While it’s rare to come across an enlightened woman in today’s world, you will know it when you do come across her. She carries herself differently, with an air of confidence and, at the same time, humility. She knows what she wants, and doesn’t hesitate to go after it. An enlightened woman doesn’t worry about what other people think of her, because she knows only her opinion of herself matters in the end. As an enlightened woman, she knows that she steers her own vessel, and can go wherever she pleases in life. Enlightened women just seem to know things that the masses don’t know, which makes them seem as if they came from some other far away planet, rather than this one.

Here are 5 signs you’re in a relationship with an enlightened woman:

enlightened woman

1. She takes time to reconnect with herself (meditation, yoga, etc)

An enlightened woman knows that silencing her thoughts and regaining strength and balance will help her to establish a better relationship with herself. No matter how busy her schedule, she takes some time out of each day to sink into the beauty of solitude and relaxation, whether through yoga, meditation, or some other calming ritual.

An enlightened woman realizes that through the chaos and constant hustle and bustle of the world, going within provides the only solace and relief from this overworked, overtired, crazy world we live in. She looks forward to every chance she gets to disconnect from the “real world,” and reconnect to what truly matters: the universe within her heart and soul.

2. She doesn’t let other people’s opinions keep her from her dreams.

An enlightened woman follows her dreams, no matter if everyone else can see them or not. She doesn’t care what other people think of her or her life plans; she knows what she wants, and doesn’t stop until she gets it. However, she doesn’t totally discard people’s opinions; she will listen quietly and respect people’s right to voice their opinions. She just doesn’t let those opinions keep her from her ultimate goals in life. People see her as headstrong, fierce, and goddess-like, because she believes in herself and doesn’t let anyone cut her down.

3. An enlightened woman doesn’t blindly follow the masses just to feel accepted.

An enlightened woman will march to the beat of her own drum, regardless of how everyone around her chooses to live. She doesn’t care if people accept her, because she knows that it only matters if she accepts herself. She might live a totally different lifestyle than the people around her do, but that doesn’t bother her. As long as she stays true to her heart and lives according to her highest truth, then she feels content and balanced in life. She knows that if everyone does something, it probably isn’t the best thing to do, so she creates her own rules, and doesn’t apologize for it.

4. She treats everyone she meets with kindness and respect.

Even if she doesn’t see eye to eye with everyone in her life, she still treats them like she would want to be treated. She doesn’t judge them or condemn them for their beliefs. Instead, she realizes that everyone must walk their own path in life, and honors that. She doesn’t bash people or make them feel bad. In fact, she lifts them up and makes them see the brightest parts of themselves, even if they can’t see that. She wants everyone to feel good about themselves, and shares all of her positive energy with everyone she meets.

5. An enlightened woman doesn’t fear the future; she embraces it.

While most people live in fear of the unknown, this excites her. The endless possibilities that await her in the future fill her with a sense of wonder and hope. She knows that worrying about the future only takes away this moment’s opportunity for peace, so she simply lives in the present and creates her future as she goes along. An enlightened woman knows that trying to control and predict life will only frustrate and disappoint, so she chooses to not let the worries of a date that hasn’t happened yet get to her. She embraces everything that happens in her life, whether good or bad, knowing that each situation holds an important lesson along her journey.