof? The tiny house movement is flourishing like never before.

People want to feel happy with less and can achieve this not only by purchasing smaller homes but also by giving away things they no longer need. Before you go out on a shopping spree, ask yourself if you really need what you set out to buy. If the answer is no, look around your house and see what you could give away to those less fortunate. You will feel better mentally, and your wallet will thank you, too.

2. Give someone a compliment.

Most people today, unfortunately, hear more bad news than good, but you can change that by simply offering others words from your heart. Imagine if we all made one another feel good instead of tearing each other down, what kind of world we would have as a result. Even if it feels awkward at first, complimenting others without expecting anything in return can lift the vibration of this planet and make others feel loved and important. Ripples create waves, so by you offering sincere kindness from your heart, they will want to share that energy with others, too.


3. Volunteer at an organization committed to the well-being of the world.

In almost any community in the world, you can find some organization or business that wants to cultivate a better planet. Whether that be the local food bank, homeless shelter, organic farm, donation center, etc, you can easily search for local volunteer opportunities. All we need to create a better world is people committing their time and energy to our planet’s well-being, and volunteering will help kick-start this process.

4. Allow others to open up to you.

Technology and the fast pace of life have made us more closed off and defensive in general, but you can break this chain by opening your heart to others and creating a safe space for them to do the same. On the bus to work, just ask someone how they’re really doing, not how they’ve been taught to tell others how they’re doing. Allow them to have the floor for whatever is on their mind, and you’d be surprised how quickly they open up to you. Plenty of people are hurting right now and just need someone to listen, and you can be the person that makes them feel loved and important.



5. Make a homemade gift for someone.

Whether for a friend, coworker, or family member, almost anyone appreciates a homemade gift from the heart. Put in a place where they can easily find it, and leave a nice note on it telling them how much you care about them. It will totally make their day, not to mention, encourage them to spread acts of kindness like the one you shared with them.

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