If you want a solid romantic relationship built on mutual respect, you must be willing to put some work into it. One partner cannot make all the effort, as it takes both people to get things to a good place. However, when you are striving to make things better, you can have the relationship you desire.

Fifteen Ways to Build Mutual Respect in Your Romantic Relationship

It’s possible to turn your entire relationship around in just 21 days. Experts say that you’ll subconsciously begin doing these sweet tasks when you make a practice of them in as little as three weeks. Here are some things that can help you to build mutual respect in your relationship.

1. Celebrate Milestones

What would life be without any celebrations? If your partner gets a promotion at work, you should celebrate. If you pay off a significant bill, then it’s a cause for celebration too.

When you learn to take time out from your day to celebrate these milestones, it feels good and allows you to develop a deeper relationship. So why not have a nice dinner and time away from the daily grind with the one you love? These happy occasions help sustain you when things aren’t so good.

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2. Build Admiration for One Another

Think of respect as a two-way street with traffic coming and going. If one partner has all the respect and admiration, but the other doesn’t, then it will never work. The opposite of respect is rejection, and you won’t show your partner how much they mean to you when you’re disrespectful.

3. Take an Evening Walk Together

Something is refreshing about taking a walk together in the cool of the evening. Walking together and talking about your day, goals, and life generally helps your relationship. You develop mutual respect when you share a conversation and feel the comfort of one another’s intimacy.

4. Talk Each Other’s Love Language

Gary Chapman’s book The Five Love Languages turned the romantic world on its head. Each person has a way they show and receive love. For some, words of affirmation mean so much, while others need acts of service or quality time.

Take time exploring your love language and your partners. It will open a whole new level to your relationship where mutual respect comes easily.

5. Communicating Without Restrictions

Communication is vital in any relationship. However, there should be no limitations on what you communicate about. You must be able to talk openly and freely about anything and everything.

6. Always Say, “I Love You.”

These three little words have such a powerful meaning. You should never forget to tell the one you love how much they mean to you, and you need to work it into your day at least once.

Some people overuse these words, and it loses their luster. However, before you hang up the phone, go to sleep, or leave for work, it should be the first thing that rolls off your tongue. Do you know how many people wish they could tell their spouse again how much they meant to them?

7. Appreciating One Another

Do you appreciate the things that your partner does for you? Also, do they understand you? When you respect one another, you learn to appreciate all those things they do, say and are to you.

8. Resolve Differences Quickly

Your relationship will have differences, but how you handle them says a lot about you. First, don’t be quick to anger, as this person is the one you love. Second, ensure you don’t go to bed angry, as you’re not promised tomorrow.

If you have a dispute, talk through things and work it out. Be willing to listen and eager to forgive. So many relationships are destroyed over petty things that should have been settled long ago. Additionally, if you start name-calling and using manipulation tactics in arguments, you’ve turned your union into a toxic one.

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9. Go to Bed Together

One partner may like to stay up to 1 or 2 am, while the other person wants to be in bed by 11 pm. If you’re not going to bed at the same time, how do you expect to have a romantic relationship? Mutual respect is essential in the bedroom too.

Even if you need to read a book while they sleep, just having your body close to theirs will give them peace and help them rest. Don’t let your partner go to bed alone, as it can be an issue that causes a major rift.

10. Connect Throughout the Day

How many times have you heard someone say they’re too busy? Yet, people always tend to find time for what they want to do regardless of their schedule. Even if it’s using text messages and emails, you need to stay connected to your partner throughout the day.

Everyone has 5-10 minutes to check in on breaks at work. By establishing this connection throughout the day, you have less catching up to do at night, which frees up time for other things.

If you want to keep the romantic fires burning, you must make time for the one you love. A fascinating book written by J. Covey entitled How to Text a Girl, advises keeping a woman hooked through great text messages. But, of course, the same topic can also apply to men. This physics professor from the University of Illinois puts a scientific spin on a relationship that’s worth the read.

11. Make Physical Contact

Touch is powerful and can be healing. But did you know that embracing someone releases endorphins that can benefit your mental and overall health? According to a study published by the National Library of Medicine, women who received frequent hugs from their partners had lower levels of cortisol, the stress hormone.

Additionally, they also had lower blood pressure and a better heart rate. The power of touching one another is vital for your overall health, so even if it’s just holding hands or embracing, make sure that you take time for such acts.

12. Embrace Teamwork

When you become a couple, it’s no longer about you. As the old saying goes, there’s no “i” in teamwork. You’re a couple now, so you must view everything as mutual. No house or car is just yours when you put everything together. It takes time to adjust, but you must look at things from a team perspective rather than an individual one.

13. Enjoy the Little Things

It truly is the little things that make your relationship so unique. For example, do you get up and make coffee every morning for your partner, or do you start the car to make sure it’s nice and warm for them? All these small things add up, so make sure you’re appreciative of each one.

14. Speak Positively to Others About Your Partner

Every couple has issues they want to overcome, but you shouldn’t share them with those around you. Instead, keep your relationship private and only speak positive things about your partner when you’re with others.

Your words have power, and if you continuously speak negative things about your partner, you will soon gather support from others. If you have an issue with your mate, you should talk to them about these issues and not everyone else.

15. Help with Household Chores

This certainly isn’t as fun as celebrating or having a date night, but it’s an integral part of a relationship. The household load should be 50/50, primarily if you both work full-time jobs. If one person is carrying the majority of the workload, it will cause significant issues.

Both parties must pull together to accomplish the mundane tasks, which will leave more time for fun and enhancing your relationship.

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Final Thoughts on Mutual Respect in Romantic Relationships

Even the best relationship is demanding and requires lots of time and effort. However, whatever you put into your union will repay in dividends. You will see positive changes when you put the fifteen new behaviors listed above into practice.

Have you seen people who’ve been married for forty to fifty years and think there’s no way you could ever do that? The difference between these people and many others is that they didn’t give up. Sure, there were many times that they could and probably should have walked away, but they committed to one another to stay.

Don’t be so eager to move onto the next relationship when you have someone you know that completes you, but there are issues. Sure, there are many available folks out there, but each time you give your heart away, they keep a piece of it. The more relationships you go through, the more emotional baggage you carry.

You can change your current relationship by incorporating mutual respect. It will make you a happier, more accomplished person, and it doesn’t require any money.