What does it mean to be enlightened? Exact definitions vary, but the general idea is the same: that an enlightened person is someone who has had a spiritual, emotional, and psychological awakening of some kind. It is as though they are on a higher plane of existence while remaining just as human as the rest of us. Perhaps you think your partner has these qualities, or maybe you wonder if they do.

The qualities of an enlightened soul are primarily positive. They are brimming with compassion, patience, understanding, and many other attributes that make them incredible partners.

An enlightened partner has much to offer in a relationship, and they often foster healthy and unconditional bonds with those they are involved with. For that reason, an affiliation with such a person is an extraordinary and incredible thing.

But is your partner one of these people? Have they achieved this awakening? Have they transcended the simple explanations of life that words and language are restricted to?

Here Are 15 Signs Your Partner Is An Enlightened Soul

1.    They Are Kind

An enlightened soul is often very compassionate. This means your partner may be exceptionally loving to you in a unique way, but they will also extend a sincere, platonic love to all those around them. This is because they:

  • Care about others, even if they are not cared for in return
  • Are not self-focused, selfish, or self-centered
  • Believe that everyone is interconnected and they want to strengthen those connections
  • Want to make the world a better place
  • Have opened themselves spiritually to the world and to other people
  • Are nourished spiritually through helping others

2.    They Are Open-Minded

When you are enlightened, you become spiritually and mentally open. You realize more and more than your perspectives are not the only ones in the world. That’s what an enlightened partner sees, and that’s why they are open-minded.

Open-mindedness is a very positive trait, and it will allow your partner to see the world without preconceived notions or judgments. They will listen, observe, and seek understanding before drawing any conclusions.

So if your partner cautiously sees the world with light and love and does not make any judgments before they have all the information, they may just be a lovely enlightened soul.

3.    They Are Connected To Themselves

An enlightened person values their relationship with themselves very highly. As such, they never ignore me-time. Every day, they make sure to set aside a set amount of time that allows them to get in touch with themselves.

Everyday life can distract one from their deepest thoughts and desires, and that’s why your enlightened partner may value their alone time so much. They need to reconnect with who they are through the hustle and bustle of life. They may do this by:

  • Enjoying a drink or snack alone in silence
  • Going for a walk or hike
  • Meditating
  • Reading
  • Doing something hobby-related
  • Listening to music
  • Pampering themselves

4.    They Are Grateful and Content

An enlightened partner will understand that, while happiness cannot be constant, a feeling of contentedness certainly can be. They are always grateful for the gifts that life has bestowed upon them, so their positive thinking is still top-notch, and they do not suffer heavily from the burdens of stress and sadness.

This does not mean they are foolishly optimistic. Instead, they are happy and grateful that they are alive, and they accept that they are on a journey that has its ups and downs. They follow the coaxings of fate happily wherever they may need to go.

5.    They Are Humble

Despite their enlightenment, a partner whose soul has been awakened is never proud. They are confident, certain, and sure of their value and worth. But they are not proud. In fact, they focus on humility.

Enlightened souls are always humble because they know where they fall in the universe. They need no validation, even if they appreciate it from you, and they have no interest in proving themselves through arrogance. They are gentle, sweet, and kind, and they would never consider themselves better than anyone else.

6.    They Don’t Get Swayed By The Opinions Of Others

The many opinions of the world can cause you to lose sight of what you truly believe in. Your partner, if they are enlightened, will not face this problem. They have no problem going against the status quo.

Does this mean they will never take advice or criticism? Of course not! They are always happy to hear of opinions that they could use to improve themselves. But ultimately, they know that their desires, goals, and life path should not be shaped solely through the opinions of the world.

7.    They Are Understanding

When someone is enlightened, they will be very understanding. Your partner may be extremely patient, especially during disagreements, during which they will do all they can to see things from your perspective.

Plus, no matter how strange you think your own perspectives are, your partner will seek to be understanding. They will not condone negative behavior, but they have forgiveness in their hearts for mistakes.

8.    They Are Intuitive

Does your partner always seem just to know how you’re feeling, even when you’re not so sure yourself? They may be exceptionally intuitive, and intuition is a sign of an enlightened soul. Examples of intuitive experiences include:

  • Knowing when someone far away is having a bad day
  • Developing a strong feeling towards something or someone that turns out to be right
  • Thinking of someone right before bumping into them coincidentally
  • Accurately guessing who may be calling or texting before seeing the contact ID
  • Feeling like they should or shouldn’t go somewhere today and finding out later that it was a right decision

9.    They Respect Others

Respect is something that an enlightened person has for everyone. They maintain positive thinking when meeting people from all walks of life. They do not participate in disrespectful behavior, such as:

  • Gossiping or spreading rumors
  • Drawing conclusions based on assumptions
  • Dismissing someone due to their race, religion, education level, social status, or other factors
  • Playing favorites with friends or family

An enlightened partner will always respect you, and they will always respect others. They will offer basic courtesy, even to people they don’t like. Judgment is frowned upon and seen as unhealthy and unproductive – which it certainly is!

10. They Maintain Their Health

An enlightened soul will know that their physical health is crucial to their mental health. They want all aspects of themselves to be in healthy, positive harmony so they can be their best selves, and as such, they will care for their physical health by:

  • Consuming a balanced diet
  • Exercising regularly
  • Visiting doctors when necessary

They will take care of their mental health by:

  • Freely expressing their emotions
  • Processing and working through problems maturely
  • Making sure to take time for themselves

They will take care of their spiritual health by:

  • Meditating
  • Drawing close to a religion or spiritual belief of their choice
  • Prioritizing their life journey

11. They Are Dedicated To Self Improvement

An enlightened partner will not be offended if you point out their mistakes, and they will not consider themselves to be always in the right. Instead, they want to improve themselves through open-minded learning and growth continually.

When an enlightened person makes a mistake, they process it, learn from it, and grow. They don’t spend ages beating themselves up over it or hating themselves for their errors. They know mistakes are part of being human, and they know that through these mistakes, they will become better people.

12. They Make Their Own Path, Even Against The Crowd

We’ve already briefly touched on this, but it needs to be reiterated. An enlightened soul doesn’t require the affirmative approval of a crowd to determine what they have to do. They make their own unique path and walk down it proudly.

For many enlightened souls, their lifestyle is not the same as those who have yet to achieve awakening. As such, they have to be okay with being different from the rest – and they are! What matters to them is that they are true to their beliefs and values.

13. They Are Emotionally Open

Sometimes, romantic partners wind up being closed-off emotionally or lacking emotional stability. That’s not the case with your partner. They are secure in their identity and are in touch with their feelings, allowing you to both discuss them freely and insightfully.

This also indicates that there is no strong sense of ego from your enlightened partner. They do not turn to anger in order to handle emotions they are ashamed of – they feel freely, happily, and readily, as all humans are meant to do.

14. They Are Honest and Authentic

Someone who has an enlightened soul has to have self-worth and self-esteem because they must be their true, authentic selves. They don’t want to conform to society; they want to be free to be who they truly are, and they are not ashamed of their honest selves. As such, they don’t concern themselves with:

  • Social media likes or followers
  • The status quo
  • Becoming an influencer of any kind
  • Pleasing others by changing who they are
  • Hiding their true identities

enlightened partner
They Are Not Afraid Of The Future

The future is a frightening concept to many people, and for a good reason. It’s unknown, and absolutely anything could happen. An enlightened partner will not be afraid of it, however. In fact, they will welcome it with wide-open arms.

To an enlightened partner, change is positive, and they believe that destiny will take them where they are meant to go. They do not waste time stressing out over their inability to see into the future – they plan, they prepare, and they let the universe take them where it may as they adapt all the way.

enlightened partner
Final Thoughts on Your Relationship With An Enlightened Partner

An enlightened partner is a scarce gem – a treasure to be cherished, respected, and loved. Whether or not you believe you have enlightened yourself, you can learn much from a partner who has achieved this goal that so many of us strive for.

So, if you have one such partner with an enlightened soul, hold onto them tightly. They are truly beautiful people to be around, and there will never be a moment where you cannot bask in their peace and wisdom.