Have you ever wondered why you can’t “give” respect? It’s because this vital element of human nature must be earned. This is a life-long process that includes honesty, integrity, and offering mutual admiration.

How do you feel when other people disrespect you? It makes you upset, angry, and maybe a little bitter. We all value respect, but we must pay the price to earn it. Respect isn’t automatic, and it doesn’t come quickly.

If you want any personal or professional relationship, you need mutual regard. Without it, the association is doomed to fail. Successful people understand this, so they work hard to earn the trust and respect of their mate, family, friends, and co-workers.

Leaders can’t go anywhere without the admiration of those they lead. You receive authority as a leader, but you work to earn trust and esteem. After you’ve earned respect, then you take it a step further to gain influence.

Ten Ways Successful People Earn Respect

Do you want to be a person that others admire and hold in high regard? It takes dedication, character, genuineness, and hard work. Here are ten ways that you can earn respect from those around you.

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1. They’re Honest

According to an article published by the Hoover Institution, honesty has played an essential role in human society throughout recorded history. If you want to gain the respect of others, you must be honest with them. Honesty builds trust, and trust builds solid relationships, both personal and professional.

Of all the intolerable characteristics and habits, people almost certainly hate lying and cheating the most. How could you respect someone who lies every time they open their mouth? If someone would cheat a grocery clerk who gave them a couple of dollars in change instead of one, who else would they cheat?

The old saying that honesty is the best policy is accurate. When a friend, co-worker, or loved one can trust you in the small things, they will trust you with more significant situations. Being truthful and honest paves the way to earn respect from others.

2. They Are Passionate in Their Work

Have you ever seen people who display true joy when they are working? No matter if they’re doing a menial task like sweeping and mopping floors, their positive attitude makes them seem like the CEO of the company. When you have a passion for what you’re doing, people will respect you for it.

Do you have ideas or plans that you want to share with your co-workers or supervisors? They will only believe in you and your work if you show them passion. Employers respect employees who are loyal, dedicated, and passionate about their tasks.

Such a positive attitude can garner the respect you need to be promoted or get a raise. It’s also the best way to encourage investments in your projects or ideas. Be passionate about what you’re doing, no matter if it’s at home or in the office.

3. They Get the Job Done

There’s an old saying that states, “if you want something done, then give it to the busiest person you know.” That adage is often true because respectable people value hard work and efficiency. You will earn esteem from others when you finish your tasks as needed.

While people who procrastinate may be honest and great folks, they lose respect when they’re not doing their job. Unfortunately, some people can’t focus enough to bring a task to completion. As you work diligently and finish what you commit to, people won’t hesitate to trust you for other things.

4. They Show Gratitude

In a study published by Psychiatry Edgmont, the writers state that being grateful has a positive effect on your well-being. When others do nice things for you, they like to be appreciated. It only takes a few seconds to sincerely thank someone for a gift or an act of kindness.

Do you have an attitude of gratitude? You earn respect from others when you are grateful to them and for the blessings that surround you. It’s almost impossible to look up to someone who is always grouchy and full of negativity.

When you are grateful, you create an atmosphere of gratitude and positivity around you. Friends and family recognize your zest for life and appreciation for what you’ve been given. It’s an attitude that they will respect and want to replicate in their lives.

5. They Inspire the Best in Others

Who are the heroes in your life? What are the things you respect and make you want to be like them? Perhaps it’s your parents, other family members, or other reliable mentors you’ve had. These respected people bring out the best in you.

On the flip side, who are the people in your circle of influence? Your most significant challenges are gathered around your dinner table. Parents are usually their children’s role models, and it’s up to you to earn their respect and emulation.

Are you a source of inspiration at work and in your community? Others show you deference when you sincerely encourage them. They will see you as a friend, mentor, and respectable leader.

bully a plant
IKEA’s Bully a Plant project proves the power of positivity can alter your outcome.

6. They’re Humble

It’s challenging to be around an arrogant person who is continually bragging. No matter who you are, what you’ve done, or where you’ve been, they’ve done it better. Those who lack humility only earn them your ire, not your respect.

Being humble doesn’t mean you’re higher or lower than anybody else. It merely means that you are on equal footing. People respect you when you are down-to-earth and aren’t trying to be something you’re not. They also show you esteem when you aren’t displaying fake humility.

7. They’re Open-Minded

Have you known people who say it’s either their way or the highway? Opinionated and stubborn folks often create toxic relationships in their personal and professional lives. Everyone has different views and opinions, but it’s essential to respect other people’s viewpoints.

Respected people are open-minded and are willing to listen to what others have to say. This skill is honed by being an active listener. Instead of just hearing what the other person is saying, you listen without interrupting, mirror their emotions, and ask for clarification.

To earn respect, you must show respect to others. Family, friends, and co-workers need to see that their opinions and feelings matter to you. Staying open-minded builds on that mutual trust and respect.

After you have a conversation with your family, friends, or co-workers, take what they say to heart. Maybe they do have a better way of doing something or thinking about a situation. If you’re still of the same opinion, you can agree to disagree and keep mutual respect.

8. They Stand Up for Others

Have you ever encountered a bully, perhaps on the school playground? Bullying is not a new problem, shares an article published by ASIS International. In the earliest civilizations, people were harassed and bullied in just about every civil, family, military, and religious group.

Such abusive personalities use fear and intimidation to demand respect from others. It’s not a phenomenon of school-age children. The article mentions bullying in the workplace as a serious problem. Pushing others around and stomping on them will only produce fear and hate, never respect.

People who are respected challenge the bully’s motives and stand up for others. They have the courage to speak up for those who can’t speak for themselves. Also, respected people refuse to allow others to disrespect and intimidate them.

9. They Keep Their Word

Remember that your reputation is only as good as your word. Years ago, a handshake and your word of honor were as good as a contract. When you tell people that you will do something, please do it. Those who keep their word earn respect in personal and professional relationships.

10. They Aren’t Afraid To Apologize

There’s no such thing as a perfect person, and it’s futile to try. No matter who you’re, you’re bound to make mistakes and have shortcomings every day. When you’ve messed up, you may feel like nobody will respect you again.

It’s a respectable person who can confess to mistakes and shortcomings. If you’ve offended someone, don’t be too proud to go to them and sincerely apologize. Sometimes, more significant offenses take time for healing and forgiveness, and it may never happen.

You’ve done your part when you’ve apologized, so it’s up to the other person to forgive. At least you’ve done the honorable thing and apologized and tried to make amends. In many situations, the other person will respect your honesty, accept your apology, and offer forgiveness.

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Final Thoughts on the Ways Successful People Earn Respect

Everyone wants to be admired and respected for who they are. If you’ve accomplished this, you have something that money can’t buy. Remember that to be respected, and you must be as considerate of other people’s thoughts and feelings as they are of yours.