You know what to look for in a cheating partner, but what about one that has eyes for only you? Are there any signs and indications that a person will be a faithful spouse? Life and seasons change, and anyone can find themselves in a situation they weren’t prepared for.

However, the mindset and wiring of a cheater are often very selfish and narcissistic, so they tend to put themselves first. A cheater usually has characteristics like:

  • A flirtatious nature
  • Lies a lot
  • Has an increase or decrease in intimacy with you
  • Works late hours with no extra money
  • Has financial issues
  • Is secretive with their phone
  • Deletes or has numerous social media accounts

The list is quite massive that can help you spot a cheater, but how do you pick the one who won’t betray you? Are there some unique signs or characteristics that you should look for in the vast dating pool?

Fifteen Behaviors of a Faithful Spouse

faithful spouse
If you want to spare yourself the heartache and pain, then you should learn to identify the behaviors of those who will be loyal to you. Here are the most common characteristics and behaviors of the faithful spouse.

1. They’re An Open Book

People who have something to conceal tend to be a bit secretive. However, if a person is an open book with you, it shows they have little to hide and probably aren’t deceptive. While you can always be fooled, those who are incredibly honest tend to be truthful too.

2. They Didn’t Remain Friends with Their Ex

While it’s noble to maintain a friendship with the ex-lover, it can be dangerous. Remaining on friendly terms is different than still talking and hanging out. When this person keeps close ties with the ex, then it’s a cause for alarm. However, when they say it’s over, they truly end things; it’s a sign they are done.

3. They Are Conscious of Your Needs

Do they care about your needs? If you want ice cream at 3 am, will this person go get it for you? Being faithful is all about being conscious of making you happy, so they’re willing to go the extra mile. This person wants to be with you, so they want you to be content and at ease in life.

4. They’re Not Possessive

Jealousy or the green-eyed monster is a big problem. Most jealous people either have been cheated on before, or they’re guilty of being the cheater. No matter how it comes up in your relationship, it’s never a good sign.

5. They Do Tons of Little Things for You

The little things are really what makes your relationship special. Does your partner make coffee and breakfast for you each day? What about buying you flowers “just because?”

All these extra things, you don’t require them to do, help to make your relationship fantastic. Plus, when they’re attentive to you, they don’t have a minute to think of anyone else.

6. There’s No Bad Boy or Girl Vibes About Them

The proverbial bad boy or girl gives off a vibe that is hard to ignore. While the bad boy may be attractive, they usually have loose morals and standards for living. They march to the beat of their drum, and they tend to be a rebel.

An article in Glamour Magazine interviewed women who went for the nice guy and those who went for the bad boy. Many underestimated the motives behind the nice person, but they notated the emotional roller coaster of hooking up with a thrill seeker.

Many people come disguised with various outward appearances, and you need to find out the true motives and see the heart. Remember the old saying that you can never judge a book by its cover because it can be camouflage.

7. They Remember All the Special Dates Like Birthdays and Anniversaries

It takes a lot for a person to remember dates. With all the passwords and other things required in today’s life, your brain can be on overload. However, the faithful person sees these as relationship holidays, and they won’t miss one of them.

8. It’s Been Years, and They Haven’t Changed

Stability is vital in any relationship, and you can tell a lot about the future by looking at the past. Does this person have a history of cheating? Serial cheaters usually remain unfaithful and don’t think that you can change them.

However, if they were a faithful spouse in a previous relationship, then it’s a good indication that you’re safe with them.

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9. You’re Friends with Their Friends

Engaging and being a part of their friend’s life gives you an advantage. A cheater won’t allow their partner to get too close to their buddies, as they’re afraid some of their secrets might come out. However, if they welcome you into their inner circle, then it’s safe to say they’re a keeper.

10. There’s Passion and Care Far Beyond the Bedroom

Many people think of passion and intimacy as something that only happens in the bedroom. Such acts go far beyond the bedroom. For instance, does she kiss you every day before you leave for work?

What about your man? Does he hug, rub your neck, hold your hand, and whisper sweet nothings in your ear?

11. They Text or Call When They’re Away from You

You can always tell if you’re on someone’s mind by the communication. Do they call or text when they get a break at work, or are they eager to talk to you as soon as they get off for the day? When your number one on the speed dial, then it’s also possible that this is the ranking of importance in their life.

The person they think about all day long, and they can’t wait to talk and be with is you. These are all indications that they will be a faithful spouse to you no matter what comes your way.

12. They Got Rid of All Dating Apps

It’s very suspicious when someone starts dating, but they won’t get rid of all the dating apps. Why do they need to stay in touch with these folks, and is there a chance they have a couple of different relationships going on? When someone gives you their heart, they won’t think twice about getting rid of dating apps and clearing exes from their social media profiles.

13. They Tag You in Social Media Posts

Speaking of social media, if they tag you in all their posts, they’re saying to the world that you’re connected. They won’t mind sharing memes about love or jokes about relationships with you. Interacting with your wall and you with theirs is just another sign of commitment these days.

14. They’ve Linked Their Social Media Bio to Yours

Most social media, like Facebook, have a place where you can link your profile to a spouse, partner, girlfriend, or boyfriend. If they link your profiles together, it’s safe to say that they want to make sure everyone knows that you’re taken. Plus, it also shows you that they have nothing to hide.

If a person is this open to the world about your relationship, they have no thoughts of cheating on you. Cheaters often play it low-key on social media accounts, and they won’t connect anything to you or anyone else.

15. They Are Genuinely Interested in Your Life

Finding someone that cares about you and your life is a gem. The person who wants to hear about your day holds you when you cry or are upset, and shares your dreams, is a keeper. However, when someone invests so much time in your relationship, including getting to know your most intimate desires, they’re usually not the cheating type.

faithful spouse
Final Thoughts on the Treasure You Hope to Find in a Faithful Spouse

When you consider the dating world, it’s pretty scary as things don’t always appear as though they are. However, before you make someone your spouse, you want to make sure that they have your best interests at heart and that they’re not a serial cheater. The most significant indication of how the future will be is to look at the past.

Have they cheated before, or were they faithful to their other loves? You want someone that is with you for the long haul, and you don’t want your heart to be to be broken. If you’ve ever been cheated on before, you know that it damages your self-esteem as well as gives you trust issues.

Thankfully, these 15 habits and behaviors can help you to weed out the good from the bad. Keep in mind there are no guarantees, as time and chance happens to everyone. According to Health Research Funding, about 60 percent of folks admit to cheating on their spouse at least once, so there are no guarantees.

However, by taking your time and really getting to know someone, making sure you’re a good fit, and developing a deep relationship, you lessen the chances that this will happen to you. You can find a faithful spouse, but it will take some effort.