How to Meditate to Improve Your Life

How to Meditate to Improve Your Life



When looking for success through the stillness, you may be wondering how to meditate to create more positive outcomes in your life. That’s perfectly fine – everyone wants a little more positivity in their lives and meditation is a great way to produce that positivity, as well as relieve stress.  Here’s a simple guide to meditation and how you can employ it in your daily life:



How to Meditate

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to go to some remote mountain and sit in a specific position to meditate. You can meditate in the most comfortable space – even on your bed! All you have to do is be somewhere where you can just empty your mind of distractions and focus on your breath, and eventually, nothing at all. Once you know how to meditate to create more positive outcomes, you will realize that this is an exercise you can do anytime you need to bring peace into your life.


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Where to Meditate

You can meditate almost anywhere; however, there are a few exceptions. Don’t meditate when you’re in a place you need to be alert. You certainly want to avoid trying to meditate while driving. Pick a place where you can be safe if you drift off to sleep while meditating. If you can go to a park or somewhere in the wilderness, that would be ideal. Find a spot surrounded by beauty – being in nature is a great way to just “be” in the moment with no distractions. Remember to turn your phone off when meditating as well.

What to Say as you Meditate

If you desire to manifest something specific, you can say or chant “I have (fill in the blank with whatever you are trying to manifest) while in your

contemplative state. Just focus on your breathing and keep repeating what it is you wish to manifest. If you are just trying to be more positive, for example, you could say, “I am positive and calm in all situations.” If you are trying to make more money, you could say, “I am financially abundant”. Of course, you’ll need to take action on the opportunities that present themselves after your meditation to fulfill your intention.


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When To Mediate

You can meditate before you have to make a big decision. Thi means that you can meditate right before you go to bed as a way to shut your brain off long enough for you to go to sleep.  Or, perhaps you can even spend some of your lunch break meditating when you are at work. You just have to make sure that you don’t meditate at a time when you need to be engaged with what is going on around you.

Inspiration to your Inbox


Meditation is a great way to uplift your mood. It doesn’t cost any money, you don’t need any special equipment, you don’t need any special skills, and you can do it alone or with a group. All you have to focus on is sitting still and being ‘in the moment’.


Do you practice meditation? Share how it has helped you in the conversation below!


30 thoughts on “How to Meditate to Improve Your Life

  1. Meditatation is like my secretary who puts my files together so when i open them i can view in with ease. The file cabinet is like our brain. The files are memories and you are the head honcho controlling whether to bring up those files or not

  2. I am trying to meditate regularly but when I do I meditate on breath as described in the article.while on inhale I say in my mind 'SO' on exhale 'hum' .find it quite effective.

  3. The old TM mantra "one" is a great one, too. The fact that they made everyone pay for an individual mantra and then gave them all the same one wasn't cool, but it's still a great mantra for promoting connection and unity.

  4. Suggested breathing techniques: Breathing is slow and relaxed manner, rhythmic, deep but not forced, diaphragm, with no movement of shoulders. Peace be still..

  5. I have adhd, I have tried thos so many times, my son can do this so easily I cant sitnstill but I know it would help me tremendously to learn this, any advice?

  6. Mediation is Great! It has helped with my Panic attacks and depression. I mediate with The Honest Guys. On UTube.

  7. I've never mediated BEFORE but want to start to help my stress level decrease and the years of my life increase to help me help myself!

  8. Meditation has been life changing for me. I've learned that I can be still and quiet and that that is ok; not only ok but has helped me process just about anything I have to and be a complete peace in what ever is going on in my life. The more I do it the more positiveness just rolls from me and to me <3 I'm able to reach that higher conciseness with out ever trying. I've really enjoyed certain Mantras; helps to feel connected completely on all levels in balance <3 <3 <3 living life with love as the intention

    1. Meditation is a great place to start Brijesh. Training the subconscious begins the moment you command your conscious mind to be quiet. Only then, can you hear your guide, the voice of your spirit.

  9. I've been meditating for a year and a half, and what a life charger that has been for me. I've learned to be a more peaceful presence, to love what is and to look for the positive in ever situation. I recommend it to everyone. I've learned to enjoy life even if it hurts. ???? 🙂

  10. Meditation has brought me inner self awareness as well as how to ground myself, relax, reduce anxiety, trust, and let go of things I cannot control.

  11. Great article! I have found meditation to be vital in my life. I suffered for many years with an anxiety disorder. It has taught me how to "be still" and "surrender."

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