Using positive affirmations in life can benefit you in so many ways. One of the most critical ways it helps you is that it releases toxic thinking from your life. You can think more clearly, more positively, and more productively.

Don’t let toxic thinking interfere with your life. Keep moving forward and replacing negative thoughts with positive ones. Changing your negative will come naturally before you know it, and you won’t experience toxic thoughts as often.

The key is to find some positive affirmations that genuinely work for you and then memorize them to recall at a later time. Whenever you find yourself struggling with toxic thoughts, repeat the affirmations you have learned. This habit will help you get through the negative times positively, without using destructive thoughts.

Twenty Positive Affirmations to Release Toxic Thinking

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Anytime you notice that you are thinking a toxic thought, recall these positive affirmations. Speak them out loud to yourself so that you can replace the negativity. Please share them with friends, too, because you never know who else needs to release toxic thinking from their life.

1. I choose positivity and feel the negativity leaving my body.

When you speak this affirmation to yourself, you will feel positivity creeping in. You will also feel the negativity releasing. This affirmation can allow the positive feelings to overshadow the toxic ones.

Repeat it to yourself on the bad days or in any moment of uncertainty. Negative thoughts should never be welcome in your life, so ensure you are always choosing positivity.

2. I abandon all toxic thoughts.

Toxic thoughts can cause many problems for you in life. It can interfere with your well-being, your relationships, and your careers. If you can let go of those toxic thoughts, you’ll be much better off.

Abandon the toxic thoughts by replacing them with positive thoughts. Be mindful of your thought process so you can get ahead of the toxicity.

3. I can control my thoughts, and no one else can.

You are the only person in charge of your thoughts. Don’t let anyone else get in the way of your positive thought process. Decide to replace the toxic thoughts with positive ones, and don’t let anyone else affect your thoughts.

4. I overcome all obstacles and challenges in my life.

There will be obstacles and challenges in life, but that shouldn’t cause toxic thoughts. It is okay when things don’t work out correctly, and you can’t let it stop you. Remind yourself that you can overcome anything, and negative thinking won’t take over.

5. I am filled with positivity.

By telling yourself that you are filled with positivity, then you will be. When you speak these words to yourself, your brain processes them and turns them into reality. When you tell yourself that you are filled with positivity, you will notice your thoughts are more optimistic.

6. Toxic thoughts have no place in my life, and I will not allow them to control me.

Remind yourself often that toxic thoughts don’t have a place in your life. They don’t offer any benefits, so you must avoid them.

Don’t let them control your life or your decisions. This affirmation will help you remember that toxic thoughts don’t serve you so that you can release them from your thinking.

7. I release all thoughts that don’t help me.

If a thought doesn’t help you, then you should release it. Don’t let useless or detrimental thoughts hold you back. Fill your mind with positivity and push away the ideas that don’t seem to be helping your situation.

If they aren’t helping, they are only holding you back. You can’t let this happen because negative thoughts can overwhelm anything else. Repeat this affirmation daily so that you can release and prevent any toxic thoughts throughout the day.

8. Each day is a new chance for positivity, and today I will be positive,

Just because the day before didn’t go well doesn’t mean today will be the same way. Don’t let toxic thoughts convince you otherwise, or you will end up having another bad day. Instead, replace those poisonous thoughts with positive ones as you remind yourself that today is a fresh start.

9. I will not replay situations in my mind that upset or hurt me.

Replaying upsetting situations in your mind is a sure way to let toxic thinking take over. When you notice that you are thinking of that situation, repeat this affirmation. Then, find something to do that distracts you and helps you think about something else.

10. I forgive myself for past mistakes I have made.

Everyone makes mistakes, and it is just a simple part of life. Accept this and forgive yourself for your mistakes. You can’t keep beating yourself up, or the toxic thoughts will never stop.

Forgive yourself and move on. Then, when you make a mistake in the future (which you are bound to do), forgive yourself again. It is one of the only things you can do if you want to release toxic thoughts in these situations.

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11. I am choosing peace.

Making a conscious decision to choose peace can make all the difference. Peace can help you release any toxic thinking you are experiencing because it reminds you that everything will be alright. Say this positive affirmation each day before you begin your day, and you will notice you are more peaceful.

12. When my thoughts drift, they will drift to positive and peaceful things.

Sometimes you can’t help what you think about when your mind drifts. This positive affirmation can help change that, though.

If you tell yourself that you will think positive and peaceful thoughts when your thoughts drift, your brain will note that. Then, when your thoughts wander, you’ll be more likely to think about positivity and things that make you happy.

13. Every time I take a breath, I will release some of my toxic thinking.

By speaking this affirmation, you will help yourself release any toxic thinking you are experiencing. You will be reminded to let go of some of the negativity each time you take a breath. Before you know it, you’ll be feeling better, happier, and more peaceful.

14. I will not become angry over things I cannot control.

Things happen in life that you can’t control, and sometimes it causes toxic thinking. Instead of letting those toxic thoughts take over, repeat this positive affirmation to release the thoughts. Remind yourself that anger or other negative feelings won’t change anything.

15. I know that my life will become what it was meant to be.

Have faith that your life will work out the way it was supposed to. Everything that happens is leading you to the life you were meant to live. Repeat this affirmation anytime you start to lose faith.

16. I will stay calm and clear my head when things get hard.

When you notice your thoughts are becoming toxic, say this positive affirmation to yourself. Remind yourself that you can and will stay calm. Let your thoughts clear, and then keep moving forward.

Letting toxic thoughts take over in these instances can be detrimental. Please make sure you notice when it is happening so that you can help yourself calm down.

17. I am confident with who I am today and confident in what the future will be.

If you are confident with yourself, you can release negative thinking from your life. You will know that everything is going to be okay because you have faith in yourself. When you know your worth, you can be confident in your future, too.

18. When things don’t work out, I will face them confidently and positively.

If something doesn’t work out, say this affirmation on positivity. It will help you stay confident as positive as you face the problem. This will help eliminate or prevent any toxic thinking in the situation.

19. I will use wisdom when I am planning for the future.

When you think things through positively and use your knowledge to help, you will have better thoughts. Using what you already know to plan and think things through will help stop negative thinking.

20. Bad things do not define my life.

Even if it seems that bad things keep happening, tell yourself that they do not define your life. You will get through anything that happens to you, so release any negative thoughts.

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Final Thoughts on Positive Affirmations to Release Toxic Thinking from Your Life

Negative thoughts happen sometimes, but you have to do what you can to release toxic thinking. Use these positive affirmations to remove any toxic thoughts that you are having. Replace them with positive reviews, and remind yourself of how great you are and what you can.

Toxic thoughts can hold you back, interfere with your life, and make you feel bad about yourself. With these positive affirmations, though, you can release toxic thinking from your life. It will help you think more clearly and enjoy life much more.