Take a moment and allow your mind to travel to a time when you were little, playing outside among the leaves and trees without a care in the world.  How much of that inner child is still with you today?

If you listen closely, that little boy or girl from your past is still trying to communicate with you through messages, divine interventions, or dreams. Our inner child never leaves us; we just forget about him or her as we grow older. Try to tune into these messages often, because your inner child can greatly help you along your spiritual journey.

Listen to these 10 things your inner child is trying to tell you:

1 – Don’t forget to laugh!

According to numerous studies, children laugh anywhere from 300 to 400 times a day, while adults laugh only 4 to 17 times a day. Growing older doesn’t have to mean laughing less. In fact, boundless opportunities exist for laughter, from playing charades with friends or family to telling funny jokes to coworkers. Throughout the U.S. and India, Laughing Clubs have emerged for people to get together and just laugh it up! Life is not as serious as we make it out to be, so don’t forget to laugh today!

2 – You’re safe now, and so am I.

Most of us endured some sort of childhood trauma that likely stuck with us for many years after the fact. Dealing with past pain requires a lot of inner work and acceptance of what happened in order to move on. Your inner child wants you to know that you can leave all the suffering in the past, and that a bright future awaits you.

3 – Keep things simple.

As a child, life was simple. You let your imagination run wild, and didn’t worry about tomorrow or yesterday. Why does this have to change as an adult? It doesn’t. You can still live a relatively simple life by practicing minimalism, playing outside as much as you can, and having a career that you love. Your inner child craves simplicity. Furthermore, he or she wants you to uncomplicate your life so you can enjoy it to the fullest.

4 – You’re going to do great!

How many times do you let negative self-talk take over your brain? As a child, you probably hadn’t let the negativity in society bring you down yet. However, you have the power to control your thoughts and rid yourself of toxic energy. So, wake up tomorrow and tell yourself that you will do great, and watch what happens!

5 – We’ll always be together.

Someone once said that adults are just kids in bigger bodies. Your inner child never leaves you, because it will always be an important part of you. As you get older, you may find that you have reverted back to a lot of your childhood tendencies, and you should honor that! Let’s face it – the best way to stay sane in this life is to let your true inner child shine through, and never let yourself take life too seriously.

6 – Let go of your pain.

If you want to turn the page in your personal story of life, you must let go of the past. Learn from it, forgive everyone who caused you pain, and move on. When you get rid of all the negative energy from your past, you make room for positive events and people in your life. You can’t finish your story if you stay stuck on the same page, so find the strength within you to accept your past as a valuable learning experience, and open your heart to the future.

Let go of pain - inner child

7 – Let’s play!

Children spend most of their time playing, while adults spend most of their time working. If you don’t set aside any time to let loose and have some fun, you will find that life gets pretty dull, pretty fast. Try to cut back on some obligations so that you can enjoy this life while you can. Contrary to popular belief, you were not just put here to pay bills and taxes. You deserve to enjoy this life for all it’s worth, so get outside and play hide-and-seek once in a while. It will make your soul feel good. J

8 – Don’t be afraid to love.

Children don’t have walls built up around themselves; they love freely, openly, and honestly will all their hearts. As we get older, we go through break-ups, heartache, and betrayal, and start to close ourselves off to other people. No matter how many times you get hurt, love others anyway. Unconditional love means loving others regardless of what they can give you or if they reciprocate your feelings, and children serve as the best examples of selfless love. Next time you want to shut yourself off from love, think of what your inner child would do. He or she would want you to keep love alive in this world, and give love another chance.

Don't afraid to love

9 – You’re pretty!

Children don’t automatically know what ugly means, because they have no ugliness in their hearts. They don’t perceive ugliness within themselves or the world around them, because they come into this world only knowing love and beauty. Look in the mirror and tell yourself that you’re beautiful – once you say this enough, you will start to believe it, and then you’ll see it. Channel your inner child and try to see the world through his or her eyes, free of discrimination, self-hate, and negative labels.

your are pretty - inner child

10 – I love you.

Perhaps the most important of them all, this affirmation packs a powerful punch. It reinforces the idea that you accept yourself no matter what. Your inner child would want you to love yourself as you are, because once upon a time, you did love yourself just the way you are! Hate is a learned behavior, and that includes self-hate. Remember your inner child as a beacon of light even on your darkest days, and love will come much easier to you.

Final Thoughts on Receiving Messages from Your Inner Child

inner child

Your inner child is still present inside your adult being. He or she is the little voice that tells you to have a bit of fun, loosen up, and open your heart. All you must do is tune in and listen.

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